Starting with this post I would like to share more about setting up WordPress, as a marketing tool and how it can be used by anyone interested in making money online. We will begin by installing a WordPress  Flexibility 3 theme, and I hope it provides the info needed to get you started on your online adventure.

Marketing on the web has grown into the billions of dollars a year and if you are hoping to market a product or share a story, how do you get heard above the clamor of other websites wanting to get noticed. Because of that there are countless websites willing to show you how, some for free but there are countless opportunists out there ready to take your hard earned cash and provide you little in return.  If you are new to the web, but are serious about setting up your own website be careful where you spend your money and whose hype you fall for.

What every business needs are leads, ie customers, whether you are selling widgets, or ideas your prosperity lies in the list of customer (leads) that you generate and can market too.

Mike Dillard the founder of “Attraction Marketing” and how to generate your own free leads provides amazing incite on what to put in place to make it happen. By using WordPress Mike has put together some cool tools that allowed him to attract literally thousands of leads, which today makes him one of the leaders in online marketing and know-how. Mike Dillard’s “Attraction Marketing model and WordPress fit together like a hand in a glove”.

Up until about a year ago I had never heard of WordPress either, and until a fellow entrepreneur in my network marketing business connected me to a website, I was as much in the dark about the marketing potential of WordPress as anyone. WordPress provides all of the tools that you need to set up your own website as an online tool and become your own marketing expert.

What I want to do in the next few blogs is continue on from where I left off in my previous post, “The Actual Domain Sign-up”. I would like to explain the basics of WordPress and why it might be what you are looking for. It is a free service, but for the online newbie can be a bit of a challenge. If this is your first time I hope you have read the above-mentioned blog, have set up your domain and installed WordPress and are ready to begin as the next few posts may certainly make your journey into online marketing a little easier.

This tutorial begins where we left of in the post “The Actual Domain Sign-up”, so go now to your web site and open both your webpage and the WordPress Dashboard in their own windows. The Dashboard is the back office of the entire WordPress interface and allows you to configure and design your webpage through the use of widgets, (small snippets of html code that can do amazing things), and plugins which are also html code but work in a somewhat different manner. Both widgets and plugins pretty much allow you to create a webpage totally unique to you and to what you are selling.

At last we are ready to begin, so lets turn to the Dashboard, which welcomes you and as you can see offers some basic guidelines on getting started. Today I would like to focus on setting up the theme for your website. There are literally thousands of WordPress themes to choose from and a number of ways to come by them. Many are found within the WordPress interface but a Google search will bring up many more or you can pay to have someone create a webpage and a theme for you.

If you are short on cash, creating your own webpage will save you money plus it gives you a knowledge of website construction and the ability to make changes on your own, and not be dependent upon a web master and his time structure to make things happen. The only catch is that it is dependent on knowing html code and most of us don’t. Never fear, WordPress offers a work around and that is what this whole post is about, how to use widgets and plugins.

As I mentioned earlier there are countless themes out there and as it happened I found Flexibility 3 by accident as I was searching the web. What I like about the Flexibility 3 theme is that it is very flexible and free. I was told that the Thesis theme was also a good one, and very flexible but it is not free. So with that being said my walk through will be with Flexibility 3 theme.

Because the Flexibility 3 theme is not in the WordPress library you have to do a Google search for it and down load it to your desktop first.

This is my last walk through on uploading files to you server and it is for the newbie that has not read my post, “The Actual Domain Sign-up”.

  1. Return to your Dashboard.
  2. Now go to the side menu and click on Appearance and select “Theme”.
  3. Click on “Install Themes” (Top of page).
  4. In search line select “Upload”.
  5. In the window that comes up select “Choose File”.
  6. In search window go to your downloaded file “Flexibility 3 theme” and click on it.
  7. Now click on the “Install Now” button.
  8. You have successfully uploaded your Flexibility 3 theme to your server.
  9. It should now show up in your side bar under Appearances.
  10. Click on it.

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