Flexibility 3 theme is a really cool WordPress theme and as the name implies very flexible. I found it easy enough for an Internet newbie like myself to be able to put up a very nice web page and there is so much more yet to learn. Can you imagine with a little more no-how, what a person could come up with. There is hardly a day goes by that I do not learn something new about Flexibility 3 theme interface.

We will begin this post by opening the Dashboard and clicking on Appearance to open up the Flexibility 3 interface, which is the fourth submenu, directly below Menus under the Appearance Tab.  Clicking on it and it opens up a very busy page with several rows of tabs at the top. This is the control center for Flexibility 3 and is what gives it its amazing flexibility.

1.  Flexibility 3 theme Updates & Info Tab: It is just that, a place for Flexibility 3 theme to keep you in formed and up to date on the theme’s features.


2. Quick Change Settings Tab: This is just as it says, to make quick changes to the blog theme.

 a) Flexibility 3 Theme Color Changer Tab: Used to make over-all quick changes of the theme color by making a one color-picker selection, which then allows you to fine-tune your colors as you wish with the other theme tabs. The four steps given are simple enough; just make sure that you finish by clicking on the “Change Colors” button. Once you have chosen a particular color you can cut and paste the number that you see in the color picker tab and use it anywhere else you might choose to in the theme to get the precise shade of a particular colour.

 b) Flexibility 3 Theme Lightness Selector Tab: I need not elaborate much on this feature, as all it does is control the intensity or lightness of whatever color that you have chosen.

 c) Flexibility 3 Theme Layout Changer Tab: This is a feature that changes the overall width of your blog page adjusting the column widths and the number of side bars on your page. This feature is controlled under the “Choose a layout …” button, but it can be controlled more specifically in the “Blog/Sidebar Widths Tab”. The only other feature under the “Choose a Layout …” button is a button that optimizes Adsense, which is a Google advertising feature. Don’t bother with it unless you want to sign-up for Google’s PPC advertising, (Pay Per Click) a good way to lose money. Some have made millions but they knew what they were doing.

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