Article writing! Just the thought is enough to send ripples of fear up and down many peoples spine. When the realization finally sinks in that to get meaningful results a person needs to write a 400+ word article 5 days a week, most give up completely and move on to a different strategy. When industry leader Ray Higdon was asked what he meant when he said write an article every day. His answer was, “It depends how hungry you are.” So to make the pill easier to swallow here are 10 article writing tips.

 If this will make you feel easier, only a few short months ago I had the same thoughts of fear rippling up and down my spine, but just last week I earned my platinum award with Ezine Articles after my first 10 submissions were accepted. To be fair I had been writing blogs on a personal blog site for most of a year, but the real issue is content and a marketing site is quite different in content from a personal blog. Further confession I had two articles returned for slight modification before they were accepted, but I made it in round one.

 Article marketing can be a very successful way of marketing and if done consistently over several months will bring in big results. Planning and consistency will result in driving traffic to your website.

 For those of you that want a leg up on the competition I would like to list some do’s and don’t from my own experience and study. Here are 11 article writing tips that I found quite useful, take a look and I hope you will find them useful as well.

  1. The big issue for most people is on what to write about. Three things that will give you endless subjects to write about are: 1. Problem solutions 2. Company reviews 3. Gurus.
  2. The Title is very important and should be provocative, and  spark curiosity and present a problem and a solution that needs addressing, something attention grabbing or controversial.
  3. The Title should have the key word somewhere in its first 5 words.
  4. The key words should not be any closer then every 100 words through the article as some article marketing sites are very particular.
  5. Realize that many article publishing sites only allow articles unique to their site, they cannot be published on any other website, even your own. will allow I think up to 5 different locations on the web.
  6. Each article marketing site has rules very unique for content, hyper links, where, and how many etc. will allow self-serving links only in your bio box.
  7. For posting articles you either need your own WordPress Blog or a sight such as My Lead System Pro which provides all of the affiliate links, squeeze pages, i.e. landing pages, and much more including a space for uploading all of your articles for sharing on the web.
  8. What gives your articles more importance is to have them uploaded to a high authority site such as with links back to your blog. They cannot go directly to an affiliate link but directly to one of your top level domains then to any affiliate squeeze page that you are marketing. You cannot link back to the same article on your blog. It has to be a different page.
  9. Back links were, but whether they still are might be up for debate, very important for giving your website importance in the eyes of Google. Since the Google Panda updates the certainty of their usefulness is debatable.
  10. What is extremely important is to do consistent daily blogging and posting it daily to an authority site such as, Article Base, Guru Reviews, Article City, Squidoo, Hubpages, etc..
  11. For consistent traffic to your website post meaningful content that is not full of self serving links and fluff.

I hope the above article writing tips have given you enough confidence to  get you up and running. For access to further training and a marketing strategy that also uses the latest attraction marketing strategies to reap a supply of endless leads why not give My Lead System Pro a try. This could literally mean your success or failure. How serious are you in the success of your MLM business opportunity? 


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