In "Article Writing Ideas Part 1" I covered 6 article-writing ideas on how to come up with a compelling and meaningful article for each and every post. Well in theory at least. I suspect that even with the best of ideas not all posts would rate in the top 10 percent, maybe not even in the top anything, as we all can have a bad day at least when it comes to writing.

If you are still struggling in your writing even with an endless supply of article writing ideas don’t despair, as there is as they say, more then one way to skin a cat, and I am about to share with you another option.

If you still write your own articles and need all of the article writing ideas you can get, and your blog is more then just a interesting article with a landing page, but an extension of who you are, then what I have to share is not for you. But if you look at the Internet as a way to make a living, or as Ray Higdon would say, no to get rich but filthy rich, then what I have to say may ring your bell.

I say that because there are countless sites on the Internet that will actually do the writing for you and the cost can be quite inexpensive. Some may shudder at the thought of having someone actually do their writing, but many marketers actually pay to have their articles written. And the list includes many of the top earners in the industry.

Do an Internet search and you will come up with literally hundreds of websites offering to write articles for you.  Fellow marketer Rob Fore a very successful online marketer recommends three article writing programs,  two by Jonathan LegerInstant Article Wizard and Article Builder, and a third site with a non Leger program, The Leading Articles, but they will all cost you. He suggests that the free ones that readily come up in a Google search are useless at least the two that he reviewed.

Here are some things that your should consider however, if you choose to go this route.

  1. If your submitted article is unique and not posted on another website, Google and the article marketing websites such as Ezine Articles do not care who wrote it as long as it meets their guidelines.
  2. Not all article writing services that grind out articles for purchase, provide unique articles so be sure you know that your purchased article is not from a database subscribed to by multiple users.
  3. It appears that Google does not at this point penalize for multiple articles posted on the Internet, from multiple websites, but on the other hand you will only get recognition as if it was just one article.
  4. Many of the top money earners buy their articles because it is a matter of time. Most have countless irons in the fire and their time is at a premium.

I hope that the article writing ideas that I have shared with you for either writing your own articles or having them outsourced will be what takes your business to the next level.

Even the best article writing ideas need to be shared on the Internet or all of your effort is in vain.  For free training on how to give your article maximum exposure once it is written take a look at Posting on Purpose for Profit and learn some of the tricks that one of the internets most successful marketer uses.


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