Most people join a MLM business opportunity without a whole lot of objectivity as the person that is usually hyping them into the opportunity is most likely a trusted friend or acquaintance. With that is added the promise of making bags of money so all caution is usually thrown to the wind.

It is not until months later that they realize that they might have made a bad decision. It must be stressed however, that even though there are numerous MLM companies out there and many of them are solid business opportunities they are not all equal.

I would like to share with you some important points that should be looked for in the company of your dreams. Why invest time and money in a company that is going to go sideways on you in the next few years. It is especially devastating to find this out after 3 or 4 years of sweat and tears only to see it swept away just when things were starting to come together.

Here is a list of things that you should look for before you sign on the dotted line.

1. Legitimate companies have a legitimate product and money is made by moving product. Some companies use a big sign-up fee to make a lot of money up front and as long as you keep signing up distributors things are OK. The product can sometimes be quite incidental.

2. The products should be consumable if you want repeat sales. This results in residual monthly checks and money in your pocket.

3. You want a product that is not only consumable but that is reasonably priced and something that they might ordinarily purchase. This result in a down line that continues to stay with and use the product.

4. A critical factor is that you want a company that has been around more then 5 years. Statistically most new companies fail within the first 5 years and most MLM business opportunities are no different.

5. This might not always be the case but check to see if the person that is recruiting you is part of an active team that is going places. Not that it is impossible on your own to be successful, but it sure helps you get through the gate a lot easier if there is an active sales team behind you with support.

6. You need a time tested lead generation system. Be aware that no matter how good the company is that you have signed up with, without exception, your MLM business opportunity will promote old school methodology in their sales training. What I mean is, they will stress warm market recruiting. They will stress that their company is the greatest. They have the greatest leaders, the greatest comp plan, and the greatest product. As a matter of fact, they will stress that people are lining up in droves to buy their product. The truth is, most people could care less, period. All they want is to make money, more them likely if they trust you as a successful leader they will first sign on and ask about the company later. Actual fact.

7. Teach your team how to use the lead generating system. Without such a system in place, once you have run out of warm market it is back to cold contacts or the cost of buying expensive leads online.

If you are searching for a reliable company to join, I hope this has been of some value to you as you continue in your search. For further training and opportunities take a look at a lead generation system that I use. My Lead System Pro is a complete lead generating system with a sales funnel complete with affiliate marketing for up front funding that will immeasurably benefit any MLM business opportunity.

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