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Synergism is a word that perfectly describes what actually takes place when My Lead System Pro and Multi-Level Marketing hold hands. The results are truly amazing and for those that have taken the time to position the two correctly the experience can be life changing.

When Mike Dillard came out with his book “Magnetic Sponsoring” the network marketing industry embraced it with open arms. This was only the beginning as Mike Dillard soon afterward released his “Traffic Formula” which was updated to Traffic Formula 2 to include the social networks, which are now a huge part of online marketing. This really pushed magnetic sponsoring to a completely new level.

What a brilliant concept, a marketers dream, a complete reversal of how marketing was done, instead of chasing after customers, Traffic Formula 2 had them seeking you. No more beating the bushes for leads, no more begging people to buy.

If this was not enough the concept was raised to an even higher level when Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale and Tod Schlomer took Mike Dillard’s magnetic sponsoring to an even higher level, when they introduced MLSP. MLSP is a complete marketing and sales funnel with affiliate marketing for up front funding and a set of ready-made sales campaigns. And lets not forget the amazing support and training. This was a brilliant marketing tool that took Mike Dillard’s concept of attraction marketing and merged it into a complete sales tool ready to go, right out of the box.

The proof they say is in the pudding as demonstrated by the swarm of 6 and 7 income earners that suddenly appeared within the next 3 years. Nothing gives validity to a concept more then when it is actually demonstrated, but the suddenness of success and the number that achieved recognition through MLSP in so short a time was truly fantastic. What continues to cause amazement is that the number of success stories continues at an amazing rate, never seeming to slow down regardless the state of the economy.

MLSP allows the average person with no exceptional skills or talents, but a willingness to learn and a determination to succeed, a chance to make not just good money, but a chance to get rich, filthy rich.

Your goal however may be to just put enough aside for that dream vacation, put the kids through college, buy a new car, pay off the mortgage, and the list goes on. Whatever the reason from making a few extra dollars or a path to total financial freedom, particularly if you just lost your job, MLSP may be the means of getting you back to total financial security.

To test drive this amazing system and see if it can work for you, take a look at My Lead System Pro to see how the serious 6 and 7 figure income earners actually do it.


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Content Marketing: Your First Article

http://bobthetoolman.com/content-marketing-first-article/Its time to begin your first article and frankly you are feeling quite overwhelmed. Writing is not your first love or is it your greatest talent but after giving it quite a bit of thought you decided you wanted to give it a try as you heard some of the biggest success stories did quite well by using content marketing.

If the above paragraph summarizes your thoughts let me share with you some of the basics for content marketing. Hopefully this will get you off on the right foot.

I would like to discus four things that are basic to getting it right the first time. Take care of these five essentials and you are well on your way to becoming a copywriting and content expert.

  1. The Title: The title should be one that grabs. It should not be boring, too clever or cute, but should convey real benefit.
  2. Copywriting: This has to do with writing copy that draws people into your content. Good copywriters are few and far between. To become a skilled copywriter you need training and practice to refine your skill. There is a formula to the way it is done. A science to pull the reader in and a call to action.
  3. Content: For content marketing to really work you have to remember it is all about giving value and in the richness of what you have to say. Getting attention at least from the social sites by being bratty or controversial does not necessarily translate into readership or sales. An important thing to always keep in mind, does what you have to say make the reader want to come back for more. Will he in fact want to bookmark your page?
  4. Be Generous: Do not be afraid to give away content. When your generosity makes you feel a little uneasy it means you have the right mix.
  5. SEO: Write for content and not seo. Remember if you try content marketing, that content is truly king. Craft your article for its content and then go back and tweak it for the search engines. Your readers will be glad you did and so will the article marketing websites that you publish your articles on.

Remember to keep a balance between the two, you do not want to have a page with brilliant copy but once the reader gets there he is left with nothing to keep his attention because of a lack of value in the content. On the same token you could have incredible value but because of poor copywriting no one is drawn into your page and there is no call to action.

After your article is written, click here to learn how to position it properly so it can make you some money.

If you are just beginning or have been struggling for lack of leads, take a look at My Lead System Pro to see how the serious 6 and 7 figure income earners actually do it.


Attraction marketing is much more than a website that comes up on the front page of a Google search. It takes a lot of effort to get your pages to rank well in the search engines but that and of its self is only part of the equation. There are many MLM marketing secrets, things that have to be in place for your post or squeeze page to do the job. If you want an effective page that will get results once the lead has clicked on your url take some time in its content and construction.

 Below is a list of points that should be seriously considered in the construction of your web page and in the layout or creation of your posts.

  1. Attraction marketing means that your posts should have good useful value for the marketer, who is desperately searching for MLM marketing secrets to grow their business. (They are more likely to bookmark your pages if you do.)That does not mean that you give away all of the answers but the answers to the “What questions,” are useful information for anyone searching for information. The “How questions,” should be answered by something that you have created or by an affiliate product, or something from your primary business.
  2. Your posts should be short rather then long, 400 to 750 words being the absolute maximum.
  3. Your posts should be written with relatively short sentences, not long and rambling.
  4. Keep the words simple and non-technical if possible.
  5. Use plenty of illustrations so that the pages are attractive and catch the eye.
  6. If you are able, create your content with video as that is a very powerful way to attract an audience.
  7. Do not come across as a guru particularly if you are new to the game. People respect authenticity and will be turned off by a pretentious blogger.
  8. Use lots of spacing with short paragraphs if at all possible.
  9. Do not be afraid to admit that you do not have all of the answers but share value and you will be sought after. The fact that you have read this post means that you are up on many marketers and can share information.
  10. However do not copy content but internalize it and make it your own and unique to you and your personality.

Remember your goal is to keep that person who is desperately searching for MLM marketing secrets, coming back to your posts for more. Hopefully they will bookmark your post because of your rich and easy to read content and at some point opt in to your offer.

Article marketing is a great way to do online marketing and many of the top earners in the industry have gone on to make 6 and 7 figure incomes. For information on how to maximize your article marketing efforts as a blogger click here. For further training take a look at My Lead System Pro to see how the serious 6 and 7 figure income earners actually do it.



Article marketing is one of the many ways to promote your online business and I would like to suggest that not every article that is titled, MLM Marketing Secret: The Big Secret Revealed, is actually revealing any secrets. Because of all the articles that have been written with that title I suppose most of the secrets have been revealed long ago. As long as that title continues to rank high in the search engines, particularly Google, I suppose articles will continue to be written with that moniker, never the less I sincerely hope that something is still left to be said.

What can I say that would benefit you at this point in time? Let me review six old school misconceptions of network marketing that are slowly being laid to rest but I hope will bring into sharper focus what I want to share with you further on in my post.

  1.  They told you “Anyone can do it.” The truth is about 3% are successful.
  2. They told you to immediately create a list of one hundred of your friends and aquaintenances. At the time you were not aware that at the most 3 out of a hundred might show some interest.
  3. Did they neglected to tell you that you would sift through your warm market in 2 to 3 weeks and then the cold reality of approaching strangers about your “amazing business opportunity” would be your lot? At this point even you are not so sure how amazing it really is.
  4. Did they mention what “NFL,” really means, and its not football, but “No friends left.” Grabbing anyone by the throat while you pitch them your “business opportunity,” it will do it every time.
  5. Did you believe them when they told you that you would have to fight new recruits off with a stick, as they would be crawling all over you to be first in line? It quickly became obvious to you that neither your companies incredible comp plan, amazing product line nor the gifted leadership team made any difference to signing up leads.

So if there is a MLM marketing secret that gives the 6 and 7 figure marketers the leg up what is it? It sure is not any of the old school marketing strategies that I just mentioned above.

When Ray Higdon said. “Discipline Trumps Talent,” he summoned up the one secret that all successful network marketers have and the one thing that has given him success.

Even with a system such as My Leads System Pro, (that has been proven to bring in buckets of lead,) will fail if this principle is not followed. Why is that? Let me use the analogy of creating a loaf of bread. If you leave out one ingredient such as the yeast, instead of a soft loaf of delicious bread all you have is an inedible lump of doe baked hard as a rock.

For the latest tools to grow your business you need to replace old school methodology with attraction marketing, but to take your network marketing business to the next level it is crucial that you add consistent discipline. As Ray Higdon says, the one important thing that put him where he is today was discipline.

If your success were determined by some fancy software package or method, only those that could afford it would succeed. Even with a supper system like My Lead System Pro, with all of its amazing features, there would still be thousands more success stories where there is now just one.

The magic happens however when you take an amazing product like My Lead System Pro and combine it with consistent discipline. I hope that by revealing the MLM marketing secret that put Ray Higdon where he is today, that you too can soon join him and the other 6 and 7 figure marketers that are already there. If you are a poor struggling marketer and would like to take a peak at how to take your business to the next level, by using a sales funnel, take a look at My Lead System Pro to see how the serious 6 and 7 figure income earners actually do it.


 Go to my article marketing link for a look-see at how writing articles the right way can power your efforts by following the mlm secrets you find there. Let me know if this is of any help to you.


Article writing! Just the thought is enough to send ripples of fear up and down many peoples spine. When the realization finally sinks in that to get meaningful results a person needs to write a 400+ word article 5 days a week, most give up completely and move on to a different strategy. When industry leader Ray Higdon was asked what he meant when he said write an article every day. His answer was, “It depends how hungry you are.” So to make the pill easier to swallow here are 10 article writing tips.

 If this will make you feel easier, only a few short months ago I had the same thoughts of fear rippling up and down my spine, but just last week I earned my platinum award with Ezine Articles after my first 10 submissions were accepted. To be fair I had been writing blogs on a personal blog site for most of a year, but the real issue is content and a marketing site is quite different in content from a personal blog. Further confession I had two articles returned for slight modification before they were accepted, but I made it in round one.

 Article marketing can be a very successful way of marketing and if done consistently over several months will bring in big results. Planning and consistency will result in driving traffic to your website.

 For those of you that want a leg up on the competition I would like to list some do’s and don’t from my own experience and study. Here are 11 article writing tips that I found quite useful, take a look and I hope you will find them useful as well.

  1. The big issue for most people is on what to write about. Three things that will give you endless subjects to write about are: 1. Problem solutions 2. Company reviews 3. Gurus.
  2. The Title is very important and should be provocative, and  spark curiosity and present a problem and a solution that needs addressing, something attention grabbing or controversial.
  3. The Title should have the key word somewhere in its first 5 words.
  4. The key words should not be any closer then every 100 words through the article as some article marketing sites are very particular.
  5. Realize that many article publishing sites only allow articles unique to their site, they cannot be published on any other website, even your own. EzineAricles.com will allow I think up to 5 different locations on the web.
  6. Each article marketing site has rules very unique for content, hyper links, where, and how many etc. Ezinearticle.com will allow self-serving links only in your bio box.
  7. For posting articles you either need your own WordPress Blog or a sight such as My Lead System Pro which provides all of the affiliate links, squeeze pages, i.e. landing pages, and much more including a space for uploading all of your articles for sharing on the web.
  8. What gives your articles more importance is to have them uploaded to a high authority site such as EzineAricles.com with links back to your blog. They cannot go directly to an affiliate link but directly to one of your top level domains then to any affiliate squeeze page that you are marketing. You cannot link back to the same article on your blog. It has to be a different page.
  9. Back links were, but whether they still are might be up for debate, very important for giving your website importance in the eyes of Google. Since the Google Panda updates the certainty of their usefulness is debatable.
  10. What is extremely important is to do consistent daily blogging and posting it daily to an authority site such as EzineArticles.com, Article Base, Guru Reviews, Article City, Squidoo, Hubpages, etc..
  11. For consistent traffic to your website post meaningful content that is not full of self serving links and fluff.

I hope the above article writing tips have given you enough confidence to  get you up and running. For access to further training and a marketing strategy that also uses the latest attraction marketing strategies to reap a supply of endless leads why not give My Lead System Pro a try. This could literally mean your success or failure. How serious are you in the success of your MLM business opportunity? 


For access to a free webinar on article marketing, check this out.

It has been said, “There is nothing new under the sun.” That being said, it still might be totally new to you. And for you the phrase, “mlm marketing tips,” could be a life changing experience by profoundly changing your life, especially if you are a struggling network-marketing entrepreneur and are just getting started.

I do not pretend to be an expert but I have been in the network marketing business long enough to pick up a few things that might be worthwhile for you to ponder. Below are some MLM network marketing tips that if applied to your business might make a major difference.

There are hundreds of reputable network marketing companies out there, do not fall for the hype when told “Ours is the best, it has the best comp plan, the best product, the best leaders etc..”

  1. Look for a company that has no objections to using one of the many attraction-marketing systems such as MyLeadSystemPro, to funnel leads into your business. Avoid if possible the pain of warm market recruiting, which quickly turns to cold contacts and expensive leads as you quickly sift through your warm market in a matter of weeks.
  2. Do not scatter you focus, as there are many tools in the attraction marketing tool bag. Pick one that fits you and stay with it until you have mastered it. Then go on to the next one.
  3. Get started immediately by using one of the following leads training tools that are part of the attraction marketing tool bag: article marketing, video, Face Book, Twitter, PPC (Pay Per Click). As I said these are just a few of the tools that attraction marketers are trained to use to generate 6 and 7 figure incomes in attraction marketing.
  4. I can’t stress enough the need to buy educational and motivational tools such as computer software for marketing, and books, and cd’s, as training material to keep motivated. As well as the weekly conference calls and or webinars. Without motivation most network marketers eventually give up.
  5. I have mentioned this before but it can’t be overly stated, have a daily do list and do it daily. Don’t bite off more then you can chew, however, as what works for someone else might not work for you, but be consistent.
  6. When leads start coming in, always do a follow-up. After all of the time and effort to get a lead, why throw it away. Foolish indeed.
  7. Always be positive, never criticize and always be ready to affirm, and give a helping hand.
  8. This leads me to my next point and it is the basis for attraction marketing and why it is so powerful. If you first bless a person by giving away something of value, you in turn will be blessed as they respond. That is how attraction marketers grow their businesses.
  9. Remember not all, but most network marketers struggled to get where they are, and are where they are, because of consistent daily action. You too can be one of the top 3% if you take to heart these ten MLM marketing tips. So don’t give up.

For further training with a complete marketing sales funnel, why not give My Lead System Pro a try. This could literally mean your success or failure. How serious are you in the success of your MLM business opportunity?

For more information about using facebook to generate leads here is some free training from top producer Michelle Pescosolodo as she explains strategies that worked for her, click on the icon below.



Most people join a MLM business opportunity without a whole lot of objectivity as the person that is usually hyping them into the opportunity is most likely a trusted friend or acquaintance. With that is added the promise of making bags of money so all caution is usually thrown to the wind.

It is not until months later that they realize that they might have made a bad decision. It must be stressed however, that even though there are numerous MLM companies out there and many of them are solid business opportunities they are not all equal.

I would like to share with you some important points that should be looked for in the company of your dreams. Why invest time and money in a company that is going to go sideways on you in the next few years. It is especially devastating to find this out after 3 or 4 years of sweat and tears only to see it swept away just when things were starting to come together.

Here is a list of things that you should look for before you sign on the dotted line.

1. Legitimate companies have a legitimate product and money is made by moving product. Some companies use a big sign-up fee to make a lot of money up front and as long as you keep signing up distributors things are OK. The product can sometimes be quite incidental.

2. The products should be consumable if you want repeat sales. This results in residual monthly checks and money in your pocket.

3. You want a product that is not only consumable but that is reasonably priced and something that they might ordinarily purchase. This result in a down line that continues to stay with and use the product.

4. A critical factor is that you want a company that has been around more then 5 years. Statistically most new companies fail within the first 5 years and most MLM business opportunities are no different.

5. This might not always be the case but check to see if the person that is recruiting you is part of an active team that is going places. Not that it is impossible on your own to be successful, but it sure helps you get through the gate a lot easier if there is an active sales team behind you with support.

6. You need a time tested lead generation system. Be aware that no matter how good the company is that you have signed up with, without exception, your MLM business opportunity will promote old school methodology in their sales training. What I mean is, they will stress warm market recruiting. They will stress that their company is the greatest. They have the greatest leaders, the greatest comp plan, and the greatest product. As a matter of fact, they will stress that people are lining up in droves to buy their product. The truth is, most people could care less, period. All they want is to make money, more them likely if they trust you as a successful leader they will first sign on and ask about the company later. Actual fact.

7. Teach your team how to use the lead generating system. Without such a system in place, once you have run out of warm market it is back to cold contacts or the cost of buying expensive leads online.

If you are searching for a reliable company to join, I hope this has been of some value to you as you continue in your search. For further training and opportunities take a look at a lead generation system that I use. My Lead System Pro is a complete lead generating system with a sales funnel complete with affiliate marketing for up front funding that will immeasurably benefit any MLM business opportunity.

For information about using facebook to generate leads, here is some free training from top producer Michelle Pescosolodo as she explains strategies that worked in growing her mlm business opportunity into 6 figures, click on the icon below to learn her strategies.



Today the internet has dramatically changed the way business is conducted in the market place, not just in the downtown office but it has opened up a whole new set of options for the struggling single moms. This has especially opened up a new set of possibilities for single mom’s who are on a tight budget and can’t afford the cost of a baby sitter or the expense of operating a vehicle with today’s extremely high fuel costs.

There are unlimited options available for today’s single moms, as the Internet has leveled the playing field. It matters not in the least what color your skin is, where or what your formal training is, if any, age, marital status, anyone can qualify. All that is required is a willingness to work hard, set a goal, and follow a plan.

One of the biggest advantages of working from home is that you can set your own hours, which make it so much easier to cart the kids to and from school, and to their extra curricular activities, as well as take care of your domestic chores etc. It makes it decidedly easier to arrange an already busy day.

You ask what can I sell and where can I get my training? Marketing on the Internet or anywhere for that matter requires some kind of a widget. Never fear, if you are not a person with a talent to create a widget of your own, you can be a sales rep for any number of network marketing companies. If that is not something that you want to consider, there are literally dozens of companies that offer affiliate marketing opportunities. Some of these companies pay as high as 100% for the widgets that you affiliate market for them.

You ask where do I get training to get my business up and running? Good question. Recently there has appeared on the Internet a number of excellent marketing sales platforms that offer a complete sales funnel with all of the affiliate links and necessary sales campaigns in place. My Lead System Pro is one of a number of complete sales systems that provides the complete infrastructure in place to begin marketing from the start. The training that comes with a system such as MLSP is amazing and is part of their excellent service.

MLSP is a complete sales funnel that provides the beginning entrepreneur with up front funding from the affiliate sites that it provides, until your primary business finally kicks in. This gives you time to learn the business and eventually set up your own WordPress blog sales page.

Your WordPress blog site is not needed initially as the MLSP interface has everything that is required to market both your affiliate and primary products. However with your WordPress blog set up you have now widened your opportunity and can continue to add further sales pages and links as your business grows. If you are even remotely computer savvy, but have a desire to get ahead there are multiple opportunities waiting for anyone willing to run with them. Why not give My Lead System Pro a look-see?

Struggling Single Moms Make Good Money while working from home, is not just a dream, it could be you. Why not take the next step to make some serious income from home, by using facebook, let top producer Michelle Pescosolodo show you how, as she explains strategies that worked for her, click on the icon below and learn how she went to a 6 figure income, while social networking on facebook, something she loved doing anyway.


Network Marketing The Pain Free Way

It will not be debated by anyone if asked to choose between pleasure or pain. Today more then ever we tend to choose the path of least resistance, the road that offers the least pain or inconvenience. For most people pain is something to avoid at all costs. Is it any wander why so few succeed in the network marketing business?

Historically pitching a product in traditional network marketing was restricted to the old school style of marketing. What that meant was that it was the traditional sales pitch, a proactive attack on some unsuspecting soul. It could happen to a friend, acquaintance or stranger that chanced to get within the proverbial arms length and was thus a potential lead. This was cause for the flight or fight mechanism to really kick in and created incredible stress for the network marketer. Talk about pain, this was far more pain then most could endure and after a few weeks business was over.

To grow a business, or make anything succeed for that matter, the pleasure of future success and the rewards it offers has to be equal to or exceed the pain of failure. What that translates to in the world of the network marketer is a method or system of network marketing that keeps pleasure and pain in the proper balance. If you can’t paint a picture and provide a system that does this, it is not duplicable and you are soon out of business.

What complicated selling for a network marker was that until recently, much if not most of the training came from the companies at their annual rally. This usually consisted of the traditional product hype and sales opportunity that the company offered and a pitch about the company founders and the unique virtues of their product, things that most marketers could care less about.

What gives most marketers pleasure is how to make money, and how to better their lives. Recently a method of marketing has arrived that does just that and it is pain free. Not only does it offer a pain free marketing funnel, but also a system that offers multiple methods tailored to the individual preferences of the marketer.

Today some of the methods that will fit right in with the My Lead System Pro sales funnel are video marketing, article marketing, Facebook, PPC, Twitter, and the list goes on.

If you are a serious business builder and really want to grow your network marketing business the pain free way, give My Lead System Pro a try and enjoy how pain free network marketing can be.



Mike Dillard on Posture & Magnetic Sponsoring

The role of posture and the part it plays in the success of a home-based business is generally not on most people’s radar at the point of signing up. Very few if any budding entrepreneurs ever consider the importance that posture play in the success or failure of their business. For one thing most are so overwhelmed by their new opportunity and the possibility for getting rich that they without exception overlook the one thing that will either make or break their chances for success. Why dreams at all if you don't take into account the simple yet profound concept of Mike Dillard on posture and how central it is to magnetic sponsoring.  Without it any chance of joining the ranks of the 3% that actually make it is cut to zero.

What I am about to share with you are some of the key points from Mike Dillard’s amazing book “Magnetic Sponsoring” which is what turned the “old school” approach to network marketing on its ear. It came out of Mike’s 4 years of slugging it out in the trenches with no success and it wasn’t until he finally realized that he did not want to spend the next 20 years calling garbage leads that led him to the discovery and mastery of the “Magnetic Sponsoring” Concept.

Basic to the concept of attraction marketing is posture and how people perceive you as a leader, Mike says, “People don’t join your business they join you.” People are attracted to others who convey leadership qualities and a high level of value.

There are basically three categories of people, Alphas, Pre Alphas and Betas; your goal as a network marketer is to become what Mike calls an “Alpha Marketer.”

The change from being a Beta to a Pre-Alpha or an Alpha is a frame or state of mind. Mike Dillard goes on to say that the phrase, “fake it until you make it,” applies here, but don’t think of it as lying as it has to first happen in the brain and as you fully internalize it, it is who you finally become.

 Your friends and family will challenge you at first but every leader has been there and realizes that belief always comes before result.

 An example of an Alpha, Mike says, would be someone who is very successful as an upline leader living in a mind-state of abundance and who is pursued and followed by others.

 To sum up what an Alpha is and why it is imperative to acquire those characteristics.

  • “People are subconsciously attracted to them as they convey leadership qualities and offer a high level of personal value.”
  • “To make it big in networking marketing or anything in life it is imperative to strive to acquire the Alpha mindset as people   are  attracted to a leader with value to offer them.”

 If success in network marketing is your passion then you owe it to yourself to get Mike Dillard's  magnetic sponsoring free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.

 course It is the bottom line for success in network marketing and explains the role posture plays in any successful business. To see how magnetic sponsoring really works, for only $10 you can give it a test drive for  2 weeks. My Lead System Pro has taken Mike Dillard at his word and put together a truly amazing system that will blow you away.


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