My last post was on the possibility of marketing your widget or someone else’s on the Internet and some of the options to think about for actually making that happen. If that has inspired you to give it a try, you might want to use article marketing. My next three posts will cover the three most important things in doing it right, caring, content, and consistency.

In this post modern world of today’s marketer, not just article marketing, but marketing in general has taken on a whole new dimension and we see that manifested on the Internet in sites such as Facebook, where we rate our connection with those online by likes and dislikes. If we don’t like the relationship we just as quickly unfriend the person. We live in the mindset that the experience is everything. It’s a world of connectivity and what can I receive from this relationship. If there is nothing in it for me I’m out of here.

That is neither good nor bad, but the point is that’s the way it is and marketing has to reflect that and get onside or you and your business are just a footnote when it comes to building a successful business online, using article marketing or otherwise.

This leads me to the main point of my discussion on how to use article marketing as a marketing strategy. I watched a video the other day that really grabbed my attention. It was on point number one of the three C’s of article marketing, caring. The need for caring is imprinted in the postmodern mindset and plays a big part in connecting, and therefore there is a strong need to come across in a sincere and caring way with something of value. The point being that any article has to come across and demonstrate a caring concern for the person who is reading the article.

A good point to remember is that article marketing as with any form of connecting works much better, like any relationship, if you show a sincere desire and concern for the person you are communicating with. Good marketing is simply communicating in such a way that the other person does not in any way realize that they are being sold. The real catch is that it is really hard to fake the experience, which means you have to get involved in such a way that you truly want the best experience for your customer.

If you are now thinking that article marketing might be for you, and you would like to kick-start your network marketing or affiliate business and take advantage of the latest in internet technologies try using our proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system as developed by MLSP, for an incredible ride to success. For further training and links here is also Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.


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