Headlines are for selling newspapers and make interesting reading but does it matter if the Apple vs Samsung war resolves itself. Apple’s success at making cool gadgets is not to be questioned. What strikes me as naïve is Samsung pushing Apple so far in product design.


Samsung probably figured it was worth taking the chance and worth the gamble as the value of getting away with it would offset any courts challenges in the long run.

The recommendation, it was not a verdict, of $1.05 billion US in damages as determined by Judge Lucy Koh was probably more of an embarrassment to them then anything else.

I imagine any award would be a mere drop in the bucket, and what the appeal decides is anybodies guess.

It can take years for cases like these to be decided, and when it is all over I am sure that they will emerge as before they entered  into the Apple vs Samsung spat, Samsung being Apples largest customer. Their last deal is believed to be worth at least $7.8 billion US.

Network marketing whether you use the Internet or not, is unaffected by Corporate America.

It makes little if any difference to your MLM Company if the economy is in a down turn. That is when MLM companies thrive.

It makes little if any difference when corporations have an Apple vs Samsung, spat.

Things Like This Makes A Really Big Difference

(Stick with one of the marketing strategies below until it works.)

  • Blog: Post every day come rain or shine.
  • Twitter: Consistent twittering pay off.
  • Face Book: Connect with 5-10 new people every daily.
  • Videos: Do more videos, more is better.

The following Things Also Make A Really Big Difference

  • Paid advertising like PPC, Click Bank etc., only after training. (A quick way to lose money if you don't.)
  • Create a do list and do the list every day without fail.
  • Connect with a successful marketer and dialogue regularly.
  • Read all of the self help books you can find.
  • Do not miss the weekly webinars of your marketing group.
  • Find a system such as My Lead System Pro use it.

Just a few of the things to put in your tool bag if you really want to kick-start any business and move it to a higher level.

The Apple vs Samsung verdict of $1billion may not affect your network marketing business in any way, but don’t let your lack of information keep you from doing the things that can make a difference, sometimes a big difference. To let attraction-marketing kick-start your business; and take it to a higher level try using My Lead System Pro’s proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system. For further training, take a look at Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after struggling for years, until he learned the secret of attraction marketing.

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