Since the arrival of attraction marketing online marketing has taken on a whole new flavor, and even more so since the explosion of the social media on the scene. Marketing will never be the same now that the Internet has literally been enveloped in the social panic that started when Facebook made its dramatic debut. There are virtually hundreds of social sites clamoring for one’s attention. Not that this is bad, as a matter of fact because of it there are literally unprecedented mlm business opportunity to join social services, connect, form an endless group of followers and sell to your hearts content. What a painless way to flog your mlm business opportunity.

Whoa, wait just a minute! Why the big whoa you ask? I can hardly wait to get started!

Just as the name suggests these are social sites and they require social interaction. And you might again ask, isn’t selling, social interaction. The answer of course is yes, but old school sales techniques as taught by the network marketing companies and many of the marketing gurus of yesteryear flies in the face of what the post modern world considers comfortable, and you might just as well pack your bags and leave, if you think you are going to do business with that type of approach.

The realization of this recently struck me as I noticed many on the social sites do not understand this very important concept. In fact most of my followers are from people that are flogging their opportunity. This in fact is a no, no, and the last thing to do if you want to use Facebook or Twitter or any of the social sites to grow your business. The social sites as I said before are for social interact and sharing. The question of course is, when then do I share my mlm business opportunity?

Let me explain it this way. You have just met a new friend and you can tell the chemistry is right. But suddenly right out of nowhere your friend starts pitching you his or her mlm business opportunity. How do you feel? In my world end of discussion, see you later fella.

So when do you pitch your mlm business opportunity? Never, with attraction marketing you never pitch your mlm business opportunity, and you only share after having first developed a trusting relationship, and then only after first asking permission. A social network is just that, a place where you get to know people in a trusting relationship and only then do you share your links or information about your business.

Social networks are for developing relationships with the millions of struggling network marketers that are desperately looking for leads. Play the game right and the leads will come to you as you share and give value to them.

And I say it again, “How did you feel when they pitched you?” Keep that in mind when you are tempted to fall back into “pitch mode,” Bite your tongue before giving in to the urge to share any information about your mlm business opportunity. Do it right the first time, why waste a potential diamond.

Remember many  6 and 7 figure income earners market successfully on Facebook . You too can be just as successful. For free facebook training, click here.

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