The Question?

The question to day is not what method to use to make a go of it on the Internet, but to find one that you are comfortable with and that works for you. If you are at all serious about making money online be sure that you choose a system that uses Mike Dillard's "magnetic" or "attraction" marketing, with a proven sales funnel such as "My Lead System Pro."

Old School Marketing!

The mantra for those  of us that have been brought up in old school MLM theology was to go after the warm market, anything that breathed was a potential member for your business. If it got within 3 feet of you and felt warm to the touch and metabolized jump on it and don’t let go. This of course worked for those that were extroverted by nature but for the timid soul it meant that you were relegated to the loser’s ranks, and at convention time you sat in the back and felt the sting of defeat as the extroverted winners were paraded in front of the worshiping throng. Oh there were those of us that did well, I was not one of them, but it took pure guts and perseverance and thousands of dollars to become one of the 2% and make it on stage.

New School Marketing!

It is a well-known fact that we as humans shy away from pain but are drawn towards pleasure. Begging someone into your organization kicking and screaming is in no way a pleasant experience. I remember one network marketer telling how he would literally toss his cookies because of the stress of approaching someone about his “business opportunity.”  But now with the advent of the Internet, and Mike Dillard's “Attraction Marketing” a new day has dawned.

Attraction Marketing!

So why so much buzz about Mike Dillard's attraction or magnetic marketing? Mike really got things going when he came out with Magnetic Sponsoring in ’07 and things heated up even more when his “MLM Traffic Formula 2.0″ hit the shelves. For those of us that had been slugging it out in the trenches it came as a breath of fresh air.

The Solution!

So what really is attraction marketing and how does it really work? The really big difference is that it has people coming to you instead of you going after them. It is a marketing system that draws people to your business instead of you going out and grabbing people by the throat and not letting go until they give in to your pitch and buy something. It is a system that draws people into your sales funnel and whether they join your primary business or not, 30 to 40 per cent will sign up for your affiliate products thus helping to fund your primary business until it takes off.

Your Opportunity!

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