images-1Today with the internet, marketing has taken on a whole new dimension, especially when it come to network marketing. This has clearly given the mlm business model an amazing shot in the arm so to speak. Many network marketers that had given up or were on the verge of quitting, have gone on to make 6 and 7 figure incomes. This comes as a result of the way the internet brings the whole world to your doorstep and enables the marketer to generate mlm leads just about at will. 

With the old school model gradually giving way to the new strategies of the Internet and attraction marketing, we continue to see the marketer of today having incredible success on how to generate mlm leads as we move into the 21st century.

Historically there has been resistance by some of the network marketing companies as they balk at letting their reps use the internet as a means of marketing their products. This comes from old school marketing strategies that may have worked in the past, but are surely not valid in todays economy if you want to generate mlm leads.

As it is, old school strategies never worked for 98% of the struggling network marketers as it was geared to the extroverted gregarious individual that could shake hands with a tiger and not get bit. This is not to say that you don't have to connect with people using the internet, but it clearly takes the pressure off the more inhibited individual and definitely stacks the the recruiting process in favour of the marketing rep and enables them to generate mlm leads in abundance.

With the internet the traditional pitching is a thing of the past if the marketer is using the attraction marketing model to generate mlm leads. This challenges the old school selling approaches in which you were simply told to create a list of one hundred of your warm market names and share your business with them.

The power is not just in the internet but in the synergy of new school marketing, which takes the internet and combines it with the Mike Dillard's attraction marketing model, or as Mike Dillard called it, Magnetic Sponsoring to generate mlm leads.

 As I just mentioned in a previous blog the answer is not in the list of hundred warm market names that your up-line told you to come up with  to generate mlm leads.  It is not in your cold market or in paid leads, the answer is in the list that you build that is unique to you because they were drawn to you by the value that you offer and continue to offer them. Warm market, cold market it makes no difference unless they trust you because of the value that you offer them they probably won't buy from you. And as a consequence of your pitching to either market, you quickly lose friends and acquaintances as resentment begins to build. It will not only shut you down it will make your business a real struggle and eventually kill your chance of success to generate mlm leads.

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There has always been money in marketing. A good salesman is never without money to spend and a place to rest his head. The problem today in the network marketing industry is that most network marketers are without training or marketing skills and are clueless on how to run any business, let alone an Internet network marketing business.

The typical Internet network marketing entrepreneur looks around to see whom they can recruit. They are naturally drawn to people who are desperately in need of money. Typically most start by pitching their down and out warm market leads; old school marketing strategies of pitching your warm market still abound. How many of your needy warm market friends know anything about running a business? People who are broke are quite often broke because of the poor choices they continually make. Are those the type of people you want in your business. A good phrase to remember is, "Quit spending too much time with the wrong people."

To recruit a winning team is to recruit winners, people, that are already in a business and understand how an Internet network marketing business is run. You only want those that have an entrepreneurial mindset in your organization.

I watched a video today that illustrated this very well. There were two conference rooms side by side. In one there were employees and a recruiter goes in and asks them this question. "How many of you would like to make a living from the fast food business?" He is going to get questions like these. "What are the hours?" "What does it pay?" "Will I get health benefits?" "Will I have to flip burgers, or work behind the cash register?"

He leaves and goes into the second conference room filled with business professionals and entrepreneurs and asks the exact same question. "How many of you would like to make a living from the fast food business?" And he get a completely different response like, "What is the initial capital outlay?" "What kind of return on investments?" "What kind of training and support do you offer?" And the last and probably most important question, "When can I expect to move into passive income?"

This is not to say that losers can't ever succeed. There are countless stories of the classic “rags to riches,” in Internet network marketing, which causes us to take hope that some day we too can make it to the top. Two very successful network marketers that illustrate my point are, Ray Higdon, and Rob Fore. Both had made it big, Ray Higdon in real estate, and Rob Fore in network marketing, and both after going flat broke, rose again to the top in network marketing.

This of course illustrates a mindset, an attitude of success and it is best described in Mike Dillard's "Magnetic Sponsoring," where he spends considerable length on the roll of posture and how important it is in the success or failure of the Internet network marketing business. The question still remains, would you go out and hires a loser as a CEO for your multi-million dollar business? If not, then why would you recruit someone who was a business failure, to manage your Internet network marketing business, when with the right person you could be making a 6-figure income. For information and training on how to make a 6-figure income with endless leads, why not take a look at My Lead System Pro and what it can do for your network marketing business. For further training here are 25 marketing methods that will give your business a quick start, why not take a look.

Synergism is a word that perfectly describes what actually takes place when My Lead System Pro and Multi-Level Marketing hold hands. The results are truly amazing and for those that have taken the time to position the two correctly the experience can be life changing.

When Mike Dillard came out with his book “Magnetic Sponsoring” the network marketing industry embraced it with open arms. This was only the beginning as Mike Dillard soon afterward released his “Traffic Formula” which was updated to Traffic Formula 2 to include the social networks, which are now a huge part of online marketing. This really pushed magnetic sponsoring to a completely new level.

What a brilliant concept, a marketers dream, a complete reversal of how marketing was done, instead of chasing after customers, Traffic Formula 2 had them seeking you. No more beating the bushes for leads, no more begging people to buy.

If this was not enough the concept was raised to an even higher level when Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale and Tod Schlomer took Mike Dillard’s magnetic sponsoring to an even higher level, when they introduced MLSP. MLSP is a complete marketing and sales funnel with affiliate marketing for up front funding and a set of ready-made sales campaigns. And lets not forget the amazing support and training. This was a brilliant marketing tool that took Mike Dillard’s concept of attraction marketing and merged it into a complete sales tool ready to go, right out of the box.

The proof they say is in the pudding as demonstrated by the swarm of 6 and 7 income earners that suddenly appeared within the next 3 years. Nothing gives validity to a concept more then when it is actually demonstrated, but the suddenness of success and the number that achieved recognition through MLSP in so short a time was truly fantastic. What continues to cause amazement is that the number of success stories continues at an amazing rate, never seeming to slow down regardless the state of the economy.

MLSP allows the average person with no exceptional skills or talents, but a willingness to learn and a determination to succeed, a chance to make not just good money, but a chance to get rich, filthy rich.

Your goal however may be to just put enough aside for that dream vacation, put the kids through college, buy a new car, pay off the mortgage, and the list goes on. Whatever the reason from making a few extra dollars or a path to total financial freedom, particularly if you just lost your job, MLSP may be the means of getting you back to total financial security.

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Mike Dillard on Posture & Magnetic Sponsoring

The role of posture and the part it plays in the success of a home-based business is generally not on most people’s radar at the point of signing up. Very few if any budding entrepreneurs ever consider the importance that posture play in the success or failure of their business. For one thing most are so overwhelmed by their new opportunity and the possibility for getting rich that they without exception overlook the one thing that will either make or break their chances for success. Why dreams at all if you don't take into account the simple yet profound concept of Mike Dillard on posture and how central it is to magnetic sponsoring.  Without it any chance of joining the ranks of the 3% that actually make it is cut to zero.

What I am about to share with you are some of the key points from Mike Dillard’s amazing book “Magnetic Sponsoring” which is what turned the “old school” approach to network marketing on its ear. It came out of Mike’s 4 years of slugging it out in the trenches with no success and it wasn’t until he finally realized that he did not want to spend the next 20 years calling garbage leads that led him to the discovery and mastery of the “Magnetic Sponsoring” Concept.

Basic to the concept of attraction marketing is posture and how people perceive you as a leader, Mike says, “People don’t join your business they join you.” People are attracted to others who convey leadership qualities and a high level of value.

There are basically three categories of people, Alphas, Pre Alphas and Betas; your goal as a network marketer is to become what Mike calls an “Alpha Marketer.”

The change from being a Beta to a Pre-Alpha or an Alpha is a frame or state of mind. Mike Dillard goes on to say that the phrase, “fake it until you make it,” applies here, but don’t think of it as lying as it has to first happen in the brain and as you fully internalize it, it is who you finally become.

 Your friends and family will challenge you at first but every leader has been there and realizes that belief always comes before result.

 An example of an Alpha, Mike says, would be someone who is very successful as an upline leader living in a mind-state of abundance and who is pursued and followed by others.

 To sum up what an Alpha is and why it is imperative to acquire those characteristics.

  • “People are subconsciously attracted to them as they convey leadership qualities and offer a high level of personal value.”
  • “To make it big in networking marketing or anything in life it is imperative to strive to acquire the Alpha mindset as people   are  attracted to a leader with value to offer them.”

 If success in network marketing is your passion then you owe it to yourself to get Mike Dillard's  magnetic sponsoring free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.

 course It is the bottom line for success in network marketing and explains the role posture plays in any successful business. To see how magnetic sponsoring really works, for only $10 you can give it a test drive for  2 weeks. My Lead System Pro has taken Mike Dillard at his word and put together a truly amazing system that will blow you away.