Because Facebook has been so much in the media the last few day I felt compelled to comment on its potential for generating income not just for those trading in stocks on Wall Street, but for those of us who are using it as an app to generate income in a home based mlm business opportunity.

With the creation of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg not only made himself a billionaire but created untold wealth for those able to ride the dream with him. The latest saga in the Facebook Chronicles will produce, and I’m quoting an article of May the 18th from the Times Colonist, originally printed in USA Today and written by Jon Swartz who said, “Facebook’s market debut, the biggest tech company IPO ever, should create 1,000 millionaires overnight.”

You can be thankful that you were not one of the individuals that were part of the trading frenzy that took place on Friday, when 576 million Google shares were traded. This was a record for a market debut, but due to a number of factors it did not perform as hoped. Wayne Kaufman, chief market strategist at John Thomas Financial, a retail broker on Wall Street stated,” They were hoping for Facebook to be considerably better. I bet there are a lot of disappointed people in the market.”

 I guess the question now has to be asked, “How does all the hoopla on Wall Street and the poor Friday 19th performance effect you and I as we slug it out in the trenches, and particularly if we are trying to generate income by using Facebook. I would suggest that what is good for Facebook can’t help but be good for the network marketing industry as a whole. Even if Facebook did not perform as well as it might have at its debut, especially since it has now dropped below its initial offering, I see it doing better in the future. Never the less the app itself is still top shelf and waiting for anyone willing to use it to generate wealth.

For those of us that have an mlm business opportunity what goes on in Wall Street is really of little concern. How well we do in network marketing is only determined by our focus and the goals we set. To a great extent that is true, but the type of tools that we use can be a determining factor in how easy it is to generate the 6 and 7 figure incomes that the top producers make.

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