images-2Hang in there for the next few minutes while I share some ideas I picked up the other morning on how fear can be one of the biggest factors in closing down your success in the network marketing business and how the new school strategies of mlm attraction marketing can remove all fear.

A few weeks ago I listened to April Tucker, an up and coming network marketer doing mlm attraction marketing, who is making waves in the industry. She had a point of view that I resonated with as I took notes on what she was saying, good stuff I might add. I would like to share it with you and I hope it will resonate with you as it did with me.

Fear is really the monster when it comes to failure in network marketing. Fear will destroy just about everything if you let it, not just your mlm business.

This got me to thinking and I realized it was fear that was controlling many of my actions or should I say non-actions, things I needed to do to get my business off the ground.

Many of us are afraid of failure so we just don’t do anything; many of us are afraid of success so we just don’t do anything. The results are still the same, complete failure.

Fear is what powers procrastination, and it is procrastination that stops one dead. It prevents the goals and aspirations of 98% of network marketers, from happening; people just like you and me who give up on their dreams and let success go up in smoke because they do nothing. What they need is a strategy such as mlm attraction marketing to remove the fear of having to pitch their opportunity, so they just sit and do nothing.

You learn by making it happen but if you wait until you are good enough, no matter what it is, it doesn’t matter, it could be an amazing video, a fantastic blog or article, if you don’t just sit down and actually create it, you will fail. This is where mlm attraction marketing comes in as the pain brought on by fear is removed and you can then take action.

A bell rang in my head when she said, “Expect to be very bad at first, expect to be bad before you are good, just do it.”

Here are four points that grabbed me.

                One: Discover what you fear so you can conquer it.

                    Two: Continue learning so you will have something to say.

                    Three: Most people don’t have a plan or can think for themselves.

                    Four: Do at least one thing every day to grow your business.



Is there some kind of a trick to being a successful network marketer? Does the mlm blog really work? The mlm blog, as a means of getting noticed by Google really works, but you have to post consistently and learn how to seo it.  It also helps if you like to write, but even if you don’t, the mlm blog format is easy to learn so why not give it a try.  There is in fact no secret or trick to successful blogging. The mlm blog is just an Internet tool to expose content and market product and the trick if any is in posting consistent content . Be aware that how you post it is just as  important and how well you seo it.

The learning curve:  The learning curve to becoming a successful network marketer by using the mlm blog, ppc, facebook, twitter, article marketing, is more then most people can handle, writer or not, and it is the main reason why so few become people become successful online network marketers. The success rate is somewhere between 2 and 5 percent, but if you can master the skills required to make it happen the rewards are more then amazing. Compare your training in this arena as you would to being successful in any worthwhile business. The only difference is that in online network marketing using MyLead System Pro there are literally dozens making 6 and 7 figure incomes in just the last 4 years alone. Some in as little as 18 months or less. This however is no guarantee of your success as the majority fail for lack of duplication and consistency. For less then $10 for a two week test drive why not give it a try and see how well you can duplicate and consistently follow the success of those already on the leader boards.

No hype or rhetoric:  Most people are turned off by all of the hype and rhetoric used by both the online and offline marketers. Hype and rhetoric is especially offensive today and is one of the reasons why you see the words magnetic sponsoring, or attraction marketing used more and more as you search the web. This new school approach to selling is really catching on as people are drawn to a website that offers free tools and training to help them with their struggling business.

Not a magic pill:  Attraction marketing it is not a magic pill however, but if used correctly draws leads to your marketing funnel and solves the problem of not enough leads when your warm market runs dry after the first couple of weeks.

Learn how to generate 100+ leads/day:  No warm market left to pitch your product to?  Learn how to generate 100+ leads/day, guaranteed, with no pitching. Go to mlm blog, for free training from one of the best bloggers in the business.

The bottom line:   As I said in my previous post never give up but be consistent. Don't worry about getting it perfect but begin where you are and learn by doing it.

For 100+ leads/day:   My own journey has been valuable in teaching me the tools and expertise needed to succeed in online network marketing using the mlm blog. If you would like to move forward in your network marketing business and if an mlm blog is your cup of tea, then let me get you up and running. For the complete story join my My Lead System Pro team I will share with you free, what you need to do to get you struggling business up and running at 100+ lead/day.

Pick your area of interest and go with it:  The trick is to pick your particular area, be it, the MLM Blog, PPC, Facebook, Article Marketing, Twitter, it doesn’t matter, just pick your passion and go with it. Stay with it until you have mastered it. I have the tools and information you needed to get you started. Click on the link below for access to the complete MLSP system and your leads funnel. No more chasing leads.



A recent report just released from the National Employment Law Project stated that the middle wage range jobs lost when the US economy tanked are now being replaced with new low paying ones. This makes it essential to learn new strategies if we hope to survive the tanked economy of the present. 

The Problem: A trend that some refer to as a hollowing out of the work force as the midwage, midskill jobs seem to be disappearing. 

Author Annette Bernhardt states: “The over-arching message here is, we don’t just have a jobs deficit; we have a ‘good jobs’ deficit.”

If you lost your job when the economy tanked and the one that you now have fails to meet your needs, let me share with you a strategy that can more then make up for any lost income that you may have experienced.

Learn The New Strategy: Don’t let the “good jobs” deficit trend grind you down and take away you chance of a full life. Why let circumstances dictate the grind of a low paying job when there is an answer to your dilemma. Today with the emergence of the Internet, anyone who has a computer and is willing to work can become a successful home businessperson if you are willing to learn new strategy.

Think Outside The Box: When many people hear the word network marketing or multilevel marketing they freak-out and immediately think pyramid or scam. This model of marketing is legal and has been around for sixty plus years.

Here Is The Answer: Since Mike Dillard however things have not been the same. His attraction marketing model completely turned the multilevel marketing model on its ear. Today with attraction marketing as Mike Dillard explains it in his Traffic Formula 2, the lead or customer comes to you. No more beating the bushes and begging your friends.

Here Is How It Works: “NFL” or no friends left, as they used to say, is a thing of the past, particularly when My Lead System Pro took Mike Dillard’s attraction marketing and combined it with their model to make a sales funnel and lead generating system that works together seamlessly, a completely new strategy  for anyone willing to think outside the box. This is what created the magic and made growing a home business truly amazing.  With leads actually coming to you the potential for growing a business becomes incredible. So don’t despair remember today there are countless options for flexible and open-minded entrepreneurs, willing to try knew things.

What Are You Waiting For: You may not be able to do anything about the job market but you sure can choose to better your life. Step up now and take the initiative to become your own boss. Why let a tanked economy destroy your chances for success when you can learn how to use the leverage of the Internet to generate income.

Its Your Move: If you ever were in network marketing or would like to give it a test drive for the first time, you will truly be amazed at how My Lead System Pro can help with lead generation, if you are willing to think outside the box and learn new strategy for your survival and that of your family.

Thank Mike Dillard and My Lead System Pro for what they have put in place and then go out and find yourself a network marketing company for them to power for your success.

A sweet problem and one most network marketers that are new to the business can only dream about, is to have a fresh supply of leads every day and not know what to say to them. That’s why you need some serious prospecting tricks on what to say and what not to say when you phone them up.

I couldn’t believe the concern someone had on a recent forum I visited, it seems they were concerned because of their low sign-up rate. If you are using My Lead System Pro, you know what a cool system it is as a lead generating funnel, but it doesn’t actually sign anyone up to your primary business, you have to talk to him or her in person. As a marketer you had better know some serious selling secrets, because at some point you have to connect with them, one-on-one and establish a relationship. The better you are at relationship building, the faster your business will grow as you continue to grow your list to market too. 

In my last post I shared the first 5, “feel good” questions of Bob Burg’s 10 “feel good” questions. By way of review these 10 questions are not just any questions but are unique selling secrets that have been especially selected to engage your future prospect in doing what you or I or anyone for that matter loves to do and that is talk about themselves, and their interests. This automatically puts you in the drivers seat and without he or she knowing it causes them to literally fall in love with you and who you are. Even when you realized that has actually happened and they seem to want what you might have you do not, and I mean, do not make your sales pitch. You leave that for another day.

Here are the last of the 5 “feel good” questions.

  • What significant changes have you seen take place in your profession through the years?
  • What do you see as the coming trends in the widget business?
  • Describe the strangest or funniest incident you’ve experienced in your business?
  • What ways have you found to be the most effective for promoting your business?
  • What one sentence would you like people to use in describing the way you do business?

Your may only get to ask two or three of these questions on your initial conversation but remember these are questions that people enjoy answering and they feel good answering them as you establish an initial rapport and your relationship continues to grow.

We will conclude with selling secrets on my next post where I will share with you the question that is the end all of questions and that is a question that will do more to grow your business then any I have shared so far. I hope this has been useful to you.

If you would like to kick-start your mlm or affiliate business and take advantage of the latest in internet technologies, try using our proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system on selling secrets as developed by MLSP, for even better blogging. Also for further training and links here is Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.


It is a known fact that the success rate of network marketers continues to hover around the 3 to 5 percent depending on whom you ask. Considering that this is a non-arguable fact one might feel compelled to ask why that is so. Everyone it seems has an answer whether it is by joining their company or by buying their super hot training DVDs or a training manual that will reveal all the secrets needed for success. Not only that but if you buy it now during this webinar you will get it for a ridiculously one time low offer, never to be repeated I swear in your lifetime.  Buy it now to get the real secrets on how to made article marketing happen and join the lifestyle of the rich and famous. “See you on the other side.”

One sometimes wanders if the authors of such sales hype have actually done what they claim and is the secret to their success only because of their ability to market their “secret to success.” Have they in fact done what they claim and is there really a plan or formula that can at least up the odds of anyone breaking into the 3 to 5 percent club. Can the average gal or guy actually make money on the Internet by using PPC, Face Book, Twitter, or article marketing etc., or is it all just smoking mirrors.

The only secret to a successful network marketing business is that there never has been a secret to a successful network marketing business. But to be fair there are a few things that you have to know to make a success of article marketing or any marketing for that matter, you can either work hard or work smart.

This in fact leads me to the main point of my post and that is one of the biggest steps to take if you are serious about working smart. Working consistently is definitely working smart and one of the biggest non-secrets to success, one that is so easily overlooked. Of the three C’s of article marketing it is by far the biggest. You can write the most caring articles, they can have the most incredible content but if they come out sporadically or you miss for a week here or for a week there, you will never get the results that you desire and you will give up in despair.

Consistency if not applied to all of your daily do lists, will sabotage any network marketing efforts either online or offline. It is the foundation for any successful endeavors in your business, especially if you have a blog and are using article marketing as your main plan of attack. Nothing can mess up your chances for a successful article marketing effort more then by being haphazard in your article submissions.

If you really want to see things happen in your article marketing efforts stay with a plan and upload articles on a consistent basis, five articles every week-day without fail and see how that will impact your marketing efforts. The Internet is full of examples of those that have kept to their plan in a consistent manner and it has paid off. Remember it paid off for Shannon down in Florida and it can for you too.

If you are now thinking that article marketing might be for you, and you would like to kick-start your network marketing or affiliate business and take advantage of the latest in internet technologies try using our proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system as developed by MLSP, for an incredible ride to success. For further training and links here is also Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.


If article marketing is your method of doing business, do a Google search online for “content is King” and you will come up with everything from, “why content is king,” to, “is content king … really?” and most everything in between. The question that really matters is not what you or I think about your articles content, but what the algorithms that Google uses thinks of your content and how you have it structured. Not that Google can really read your content but it is sure able to understand your use of anchor texts, back links, and long tailed keywords etc. and whether they meet the criteria as set forth in their changes to it’s algorithms with the recent Penguin and Panda updates.

No longer in article marketing is it useful to spin out puke as content for increased back links so your articles will be noticed in a Google search and so come up on the top of page one. The new reality as far as I have found by searching the web is that Google pays little if any interest today, if it ever did, in spun articles on low quality sites for the sake of back links to rate pages high in a Google search. Many once used those tactics and probably many still do, they may have worked in the past but not today with the latest Penguin and Panda updates.

Today we face a new reality in article marketing and that is that articles that will ultimately rank high generally do so if they are quality articles with meaningful content on subjects that are of value to your readers. What this means is that good articles done consistently over time will grow your readership and that will only happen if you stay the course.

I mentioned in my last post that I had recently watched a video that kinda grabbed my attention. The video was about Shannon who lived down in Florida and she was doing something that had grown her business to over a $100,000 a year. She did this by just writing good content and posting them on Ezine Articles five days a week. The amazing thing was that even though she did not do everything right she did three things that really worked. 1: She wrote caring articles, 2: She wrote very good content, and 3: She was consistent. She wrote every day from the time that she dropped her daughter off at school, until she left to pick her up again. She had been a writer and loved article marketing.

At this point I would like to stress a couple of points. You may not want to spend that much time in writing your articles, and I am not suggesting that you do, as the mantra today is to whip out short articles, the shorter the better, but not necessarily the poorer. Her articles however were way longer then even those recommended by Ezine Articles. This however brings out an interesting point. Because her articles were of such a high caliber and were very caring people loved her site and would go to her blog to buy. By taking care of the three C’s of article marketing: caring, content, and consistency, it paid off for her.

If you are now thinking that article marketing might be for you, and you would like to kick-start your network marketing or affiliate business and take advantage of the latest in internet technologies try using our proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system as developed by MLSP, for an incredible ride to success. For further training and links here is also Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.


My next post will cover the value of taking care of consistency, point number 3 of the three C’s of article marketing, and how it supports the first two. See you then.

My last post was on the possibility of marketing your widget or someone else’s on the Internet and some of the options to think about for actually making that happen. If that has inspired you to give it a try, you might want to use article marketing. My next three posts will cover the three most important things in doing it right, caring, content, and consistency.

In this post modern world of today’s marketer, not just article marketing, but marketing in general has taken on a whole new dimension and we see that manifested on the Internet in sites such as Facebook, where we rate our connection with those online by likes and dislikes. If we don’t like the relationship we just as quickly unfriend the person. We live in the mindset that the experience is everything. It’s a world of connectivity and what can I receive from this relationship. If there is nothing in it for me I’m out of here.

That is neither good nor bad, but the point is that’s the way it is and marketing has to reflect that and get onside or you and your business are just a footnote when it comes to building a successful business online, using article marketing or otherwise.

This leads me to the main point of my discussion on how to use article marketing as a marketing strategy. I watched a video the other day that really grabbed my attention. It was on point number one of the three C’s of article marketing, caring. The need for caring is imprinted in the postmodern mindset and plays a big part in connecting, and therefore there is a strong need to come across in a sincere and caring way with something of value. The point being that any article has to come across and demonstrate a caring concern for the person who is reading the article.

A good point to remember is that article marketing as with any form of connecting works much better, like any relationship, if you show a sincere desire and concern for the person you are communicating with. Good marketing is simply communicating in such a way that the other person does not in any way realize that they are being sold. The real catch is that it is really hard to fake the experience, which means you have to get involved in such a way that you truly want the best experience for your customer.

If you are now thinking that article marketing might be for you, and you would like to kick-start your network marketing or affiliate business and take advantage of the latest in internet technologies try using our proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system as developed by MLSP, for an incredible ride to success. For further training and links here is also Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.


With the arrival of the Internet and the many options that it brings to the marketplace, countless thousands have jointed the online Internet marketing community to get rich quick by making money online. The frenzy for quick wealth has reached a fever pitch, especially with stories in the media of the sudden wealth and fame of so many online entrepreneurs. We all of course know about Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, who each became instant billionaires, but what about me, I’m just average, could I really sell my widget online, or anybody else’s for that matter?

Affiliate Marketing With Or Without A Website

The answer to the above question is a resounding yes. There are countless websites on the Internet that offer online Internet marketing training and support that can get you up and running in no time. The options are endless. Even if you do not have a product or a web page you can make money through affiliate selling by using such sites as Google, Bing and Facebook to name just a few.

Network Marketing With Or Without A Website

Even if network marketing is your game and you have been struggling for years, don’t despair there are online Internet marketing systems that will lead you by the hand and show you a completely new way to market anything online regardless of the network marketing company you are with. There is training on the Internet that will teach you how to attract more leads then you could possible ever use. Mike Dillard put together a system called attraction marketing. It is a system, whereby leads come to you. Old school sales pitches where you grab your future lead by the throat until he signs up are forever gone.

Marketing Your Own Widget With A Website

Are you afraid of how to set up your own web page for online Internet marketing your own widget? If this is the route you want to take there are countless systems out there that will show you how to do it, and you do not need to know any html code. There are thousands of business websites on the Internet that were created by using WordPress and its services, which by the way are free. For a slick system for creating your own unique webpage with it’s own landing page and opt-in box you can’t go wrong with WordPress, which is free at Another great system with a very neat interface is SBI’s 3.0, which I have never used, but it makes some cool web pages just by dragging and dropping. I am not an affiliate, but it looks so good I thought I should mention it.


To qualify for your own online business all you need is an entrepreneurial spirit and some discipline. There is always a cost to starting up any business, but a lot of what you need is free and it can all be found online. If you play it right your cost will be in the hundreds not thousands of dollars to get your business up and rolling. What will be your biggest challenge however is: (1) stay the course, (2) be consistent, (3) keep your focus, (4) and know where you are aiming. Without a target you will get lost in the many options available, but with a target to aim for, there is no limit to your success.


Having a mentor will also help you to know where to turn, but if you do not know someone who can advise you along the way, having a system like My Lead System Pro can be a big help. Remember success begins in the mind and is followed through by actions.

If you are just thinking about getting started in the online Internet marketing world and would like to kick-start your network marketing or affiliate business and take advantage of the latest in internet technologies try using my proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system as developed by MLSP, for an incredible ride to success. For further training and links here is Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.


Few if any network marketers have left a bigger mark on the industry then Tim Sales. His journey into the network marketing is typical of the many success stories in that industry. After coming back from the first Persian Gulf War as an underwater bomb squad technician he figured as he said, “He had pulled all the leaves off the clover, meaning,” his luck was running out, besides the pay was lousy and he was ready for a change.

It was about this time that Tim Sales answered an ad on an unbelievable opportunity in Network Marketing. It was from a man who lived in suburban Maryland in such luxury that Tim could hardly believe his eyes. Tim who was from a working class town in Tennessee drove up in his battered old pick-up, and realized that the man must have been doing something right when he saw such opulence. He gave Tim a video tape entitled, “Your Turn To Win,” and Tim who was too embarrassed to tell him he didn’t have a VCR took it to the local Mongomery Ward and convinced the sales manager to let him watch it on the only VCR in the store, which also happed to be hooked up to all 27 televisions in the store. So he along with all his sales staff viewed the tape, long with Tim.

It was the video more then anything else that motivated Tim Sales to be successful in network marketing. In it was a story of circus fleas that would not jump out of a jar that had the lid off even though they could jump 13 inches. They had been conditioned before hand by hitting the lid until they had given up. This impacted Tim when he reanalyzed how we get so locked into our comfort zone and for fear of pain; remain immobilized to the point of failure.

Tim went on to say, “Our attitude, above all else, is the factor that will determine our success in Network Marketing … and in all other aspects of our life.”

Tim Sales eventually built a down line of over 56,000 people in 26 countries and in the process earned millions. This was by using old school methods and as Tim Sales says, “I was simply told to make a list of all my friends and relatives and them go sell them on the idea. Sadly, that ill-conceived and unworkable strategy is still used by nearly everyone today.”

Anyone who slugged it out in old school marketing has to believe there is a better way and with the arrival of the technologies of today, Tim Sales developed tools such as Brilliant Compensation and Professional Inviter that will aid anyone in building a successful business.

If you would like to carry your network marketing business to the next level and even beyond where Tim Sales has taken it, take advantage of the latest in internet technologies by using a proven sales funnel and an amazing lead generating system as developed by My Lead System Pro for an incredible ride to success. For further training go to Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.


MLM recruiting secrets can seem overwhelming at first, but if broken down into their individual parts seem so much easier. As Confucius says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Network marketing as with anything in life can be approached with the same understanding. We are sometimes quite overwhelmed by all of the various options that are available so we just sit and spin our wheels, getting nowhere.

Jordan Adler’s book, “Beach Money,” has to be one of the greatest books on what is possible with affirmative action and a plan. What he shares in his book may seem common sense to many, but for me it was like a spring day.

“Beach Money” follows Jordan’s journey on how he developed a down-line that pays him consistently, even while he is still having fun at the beach.  To illustrate this Jordan tells a story of a friend who was very successful in network marketing and fell asleep while watching TV. His friend’s wife came into the room and told his friend to get up, to which his friend replied, “Leave me alone I’m making money.”

“Beach Money” sets out the formula and daily plan that Jordan did every day without fail, and shows how it paid off. Its all about Jordan catching the vision and setting out a daily plan of action and doing it consistently every day, come rain or come shine. If he missed an action he would always make it up the next day.

One point that Jordan makes very clear was until he caught the vision, nothing was happening in his world of marketing. It was only after he had the MLM recruiting secrets revealed by a very successful network marketer, that he caught the vision. Once he had a clear goal and a bull’s eye to aim for his business took off.

If you want to be totally inspired, go to Jordan Adler’s website and grab a copy of his book, that reveals all the MLM recruiting secrets that are necessary to inspire you to take action. If you have never thought that it will happen for you, remember that it is your thoughts that determine your level of success. We always move in the direction of our most dominant thought. Adam says, “You always get what you focus on and put energy into.”

Give me some feedback if you like this story, I know you will love Jordan Adler’s book. I get no money for recommending his book or for its sale. I just loved the book.

For those of you that want to take the amazing MLM recruiting secrets found in Jordan Adler’s book, “Beach Money” to the next level.For a lead generating system that will not only create endless leads but kick start your network marketing business why not give My Lead System Pro a look see. For further training give Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.


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