This is the last of my posts on selling secrets. And let this come as a moment of relief, you should be asking the questions and letting the other person do all of the talking. These are the best of the one-on-one encounters that you will ever have.  If there is anything that should make you feel easy that should.

If you have not been following my posts, check out “Selling Secrets: One-On-One Marketing And How To Have Your Prospect Literally Eating Out Of Your Hand. Part 2” for the first 5 “feel good” questions and there you will also see a link to the last 5 “feel good” questions where you can find a lot more excellent selling secrets from author Bob Burg’s book, “Endless Referrals.”

I would like to share now the best of Bob Burg’s selling secrets and that is the big question that completely surprises most individuals in this dog-eat-dog society, where it's all about one-up-man-ship.

This question literally has your prospect eating out of your hand. After  several “feel good” questions and some initial rapport, ask your lead the big question:

“How can I know if someone I am speaking to is a good prospect for you?”

 What you have just done is volunteered to help him grow his or her business and with no strings attached. Most people will be blown away by this, and you have now gotten yourself a friend.

The Golden Rule In Living Colour 

This is attraction marketing at its best. This is the golden rule in living colour, and it works with all relationships. Call it whatever you want, but giving something away first of real value scores big.


Continue to share value with him or her but sharing your business should come way down the pipe. Be especially slow to jump in and share your opportunity, share it only long after you think it would be the opportune time.


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