All businesses require the proper tools to make them run successfully. Today however, I would like to focus on how attitude and consistency are basic to the success of any MLM business and the mlm strategies required for it to succeed.

If you visited the job site of a friend of mine who used to frame houses you would notice that his crew would be using quite a number of very specialized tools to make the business run successfully. Even though air nailers, a skill saw or two, right angle squares, and measuring tapes are essential for the job, it takes skill to operate them, each worker has to be disciplined enough to show up for work each morning if the business is to run successfully.

The same applies to a home-based business, no matter how fancy the software, the equipment, or online training, nothing happens if you don’t get off your butt. This is a big part of the reason why less then 5% of network marketing businesses are successful.

So let me suggest some of the mlm strategies required for any network marketing business to be successful. Here are six action steps to take.

  1. Have a plan, and a routine for every day with a list, and be sure and work the list. Let me say it again this way, “Have a daily list and work the list daily.”
  1. By far the most important virtue is discipline. Do what you have to do and do it on time. “Be consistent,” let nothing stand in the way of doing what you have to do.
  1. Every day do the one thing that will grow your business, that being, invite people to join your business. Doing everything else but leaving that undone, is a big reason why many MLM businesses fail. The only thing that will actually grow your business is by talking to your leads and inviting them to join your business. Nothing else really matters. There are many things, which can increase your results, but they in themselves will not grow your business. If you wait until you are perfect in your presentation you will never start. The best way to learn is by the practice of just doing it.
  1. Find an up-line mentor and connect with him or her, as there is a good reason why they are successful. Ask around in your on-line community if your direct up-line happens to be just as new as you are in the business. There are plenty of amazing people in this business that are quite willing to share their knowledge with you.
  1. Every day listen to a webinar on business building or personal growth. Because this is a home business and you are on your own it is extremely important to be tuned in and motivated by your mlm community. This is a big reason why so many network marketers who are so on fire to begin with, quite the business when things get tough.
  1. Attend at least one major event each year. Even more powerful then a webinar is the yearly convention. To hear winners up front is extremely powerful motivation. Many owe their success to such events and the motivational challenges from such events.

Are you seriously looking for a vehicle, or mlm strategies if you will, to take your  business to the next level? If the shortage and cost of inferior leads is slowing your business growth you might want to take a look at My Lead System Pro to see how the serious 6 and 7 figure income earners actually do it. 



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