I’m Back! My apologies for being away so long, especially for anyone that may have been following my posts. If you are a struggling network marketer like I am, never let inconsistency be the reason for your failure, as it is a reason, if not the major reason for the 98% failure rate in the network marketing business and a big part in why I set up the “MLSP Newbie Support” group.

Success in network marketing even with MLSP as part of the equation can still be a struggle however. What MLSP does though is to give you a community of fellow entrepreneurs and a resource of training material that is not equaled anywhere else in the industry.

This of course is complimented by their amazing sales funnels and their ready-made sales campaigns that anyone can fire up from day one.  

I am learning as I go and am not afraid to hide the fact that even with the incredible amount of knowledge and expertise that I have acquired over the last 8 to 10 months with MLSP, I am still struggling to get my business kick-started. A person can’t have too much support.

I am however quite excited as I quite recently discovered the advantages of setting up a “Group” on Facebook in my MLSP back office and the benefits it offers as marketers connect and share their stories. Stories of how a support group such as “MLSP Newbie Support” can take your network marketing business to the next level.

That is one of the advantages of belonging to the MLSP community. The only thing that bothers me is that I should have listened to that Webinar sooner and who knows I might already be on a leader board

 The purpose of this post is to share the link to “MLSP Newbie Support” with anyone who is new to the online marketing community but is still struggling in figuring things out. I also am inviting anyone that would like to share their expertise with our community of like-minded MLSP entrepreneurs.

 “MLSP Newbie Support” is open to anyone in My Lead System Pro regardless of his or her primary business. There will be no selling or self-promotion regardless your primary opportunity however.

For access to the new MLSP Newbie Support Group click on the following link: MLSP Newbie Support. “A community for the struggling newbie.”

Lets kick it up to the next level as we share what works for us in the new "MLSP Newbie Support" group.


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