Today I am going to share with you some selling secrets that if put into practice could literally turn your business around by getting your sales blog where it should be on the front page of a Google search. Most training material for some reason does not cover this very important information and it is for this reason alone if for nothing else that many online businesses fail to make a success of it. Two businesses could both be first class and equal in every sense of the word, but one will be successful and the other will fail for lack of this information.

There are many ways to do business using the Internet but if you have your own website and are using a blog to promote your widget or affiliate products, not knowing this one simple strategy could frankly prevent your business from ever getting off the ground.

 As a marketer I know that you are aware that key words play an important role in a Google search, but you may not have known the importance that competition plays in the search algorithms that Google uses. As I have said before in my blogs, there are really no secrets, selling secrets or otherwise, but there are some important things in doing business on the Internet that will not only slow your business down, it can literally kill it. And the use of high competition key words in a search is one of them, because if you do not come up in a Google search, preferably at the top of the first page your time is wasted and so is your money.

 Quite frankly this strategy seems to be missing in most newbie’s bag of selling secrets and should not be. This is something however that even Goggles can help you with as their keyword tool has a feature to rate keyword competition according to low medium and high and it is also free.

 There are quite a number of programs out there that will give you a leg-up on the use of key words such as Noble Samarai, Keyword Canine, etc., but they all of course cost money so your best bet if you are just starting out is to use Goggle’s free Keyword Tool.

 The strategy is to find a keyword tool that you feel comfortable with because without one to help you find the lower competition key words that you need for a front page showing there is no way that your website can compete with older websites using their keywords.

 Not only that but most of these programs have a whole bag of research tools that will truly open up for you the science of keywords and their use in blogging. Selling secrets or not you need some kind of tool kit to manage your keywords. You should not be without one if you really want your business to grow. 

 If you have a blog, and would like to kick-start your network marketing or affiliate business and take advantage of the latest in internet technologies, try using our proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system on selling secrets as developed by MLSP, for even better blogging. For further training and links listen to the father of magnetic sponsoring, Mike Dillard  as he explains the concepts of attraction marketing

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