So you are a  sales rep for a Life Force International, and you love Body Balance their premier product with a passion. Your feel better then you have ever felt in years by using their product. In fact you love all of their incredible products.

The story of the founders Wayne and Gerri how amazing! Wayne driven by his wife’s great need when all of the doctors had written her off came up with a solution for his wife’s affliction. Gerri would literally drag herself around until about noon each day, while trying to raise a young family, and then she would literally crash.

Driven by his wife’s great need to get her life back and after doing much research on the benefits of seaweed in the Japanese diet, Wayne with a friend’s help came up with a elixir that he eventually named Body Balance, the company he would eventually call, Life Force International. He gave this to Gerri and her body loved it, in a matter of weeks she was up and about with all of her energy back and leading a normal life.

And lets not forget to mention that the company has been around for better them 25 years with a great MLM business opportunity, stellar products, and a track record that few if any can match in the industry.

Big Question: If my product is so great, “Why am I have so much trouble selling it and signing up reps?” “What is wrong with everyone, don’t they know a real opportunity when they see one?”

The Answer: People don’t care the slightest in the virtues of the product or the incredible story of the founders of the company, or how great the compensation plan is. What they want to know is how can I better myself, my standard of living and make more money?

Old school selling by grabbing all of your friends by the throat and not letting go until they say yes has been replaced, and I might add like a breath of fresh air, with “Attraction Marketing,” a truly amazing approach for any MLM business opportunity, Life Force International or otherwise.

We all have needs; we all have wants for both our families and ourselves. “Attraction marketing” uses the model believe it or not that is taught in the Good Book, and that is to develop a relationship with people, give them something of value, have their best interest in mind, and then show them what they must do themselves if they want to better their lives. You are their teacher, their mentor, thus you will not only enrich their lives but also bless your own.

What “attraction marketing” does, it not only allows you to connect with people, but it solves the number one problem of most network marketers and that is a shortage of leads. You quickly run our of warm market as you realistically need one hundred leads for every two you sign-up, click on the link below for a way out of your dilemma.

For further training with a complete marketing sales funnel why not give My Lead System Pro a try. This could literally mean your success or failure. How serious are you in the success of your MLM business opportunity? NFL or as they say “no friends left” will soon become a distant memory as your lead bucket fills up and your lost friends return. No more struggling to get someone interested in your network marketing business as you realize your biggest fear about network marketing has been suddenly taken care of and whether you are a Life Force International rep or market for any of a thousand network marketing companies, it really makes no difference.

Click the link below this video for more info.


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