Blessed is the person who likes what he does and gets paid while doing it. We hear over and over again of stories about individuals who make bags of money but hate their job, and can hardly wait to retire. If you are one of those individuals however, that love to write, why not turn something you like do into something that could enrich your wallet. What better way then by using something as simple as article marketing to maximize your time and get paid while doing something you enjoy.

 Maybe writing a best seller is what you really had in mind, well what are the chances of that happening? On the other hand if that were your passion, let me be the last to dampen your desire.

For those doing well on the Internet, article marketing can play a big role in many top earners arsenal of tricks. This strategy if used to round out a complete box of tools, can make a major difference in a successful home-based business.

As with anything done on the Internet there are a number of components that have to be put in place, but once things are up and running your prime concern is in creating your article and posting it.

Listed below are some of the steps that have to be put in place if you are at all interested in using article marketing as an avenue to greater financial freedom.

  1. Register and host your domain. Go Daddy for registering and Host gator for hosting.
  2. Use for creating your webpage. is not for serious businesses nor will it allow you any email accounts.
  3. Beginning with the construction, make sure your website is search engine friendly.
  4. As well as uploading articles to your blog upload to at least 3 or more article sites such as Ezine Articles.
  5. Be consistent and post an article every day if you want good article marketing success.
  6. There is total freedom for article content if posted to your own website.
  7. Check carefully the rules of each article website you post too. Many sites will not allow duplicate content elsewhere on the web or any articles on network marketing, be sure you read their policy first before you try to upload any articles to their sites.
  8. Keep your articles focused and directed to your marketing niche.
  9. Make sure that your article’s title matches the contents of the article. This is a turn-off for your readers as well as for Google.
  10. Use Goggle’s free Keyword Tool for the highest ranking and lowest competition key words. You can pay for such tools with more features but that may not be necessary.
  11. Make sure the keyword that you chose is in the first 70 characters of your title and is conveniently placed, but not more them once every 100 words in the body of the article. It should also be in the last paragraph.
  12. Branding is important and you should consider seriously what you call your blog site and your whole marketing strategy.

These are just a few of the things to consider if you would like to make some serious income using the Internet and in particular, article marketing to generate income. I have shown you the “what” you need to do, for a look at the “how”, take a look at My Lead System Pro to see on how the serious 6 and 7 figure income earners actually do it. And if you are really serious why not use Facebook to grow your business as many of the top marketers do.

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