Article marketing is one of the many ways to promote your online business and I would like to suggest that not every article that is titled, MLM Marketing Secret: The Big Secret Revealed, is actually revealing any secrets. Because of all the articles that have been written with that title I suppose most of the secrets have been revealed long ago. As long as that title continues to rank high in the search engines, particularly Google, I suppose articles will continue to be written with that moniker, never the less I sincerely hope that something is still left to be said.

What can I say that would benefit you at this point in time? Let me review six old school misconceptions of network marketing that are slowly being laid to rest but I hope will bring into sharper focus what I want to share with you further on in my post.

  1.  They told you “Anyone can do it.” The truth is about 3% are successful.
  2. They told you to immediately create a list of one hundred of your friends and aquaintenances. At the time you were not aware that at the most 3 out of a hundred might show some interest.
  3. Did they neglected to tell you that you would sift through your warm market in 2 to 3 weeks and then the cold reality of approaching strangers about your “amazing business opportunity” would be your lot? At this point even you are not so sure how amazing it really is.
  4. Did they mention what “NFL,” really means, and its not football, but “No friends left.” Grabbing anyone by the throat while you pitch them your “business opportunity,” it will do it every time.
  5. Did you believe them when they told you that you would have to fight new recruits off with a stick, as they would be crawling all over you to be first in line? It quickly became obvious to you that neither your companies incredible comp plan, amazing product line nor the gifted leadership team made any difference to signing up leads.

So if there is a MLM marketing secret that gives the 6 and 7 figure marketers the leg up what is it? It sure is not any of the old school marketing strategies that I just mentioned above.

When Ray Higdon said. “Discipline Trumps Talent,” he summoned up the one secret that all successful network marketers have and the one thing that has given him success.

Even with a system such as My Leads System Pro, (that has been proven to bring in buckets of lead,) will fail if this principle is not followed. Why is that? Let me use the analogy of creating a loaf of bread. If you leave out one ingredient such as the yeast, instead of a soft loaf of delicious bread all you have is an inedible lump of doe baked hard as a rock.

For the latest tools to grow your business you need to replace old school methodology with attraction marketing, but to take your network marketing business to the next level it is crucial that you add consistent discipline. As Ray Higdon says, the one important thing that put him where he is today was discipline.

If your success were determined by some fancy software package or method, only those that could afford it would succeed. Even with a supper system like My Lead System Pro, with all of its amazing features, there would still be thousands more success stories where there is now just one.

The magic happens however when you take an amazing product like My Lead System Pro and combine it with consistent discipline. I hope that by revealing the MLM marketing secret that put Ray Higdon where he is today, that you too can soon join him and the other 6 and 7 figure marketers that are already there. If you are a poor struggling marketer and would like to take a peak at how to take your business to the next level, by using a sales funnel, take a look at My Lead System Pro to see how the serious 6 and 7 figure income earners actually do it.


 Go to my article marketing link for a look-see at how writing articles the right way can power your efforts by following the mlm secrets you find there. Let me know if this is of any help to you.


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