I was going to begin this post going over the flexibility 3 theme header set-up, but I realized a quick run though of the dashboard might make the post easier to follow for anyone new to the WordPress interface.

Lets begin our dash with a quick rundown of the menu bar along the left side of the page.

1. Dashboard: Back office interface.

 a. Home – As you already know when you sign into your back office it opens with the Dashboard home page welcome.

b. Updates – The Dashboard has a second page where you can check for WordPress Updates.

 2. Jetpack: Widget to connect to the WordPress.com, (this is the non-business website).

a. Akismet Configuration – This is a must anti-spam plugin that I will explain later.

 b. Akismet Stats – Self-explanatory, brags about how well it is doing in grabbing and blocking spam.

 3. Posts: Your connection to the world and what you want to promote.

a. All Posts –  Shows all your posts with a link for adding new posts.

 b. Add New – Opens a window for creating a new post.

c. Categories – For creating and managing new categories.

d. Tags – A page for creating and managing tags.

4. Media: All media files.

a. Library – For storing uploaded media files.

b. Add New – A page for uploading media to your server, either drag  and drop the files in the “Drop files here” window, or click on the “Select Files” box in the middle of the window to browse for your  media.

5. Links: Will leave till later.

a. All links –

b. Add New –

c. Link Categories –

6. Pages: Pages in blogs are different then your post as they are static and do not add information with the latest always being on top. It is permanent info that you can add too over time.

a.  All Pages – Access to all of your pages with a button for “Adding a New Page”.

 b. Add New – Just what it says, opens a “new page” to write on.

7. Comments: A webpage where you can read and views comments, reply to and manage them.

8. Appearance: A tab that gives you total control over the appearance of you blog in a big way.

a. Themes – A page where you can upload themes that you take a fancy to, and install them if you so choose.

b. Widgets –  These are key to creating and tailoring you webpage to  make it uniquely yours. They are pieces of html code that do amazing things.

c. Menus – A neat feature to create and manage menus.

d. Flexibility 3 Theme Options – Manage all aspects of the theme.

e. Editor – Allows editing of the Flexibility 3 Theme style sheet html code  if you know how, be sure you know what you are doing if you make  any changes.

9. Plugins: Cool snippets of html code that will allow your blog to do just about  anything.

a. Installed Plugins – Lists all of your installed plugins, activated or not.

b. Add New – Allows you to install and activate new plugins.

10.  Users: A way to manage who has access to your blog and a button to add  more plugins and goodies.

a. All Users – Allows you to see and control who has access to your blog.

b. Add New – Opens a page to add new user to you blog.

 c. Your Profile – A means of editing your profile.

11. Tools: Gives you the means of backing up all content of your blog.

a. Available Tools – Gives you access to a little bookmarklet app, “Press This” that you can install that allows you grab bits of the web code.

b. Import – Gives you more them a half-dozen plugins that can be used to import various features from another system into your WordPress blog.

c. Export – This is the button that allows you to back-up your blog and  save its contents in an XML file. The page has a button to download  the XLM file. You can choose to export all contents, either, posts, or pages. See the page for further information.

d. Backups – Lists the last 10 of your blogs backups and gives you the option to download or delete them.

12. Settings: A settings interface for your WordPress blog.

 a. General – The only one that we need to worry about now is this one  as it controls the heading of your blog’s front page and by-line. The other tabs can be changed at any time if the need arises.

b.  Writing –

c. Reading –

d. Discussion –

 e. Media –

f. Privacy –

g. Permalinks –

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