MLM recruiting secrets can seem overwhelming at first, but if broken down into their individual parts seem so much easier. As Confucius says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Network marketing as with anything in life can be approached with the same understanding. We are sometimes quite overwhelmed by all of the various options that are available so we just sit and spin our wheels, getting nowhere.

Jordan Adler’s book, “Beach Money,” has to be one of the greatest books on what is possible with affirmative action and a plan. What he shares in his book may seem common sense to many, but for me it was like a spring day.

“Beach Money” follows Jordan’s journey on how he developed a down-line that pays him consistently, even while he is still having fun at the beach.  To illustrate this Jordan tells a story of a friend who was very successful in network marketing and fell asleep while watching TV. His friend’s wife came into the room and told his friend to get up, to which his friend replied, “Leave me alone I’m making money.”

“Beach Money” sets out the formula and daily plan that Jordan did every day without fail, and shows how it paid off. Its all about Jordan catching the vision and setting out a daily plan of action and doing it consistently every day, come rain or come shine. If he missed an action he would always make it up the next day.

One point that Jordan makes very clear was until he caught the vision, nothing was happening in his world of marketing. It was only after he had the MLM recruiting secrets revealed by a very successful network marketer, that he caught the vision. Once he had a clear goal and a bull’s eye to aim for his business took off.

If you want to be totally inspired, go to Jordan Adler’s website and grab a copy of his book, that reveals all the MLM recruiting secrets that are necessary to inspire you to take action. If you have never thought that it will happen for you, remember that it is your thoughts that determine your level of success. We always move in the direction of our most dominant thought. Adam says, “You always get what you focus on and put energy into.”

Give me some feedback if you like this story, I know you will love Jordan Adler’s book. I get no money for recommending his book or for its sale. I just loved the book.

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