If article marketing is your method of doing business, do a Google search online for “content is King” and you will come up with everything from, “why content is king,” to, “is content king … really?” and most everything in between. The question that really matters is not what you or I think about your articles content, but what the algorithms that Google uses thinks of your content and how you have it structured. Not that Google can really read your content but it is sure able to understand your use of anchor texts, back links, and long tailed keywords etc. and whether they meet the criteria as set forth in their changes to it’s algorithms with the recent Penguin and Panda updates.

No longer in article marketing is it useful to spin out puke as content for increased back links so your articles will be noticed in a Google search and so come up on the top of page one. The new reality as far as I have found by searching the web is that Google pays little if any interest today, if it ever did, in spun articles on low quality sites for the sake of back links to rate pages high in a Google search. Many once used those tactics and probably many still do, they may have worked in the past but not today with the latest Penguin and Panda updates.

Today we face a new reality in article marketing and that is that articles that will ultimately rank high generally do so if they are quality articles with meaningful content on subjects that are of value to your readers. What this means is that good articles done consistently over time will grow your readership and that will only happen if you stay the course.

I mentioned in my last post that I had recently watched a video that kinda grabbed my attention. The video was about Shannon who lived down in Florida and she was doing something that had grown her business to over a $100,000 a year. She did this by just writing good content and posting them on Ezine Articles five days a week. The amazing thing was that even though she did not do everything right she did three things that really worked. 1: She wrote caring articles, 2: She wrote very good content, and 3: She was consistent. She wrote every day from the time that she dropped her daughter off at school, until she left to pick her up again. She had been a writer and loved article marketing.

At this point I would like to stress a couple of points. You may not want to spend that much time in writing your articles, and I am not suggesting that you do, as the mantra today is to whip out short articles, the shorter the better, but not necessarily the poorer. Her articles however were way longer then even those recommended by Ezine Articles. This however brings out an interesting point. Because her articles were of such a high caliber and were very caring people loved her site and would go to her blog to buy. By taking care of the three C’s of article marketing: caring, content, and consistency, it paid off for her.

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My next post will cover the value of taking care of consistency, point number 3 of the three C’s of article marketing, and how it supports the first two. See you then.

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