We learned today with great sadness that Neil Armstrong died from complications because of open heart surgery.

If you were alive when he walked on the moon you probably remember exactly what you were doing at that very moment.


Seems Like Just Yesterday:

It was like it was only yesterday that we sat mesmerized  in front of our TV sets and listened to those now famous words, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

An Incredible Mission:

Without a doubt it was one of the most daring and incredible missions in human history up to that time and maybe forever. Neil Armstrong was chosen because of his ability to be “cool under pressure."

Most Amazing Event In History:

Without a doubt a most historic and amazing event in world history and it demonstrated man's resourcefulness. Neil Armstrong demonstrated how perfectly mankind with the right training and the proper tools could be successful in any situation.

Proper Tools & A clear Target:

We all desire to succeed but without the proper tools and information find it impossible. To be Successful it requires a clear target and something to aim at. Without these in place failure is a sure thing.

Work & Dedication:

There is more then one way to be successful, but as with the astronauts in the Apollo program and especially Neil Armstrong, they all require hard work and dedication.

What Are The Answers:

With all of the hype and baloney on the Internet, how do you find answers to your money problems.

A Marketing Tool:

Anyone reading my posts are aware of a marketing tool that I have been flogging. Why would I flog anything if I though it was no good and did not use it myself. Truth is I wouldn't. What makes My Lead System Pro so neat, is that it uses attraction marketing as its model.

Attraction Marketing:

What's so hot about attraction marketing? Well it replaces old school sales hype with free useful information that marketers need in their marketing niche. If you like what you see and are getting useful free information chances are you will keep coming back to that web page over and over again. Marketers fall in love with your web page and love you for all of the free information that you give away.

Be A Hero Too:

Neil Armstrong, was a hero to millions, you too can be a hero to your family and all those that depend on you in your marketing niche as you demonstrate your leadership.

Kick-Start Your Business:

NASA and the crews of the Apollo 7, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins demonstrated that just about anything you go after is within your reach. Don’t let your lack of information keep you from success. Why not let attraction-marketing kick-start your business; take advantage of the latest in online marketing by using My Lead System Pro’s proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system. For further training, take a look at Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about attraction marketing.

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