It is a known fact that the success rate of network marketers continues to hover around the 3 to 5 percent depending on whom you ask. Considering that this is a non-arguable fact one might feel compelled to ask why that is so. Everyone it seems has an answer whether it is by joining their company or by buying their super hot training DVDs or a training manual that will reveal all the secrets needed for success. Not only that but if you buy it now during this webinar you will get it for a ridiculously one time low offer, never to be repeated I swear in your lifetime.  Buy it now to get the real secrets on how to made article marketing happen and join the lifestyle of the rich and famous. “See you on the other side.”

One sometimes wanders if the authors of such sales hype have actually done what they claim and is the secret to their success only because of their ability to market their “secret to success.” Have they in fact done what they claim and is there really a plan or formula that can at least up the odds of anyone breaking into the 3 to 5 percent club. Can the average gal or guy actually make money on the Internet by using PPC, Face Book, Twitter, or article marketing etc., or is it all just smoking mirrors.

The only secret to a successful network marketing business is that there never has been a secret to a successful network marketing business. But to be fair there are a few things that you have to know to make a success of article marketing or any marketing for that matter, you can either work hard or work smart.

This in fact leads me to the main point of my post and that is one of the biggest steps to take if you are serious about working smart. Working consistently is definitely working smart and one of the biggest non-secrets to success, one that is so easily overlooked. Of the three C’s of article marketing it is by far the biggest. You can write the most caring articles, they can have the most incredible content but if they come out sporadically or you miss for a week here or for a week there, you will never get the results that you desire and you will give up in despair.

Consistency if not applied to all of your daily do lists, will sabotage any network marketing efforts either online or offline. It is the foundation for any successful endeavors in your business, especially if you have a blog and are using article marketing as your main plan of attack. Nothing can mess up your chances for a successful article marketing effort more then by being haphazard in your article submissions.

If you really want to see things happen in your article marketing efforts stay with a plan and upload articles on a consistent basis, five articles every week-day without fail and see how that will impact your marketing efforts. The Internet is full of examples of those that have kept to their plan in a consistent manner and it has paid off. Remember it paid off for Shannon down in Florida and it can for you too.

If you are now thinking that article marketing might be for you, and you would like to kick-start your network marketing or affiliate business and take advantage of the latest in internet technologies try using our proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system as developed by MLSP, for an incredible ride to success. For further training and links here is also Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.


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