I am retired and my wife Sandy and I live in Sidney BC which is located on Vancouver  Island just a few miles north of Victoria, the capital of BC. We both love to snowbird for 4 month each winter in Arizona.  My interests as you might have guessed are computers,  but I love photography, video, and writing and things of a spiritual nature.

If you have any interest in any of these areas I would enjoy hearing from you. Just leave me  a comment and I will be sure and get back to you.

I did not put up this website because I am altogether altruistic in nature but am quite willing never the less to share what I  learn with anyone who cares to stop by. I hope to making this website a resource for others who are trying to make a buck by using the internet. My desire is to make this a website resource for the newbie who is setting up a web page for the first time. If you find this site of no use to you there are plenty of websites out there for the more advanced.