Synergism is a word that perfectly describes what actually takes place when My Lead System Pro and Multi-Level Marketing hold hands. The results are truly amazing and for those that have taken the time to position the two correctly the experience can be life changing.

When Mike Dillard came out with his book “Magnetic Sponsoring” the network marketing industry embraced it with open arms. This was only the beginning as Mike Dillard soon afterward released his “Traffic Formula” which was updated to Traffic Formula 2 to include the social networks, which are now a huge part of online marketing. This really pushed magnetic sponsoring to a completely new level.

What a brilliant concept, a marketers dream, a complete reversal of how marketing was done, instead of chasing after customers, Traffic Formula 2 had them seeking you. No more beating the bushes for leads, no more begging people to buy.

If this was not enough the concept was raised to an even higher level when Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale and Tod Schlomer took Mike Dillard’s magnetic sponsoring to an even higher level, when they introduced MLSP. MLSP is a complete marketing and sales funnel with affiliate marketing for up front funding and a set of ready-made sales campaigns. And lets not forget the amazing support and training. This was a brilliant marketing tool that took Mike Dillard’s concept of attraction marketing and merged it into a complete sales tool ready to go, right out of the box.

The proof they say is in the pudding as demonstrated by the swarm of 6 and 7 income earners that suddenly appeared within the next 3 years. Nothing gives validity to a concept more then when it is actually demonstrated, but the suddenness of success and the number that achieved recognition through MLSP in so short a time was truly fantastic. What continues to cause amazement is that the number of success stories continues at an amazing rate, never seeming to slow down regardless the state of the economy.

MLSP allows the average person with no exceptional skills or talents, but a willingness to learn and a determination to succeed, a chance to make not just good money, but a chance to get rich, filthy rich.

Your goal however may be to just put enough aside for that dream vacation, put the kids through college, buy a new car, pay off the mortgage, and the list goes on. Whatever the reason from making a few extra dollars or a path to total financial freedom, particularly if you just lost your job, MLSP may be the means of getting you back to total financial security.

To test drive this amazing system and see if it can work for you, take a look at My Lead System Pro to see how the serious 6 and 7 figure income earners actually do it.


 To listen to a free interview with Mike Dillard, the father of attraction marketing and to learn how he became a 7 figure marketer after developing the strategies of magnetic sponsoring just click on free interview.

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