imagesNetwork marketing is just what it says, marketing by networking. The best way to network is by attracting leads. But it takes focus, commitment, perseverance, and  leadership.

In a recent MLSP wake-up call what the speaker said really made sense. I would like to explain what he said a leader should be and why you should strive to be that kind of leader if you want to be successful in your network marketing business.

  1. A network marketing leader never misses the weekly webinars even if he feels rotten. This is total commitment.
  2. A leader attends, at least one of the major network marketing yearly events. Everyone needs the inspiration and spark that these events inspire.
  3. A leader always leads by his own example. A leader knows he is only a true leader when he sees someone actually following him. Because without that taking place you don't have a network marketing business as it is obvious you are not leading anyone.
  4. A leader acts as one who believes network marketing is a real business and he is never late for his appointed duties, he treats it as a regular job.
  5. images-1A leader does whatever  ever is required to succeed, Ray Higdon stated, "No one ever fails at network marketing, they just quite."
  6. A leader emulates what others in leadership positions do, as we have all heard, "the height of stupidity is to do what you have always been doing and expect different results." To be successful in network marketing, find your niche and follow someone who is successful already doing it and follow what he is doing until it happens in your network marketing business.
  7. A leader has confidence in the system. If you do not have a passion for network marketing do not do it.
  8. A leader embraces whole heartedly MLSP and supports it. What it can to for your network marketing business is truly amazing.
  9. A leader brands him or herself. Brand yourself; branding is very necessary for your success in the age of the Internet.
  10. A leader puts up content every day, because without this happening he soon will quit because no one will be following him.
  11. A leader is compelled to teach what he believes to others. This is what all successful network marketers do and why they are successful. Without this happening you have a business.
  12. All leaders lead by their example. This makes for a successful down-line and thus a successful network marketing business. Don't forget your down-line is your network marketing business.

images-3I hope what I have shared will be of value to your network marketing business. If you would like to know more on how to market using the mlm attraction marketing strategy, and have 20+ leads coming to you every day, do it now. Find out how for $2 you too can have access to a three-day trial run. Click here to gain access now!

images-1Today with the internet, marketing has taken on a whole new dimension, especially when it come to network marketing. This has clearly given the mlm business model an amazing shot in the arm so to speak. Many network marketers that had given up or were on the verge of quitting, have gone on to make 6 and 7 figure incomes. This comes as a result of the way the internet brings the whole world to your doorstep and enables the marketer to generate mlm leads just about at will. 

With the old school model gradually giving way to the new strategies of the Internet and attraction marketing, we continue to see the marketer of today having incredible success on how to generate mlm leads as we move into the 21st century.

Historically there has been resistance by some of the network marketing companies as they balk at letting their reps use the internet as a means of marketing their products. This comes from old school marketing strategies that may have worked in the past, but are surely not valid in todays economy if you want to generate mlm leads.

As it is, old school strategies never worked for 98% of the struggling network marketers as it was geared to the extroverted gregarious individual that could shake hands with a tiger and not get bit. This is not to say that you don't have to connect with people using the internet, but it clearly takes the pressure off the more inhibited individual and definitely stacks the the recruiting process in favour of the marketing rep and enables them to generate mlm leads in abundance.

With the internet the traditional pitching is a thing of the past if the marketer is using the attraction marketing model to generate mlm leads. This challenges the old school selling approaches in which you were simply told to create a list of one hundred of your warm market names and share your business with them.

The power is not just in the internet but in the synergy of new school marketing, which takes the internet and combines it with the Mike Dillard's attraction marketing model, or as Mike Dillard called it, Magnetic Sponsoring to generate mlm leads.

 As I just mentioned in a previous blog the answer is not in the list of hundred warm market names that your up-line told you to come up with  to generate mlm leads.  It is not in your cold market or in paid leads, the answer is in the list that you build that is unique to you because they were drawn to you by the value that you offer and continue to offer them. Warm market, cold market it makes no difference unless they trust you because of the value that you offer them they probably won't buy from you. And as a consequence of your pitching to either market, you quickly lose friends and acquaintances as resentment begins to build. It will not only shut you down it will make your business a real struggle and eventually kill your chance of success to generate mlm leads.

In order to get additional info on how to generate mlm leads, and actually have them coming to you with out any pitching,  click here, to take a $2 test drive and discover more about attraction marketing and how to generate mlm leads the pain-free way.  That is all for today from Bob The Tool-man, see you in my next blog. By for now!


A recent report just released from the National Employment Law Project stated that the middle wage range jobs lost when the US economy tanked are now being replaced with new low paying ones. This makes it essential to learn new strategies if we hope to survive the tanked economy of the present. 

The Problem: A trend that some refer to as a hollowing out of the work force as the midwage, midskill jobs seem to be disappearing. 

Author Annette Bernhardt states: “The over-arching message here is, we don’t just have a jobs deficit; we have a ‘good jobs’ deficit.”

If you lost your job when the economy tanked and the one that you now have fails to meet your needs, let me share with you a strategy that can more then make up for any lost income that you may have experienced.

Learn The New Strategy: Don’t let the “good jobs” deficit trend grind you down and take away you chance of a full life. Why let circumstances dictate the grind of a low paying job when there is an answer to your dilemma. Today with the emergence of the Internet, anyone who has a computer and is willing to work can become a successful home businessperson if you are willing to learn new strategy.

Think Outside The Box: When many people hear the word network marketing or multilevel marketing they freak-out and immediately think pyramid or scam. This model of marketing is legal and has been around for sixty plus years.

Here Is The Answer: Since Mike Dillard however things have not been the same. His attraction marketing model completely turned the multilevel marketing model on its ear. Today with attraction marketing as Mike Dillard explains it in his Traffic Formula 2, the lead or customer comes to you. No more beating the bushes and begging your friends.

Here Is How It Works: “NFL” or no friends left, as they used to say, is a thing of the past, particularly when My Lead System Pro took Mike Dillard’s attraction marketing and combined it with their model to make a sales funnel and lead generating system that works together seamlessly, a completely new strategy  for anyone willing to think outside the box. This is what created the magic and made growing a home business truly amazing.  With leads actually coming to you the potential for growing a business becomes incredible. So don’t despair remember today there are countless options for flexible and open-minded entrepreneurs, willing to try knew things.

What Are You Waiting For: You may not be able to do anything about the job market but you sure can choose to better your life. Step up now and take the initiative to become your own boss. Why let a tanked economy destroy your chances for success when you can learn how to use the leverage of the Internet to generate income.

Its Your Move: If you ever were in network marketing or would like to give it a test drive for the first time, you will truly be amazed at how My Lead System Pro can help with lead generation, if you are willing to think outside the box and learn new strategy for your survival and that of your family.

Thank Mike Dillard and My Lead System Pro for what they have put in place and then go out and find yourself a network marketing company for them to power for your success.

The West Nile virus continues to plague many parts of the US and Canada. Dr. David Lakey, Commissioner for the Texas Dept. Of State Health Service, said 2012 will be the worst year when it comes to the West Nile virus.

Potential Killer To Strike Again

The West Nile virus always a potential killer, has officials particularly worried this year as the last week of August has some of the largest case counts since 1999 when it was first reported. As of August 26, 2012, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has reported 1,590 cases and 66 deaths.

This year 2012 the number of cases in the US has already reached 894 with 40 deaths and all of the lower 48 states had reported some activity, 43 states reported at least one infected person.

Even though these figures don’t look good, in 2003 there were 9,682 reported cases, and back in 2002 there were 4,000 cases with 284 fatalities.

If these figures scare you into doing nothing, remember, life goes and you should take some precautions to minimize getting hit by the virus. Dr. Lyle Petersen, heads the CDC's Division of Vector-Borne Infections, and he recommends the following steps to be taken, as found on the CNN news feed.

 Take These Steps To Keep Your Health

  • Be sure and drain any standing water from gutters, flowerpots, old tires, etc. so they can't breed.
  • Any insect repellant that you use should contains Deet, picaridin, or oil of lemon eucalyptus.
  • Always be sure to cover-up when outside, and make a point to wear long sleeves and pants.
  • Try not to go outside if you can help it, especially at dusk and dawn.

Take These Precautions To Make & Keep Your Wealth

Do Not Become Paralized By Fear: We do not know what tomorrow may bring, but that does not mean that we should be paralized with fear. As with the West Nile virus we should always be prepared and take the necessary precautions not just with our health but in all aspects of our life particularly our finances. 

Pay Yourself First:  Set aside something in a savings of some kind from each paycheck before you spend a cent. Quite often we see people working past their 70’s and into their 80’s because they did not pay themselves first. 

Choose A Home Based Business: Today with the Internet and the hundreds of home based business opportunities that it supports, being short of money should become history. Don’t let inaction on your part be your killer.

Take affirmative action now: The are many new marketing innovations and strategies that were unknown until just a few years ago. You will be amazed at the freedom and the success that can be yours if you act now.

Use My Lead System Pro: This is truly a one of a kind systems that has rather recently come to the Internet. It uses Mike Dillard's strategy of attraction-marketing to power any primary business opportunity that you might have, and supply it with inexpensive leads. Nothing grows a business quicker then inexpensive leads.

You may not be able to control the West Nile virus but you can control your future by acting now, chose information that will enable you to make a difference, sometimes a big difference in your business. Let attraction-marketing kick-start your business; and drive it to the next level with My Lead System Pro’s proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system. For further training, take a look at Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing. Learn what 6 and 7 figure marketers do to be successful.

We learned today with great sadness that Neil Armstrong died from complications because of open heart surgery.

If you were alive when he walked on the moon you probably remember exactly what you were doing at that very moment.


Seems Like Just Yesterday:

It was like it was only yesterday that we sat mesmerized  in front of our TV sets and listened to those now famous words, “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

An Incredible Mission:

Without a doubt it was one of the most daring and incredible missions in human history up to that time and maybe forever. Neil Armstrong was chosen because of his ability to be “cool under pressure."

Most Amazing Event In History:

Without a doubt a most historic and amazing event in world history and it demonstrated man's resourcefulness. Neil Armstrong demonstrated how perfectly mankind with the right training and the proper tools could be successful in any situation.

Proper Tools & A clear Target:

We all desire to succeed but without the proper tools and information find it impossible. To be Successful it requires a clear target and something to aim at. Without these in place failure is a sure thing.

Work & Dedication:

There is more then one way to be successful, but as with the astronauts in the Apollo program and especially Neil Armstrong, they all require hard work and dedication.

What Are The Answers:

With all of the hype and baloney on the Internet, how do you find answers to your money problems.

A Marketing Tool:

Anyone reading my posts are aware of a marketing tool that I have been flogging. Why would I flog anything if I though it was no good and did not use it myself. Truth is I wouldn't. What makes My Lead System Pro so neat, is that it uses attraction marketing as its model.

Attraction Marketing:

What's so hot about attraction marketing? Well it replaces old school sales hype with free useful information that marketers need in their marketing niche. If you like what you see and are getting useful free information chances are you will keep coming back to that web page over and over again. Marketers fall in love with your web page and love you for all of the free information that you give away.

Be A Hero Too:

Neil Armstrong, was a hero to millions, you too can be a hero to your family and all those that depend on you in your marketing niche as you demonstrate your leadership.

Kick-Start Your Business:

NASA and the crews of the Apollo 7, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins demonstrated that just about anything you go after is within your reach. Don’t let your lack of information keep you from success. Why not let attraction-marketing kick-start your business; take advantage of the latest in online marketing by using My Lead System Pro’s proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system. For further training, take a look at Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about attraction marketing.

With the arrival of the Internet and the many options that it brings to the marketplace, countless thousands have jointed the online Internet marketing community to get rich quick by making money online. The frenzy for quick wealth has reached a fever pitch, especially with stories in the media of the sudden wealth and fame of so many online entrepreneurs. We all of course know about Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, who each became instant billionaires, but what about me, I’m just average, could I really sell my widget online, or anybody else’s for that matter?

Affiliate Marketing With Or Without A Website

The answer to the above question is a resounding yes. There are countless websites on the Internet that offer online Internet marketing training and support that can get you up and running in no time. The options are endless. Even if you do not have a product or a web page you can make money through affiliate selling by using such sites as Google, Bing and Facebook to name just a few.

Network Marketing With Or Without A Website

Even if network marketing is your game and you have been struggling for years, don’t despair there are online Internet marketing systems that will lead you by the hand and show you a completely new way to market anything online regardless of the network marketing company you are with. There is training on the Internet that will teach you how to attract more leads then you could possible ever use. Mike Dillard put together a system called attraction marketing. It is a system, whereby leads come to you. Old school sales pitches where you grab your future lead by the throat until he signs up are forever gone.

Marketing Your Own Widget With A Website

Are you afraid of how to set up your own web page for online Internet marketing your own widget? If this is the route you want to take there are countless systems out there that will show you how to do it, and you do not need to know any html code. There are thousands of business websites on the Internet that were created by using WordPress and its services, which by the way are free. For a slick system for creating your own unique webpage with it’s own landing page and opt-in box you can’t go wrong with WordPress, which is free at Another great system with a very neat interface is SBI’s 3.0, which I have never used, but it makes some cool web pages just by dragging and dropping. I am not an affiliate, but it looks so good I thought I should mention it.


To qualify for your own online business all you need is an entrepreneurial spirit and some discipline. There is always a cost to starting up any business, but a lot of what you need is free and it can all be found online. If you play it right your cost will be in the hundreds not thousands of dollars to get your business up and rolling. What will be your biggest challenge however is: (1) stay the course, (2) be consistent, (3) keep your focus, (4) and know where you are aiming. Without a target you will get lost in the many options available, but with a target to aim for, there is no limit to your success.


Having a mentor will also help you to know where to turn, but if you do not know someone who can advise you along the way, having a system like My Lead System Pro can be a big help. Remember success begins in the mind and is followed through by actions.

If you are just thinking about getting started in the online Internet marketing world and would like to kick-start your network marketing or affiliate business and take advantage of the latest in internet technologies try using my proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system as developed by MLSP, for an incredible ride to success. For further training and links here is Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.


Today we hear such phrases as old school marketing, new school marketing, product pitching, attraction marketing, magnetic marketing and the list goes on. In this post I would like to explain how they fit together if used at all, and how synergistically they can promote your mlm business goal plan and overall objective of making more money.

 Let me start by saying old school marketing is fast giving way to the new school model of marketing as introduced by marketing guru Mike Dillard. I touched on it a few posts back when I mentioned Mike’s novel approach. Mike describes the power of developing into an alpha leader and how that can be realized as you continue to learn and grow and gain confidence. He stressed the importance of first building a relationship with your leads, before pitching them your opportunity.

 This is where the Internet comes into the picture, as it is the perfect vehicle for developing relationships with literally thousands of people. It used to be warm market was the answer, but when put in perspective it was a daunting task when translated into the large numbers of warm bodies needed to sign up just one lead.

 This worked for outgoing and gregarious personalities but for many it became a painful experience as they quickly sifted through their friends and aquaintenances and had to face the reality of cold contacts or the horrific expense of buying overpriced leads from lists of people that had not even realized they had submitted their names to a lead capture site, most leads being sold and resold, sometimes up to dozens of times.

 With a mlm business sales funnel set up and working as taught in MLSP the two biggest problems of marketing are immediately taken care of as leads begin to flow in, sometimes in such quantities that you can make them available to your down line. Not to mention how the associated affiliate businesses that are part of the MLSP funnel address the issue of very little startup cash.

 There is immense wealth to be made on the Internet especially by using the social networking sites as a source of leads, but what most marketers new to online marketing fail to realize is that they are just that, social sites so use them as such. Never pitch your business on Facebook, but only on a one on one, when asked, after you have gotten to know the person.

 The abundance of leads created by using the social sites as part of the MLSP sales funnel, now creates a new problem. The old bulldog approach of grabbing a lead by the neck in desperation and not letting go, until he joins your company is no longer necessary, because of lead abundance, but old habits die-hard.

 I can’t stress more that the power these sites have through the relationships that you build, and the following that you generate. My research suggests that the biggest issues though, with using Twitter, Facebook, or any of the social sites is that the first thing that the newbie does is to put up sales links everywhere, telling about their great opportunity and how massive amounts of money can be made from their once in a lifetime business. This is a definite no, no, and the biggest reason to be unfollowed and lose presence and not to be taken seriously, on any of the social sites.

 Time is required to build relationships on line, so don’t despair, as it may take several months but you will know soon enough when to share your MLM business link and that is generally when asked. If however you think the relationship is secure enough you could ask, and with the right response share yours. For further training with a complete marketing sales funnel why not give My Lead System Pro a try. This could literally mean your success or failure. How serious are you in the success of your MLM business opportunity?

After watching my video below, Join my marketing team by clicking on the MLSP button below the video and let me know if it makes sense.