images-2Hang in there for the next few minutes while I share some ideas I picked up the other morning on how fear can be one of the biggest factors in closing down your success in the network marketing business and how the new school strategies of mlm attraction marketing can remove all fear.

A few weeks ago I listened to April Tucker, an up and coming network marketer doing mlm attraction marketing, who is making waves in the industry. She had a point of view that I resonated with as I took notes on what she was saying, good stuff I might add. I would like to share it with you and I hope it will resonate with you as it did with me.

Fear is really the monster when it comes to failure in network marketing. Fear will destroy just about everything if you let it, not just your mlm business.

This got me to thinking and I realized it was fear that was controlling many of my actions or should I say non-actions, things I needed to do to get my business off the ground.

Many of us are afraid of failure so we just don’t do anything; many of us are afraid of success so we just don’t do anything. The results are still the same, complete failure.

Fear is what powers procrastination, and it is procrastination that stops one dead. It prevents the goals and aspirations of 98% of network marketers, from happening; people just like you and me who give up on their dreams and let success go up in smoke because they do nothing. What they need is a strategy such as mlm attraction marketing to remove the fear of having to pitch their opportunity, so they just sit and do nothing.

You learn by making it happen but if you wait until you are good enough, no matter what it is, it doesn’t matter, it could be an amazing video, a fantastic blog or article, if you don’t just sit down and actually create it, you will fail. This is where mlm attraction marketing comes in as the pain brought on by fear is removed and you can then take action.

A bell rang in my head when she said, “Expect to be very bad at first, expect to be bad before you are good, just do it.”

Here are four points that grabbed me.

                One: Discover what you fear so you can conquer it.

                    Two: Continue learning so you will have something to say.

                    Three: Most people don’t have a plan or can think for themselves.

                    Four: Do at least one thing every day to grow your business.



After several months of blogging intermittently I have definitely proved the point I am trying to make, consistency is essential to any endeavor online or otherwise, especially article marketing. It was a hard lesson and one that I definitely do not want to repeat. The leads were just starting to trickle in when do to the distractions of the summer I quit blogging and saw those few leads grind to a halt. On top of that I had not set up my auto responder correctly and spent considerable time getting it to work like it should, more time wasted.

Let me now share with you something on a more positive note, a cool webinar interview with Jaime Soriento. He is one of the bright lights in MLSP and has hit the leader board in a big way, and with plenty to say about consistency.

Jaime was a seasoned player in network marketing, but after doing very well at it for 9 years decided to take a break from hanging out in malls doing old school pitching, where you grab your prospective lead by the throat until he or she says yes, or promises you just about anything to get away.

Two or maybe I should say three things will result from old school marketing techniques, and they are in the following order. One: You quit in two weeks a nervous wreck, vowing never to do it again. Two: You stay with it because of pure grit, determination because you know consistency will eventually pay off. Three: You love doing it because you are wired that way.

In the webinar Jaime never said which one of the three marketers he was, but after his break from network marketing he decided to try it again and that is when he came across David Woods and how he became a 7 figure marketer using MLSP for his sales funnels.

I would like to use Jaime to illustrate how consistency paid off for him, and how in less then a year he started to see phenomenal success using article marketing as his chosen method of growing his primary business. Below are some of the guidelines that Jaime used to keep him on track.

  1. Be consistent and stay with it. He likened it to a roller coaster. Don’t let your emotions derail you. Emotions are up! Emotions are down! One day you are going to make it the next you are ready to quit. Pull the pad down on your roller coaster seat and hang on for the duration of the trip. Don’t let the rough ride toss you out of your car.
  2. Pick one marketing strategy that resonates with you and stay with it until you have mastered it, don’t scatter your shot until you have success. You will not stay with it if you don’ like what you do. And you sure won’t be consistent.
  3. Post one piece of content each day for seven months. You may ask the question, really? Well, starting today, lesson learned, I take off at least one day a week for spiritual renewal, but the question still remains, be consistent. Jaime stated that he sometimes posted to his blog twice a day.

Here is Jaime’s walk to wealth by following a path of consistency. The first 30 days, maybe some traffic, but it was not until the second month that leads actually started to opt in. It wasn’t until the end of six months that the lead count had gone up to anywhere from 10 to 20 per day. Now after 7 months his lead count varies from 20 to 30 per day, going as high as 40 and once even as high as 70.

 The message Jaime has for any serious marketer is consistency. Don’t let the down days pull you off track. Why not view some free article marketing training with Rob Fore. For the complete marketing sales method that Jaime used, watch the video below. Either one could literally mean your success or failure in your network marketing business. Are you really serious about growing your MLM business?



Whether you are interested in network marketing or not, you probably know of someone that is involved in one. Most people are acquainted with someone, or they know someone who knows someone who is involved in network marketing, but they could care less. If asked to comment they would immediately say, “You mean one of those pyramids?” Meaning of course something illegal. Other then that the only time there is a negative reaction is when a friend or acquaintance falls prey to the guy drawing the little circles on the white board. This of course is cause for the usual shaking of the head and the sad look of pity, as they perceive that another comrade has fallen victim to the dream catchers.

And there are websites that expose the evils of the network marketing industry and offer support for the poor devils that have been brain washed into dreaming of a better life. They forget to mention the fact that there are perils in starting up any business and that the success rate varies little with either kind, as those in the network marketing industry are well aware. This does not stop the naysayer’s however, from putting up websites such as the, “MLM Survivors Club,” linked to a “MLM Survivor Rules” page. I guess rules are needed for survivors too.

The truth is never found by reading a book written by a frustrated or disillusioned ex marketer or anyone that has given-up. These kinds of books however, make the authors large sums of money, because they quite often become best sellers. Never however, listen to a frustrated loser even if he writes a good story. You want the facts, as seen through the eyes of a winner.

With that being said where does all that leave those who are still passionate about the network marketing business?

It changes nothing as there will always be believers and those that refuse to take network marketing seriously. For those of us who go to the events and listen to the webinars of the winners, the negative rhetoric need not have any influence. Even though the network marketing industry is sometimes given a bad rap, the critics fall silent when the 6 and 7 figure income earners such as Ray Higdon, Michelle Pescosolido, Rob Fore, and David Wood, etc. go on stage and strut their stuff.

Even though only 2-3% make it in network marketing the odds are not a whole lot different for conventional marketing. Let’s put it in perspective. How many of your friends in the last ten years have started up a successful business with as little overhead and are still in business. And if they did go out of business as most of them will statistically within the first five years, they won’t be out just a few hundred to a few thousands of dollars, it will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Hold on to your dreams and don’t lose your passion for a better life for yourself and your family. Network marketing is not for the faint at heart but as Ray Higdon says, “Discipline trumps talent,” keep focused and don’t lose sight of your dreams.

If you are struggling to get endless leads, why not silence the naysayer’s by taking a serious look at My Lead System Pro to see how the serious 6 and 7 figure income earners actually do it.


 And if you are into the social scene I can give you some excellent free training on using Facebook to grow your business as many of the top marketers do.


Stop! Wait just a moment! I have something important to say that may make all the difference in your world. Remember Edison and the light bulb he didn’t give up and neither should you. So this is your 12th MLM attempt and you are again ready to throw in the towel? Remember the reasons that you joined your first mlm business, and how excited you were as you watched the guy in the front of the room drawing those circles on a white board. He made it look so simple and you knew if he could do it so could you. Everybody at the meeting appeared so upbeat and you knew you, would soon be rich, you could hardly wait to get started. You feverishly tore open the package and devoured its contents when your product kit finally arrived.

What started out as an exciting challenge over the next few months, eventually turned into resoluteness and hard work, but before long determination set in and finally grim despair as your supply of warm leads dried up and you had to pitch cold contacts and then it was expensive leads. Your up line was not too helpful either as he was an old school gregarious type who could strike up a conversation with a piranha and not suffer any harm. All he would say was to pitch your warm leads. And if you ran our of them, join a club, learn to golf, go to a gym, socialize, do anything that will connect with people.

Your story is reminiscent of the hundreds of thousands that have excitedly gotten into network marketing over the years, going way back to the days when Amway started it all in the early fifties. So where does that leave those that are not social butterflies, or social butterfly-guys if you’re a man? Jumping from company to company or just plain quitting are not the only options available.

We can thank Mike Dillard for a doorway into the world of attraction marketing or as he says magnetic sponsoring. A method many network marketers have used to turn their business into 6 and 7 figure incomes. So before you decide to pack it in, take a look at Mike Dillard’s solution, a lead generating system that literally fills your lead bucket to overflowing. Every network marketer owes it to himself to get a copy of Mike Dillard’s “Magnetic Sponsoring,” if he wants to be truly successful in his first mlm business.

Magnetic sponsoring was built on developing your own posture and providing value to others through online relationships. By using article marketing, blogs, videos, and social media, such as Face Book, Myspace, and Twitter you are able to connect with people online give them value and they in turn become your source for wealth. Instead of having to grab them by the throat and pitch your product they come to you when they see that you have something of value to offer them.

By taking Mike Dillard’s “magnetic sponsoring” to the next step, the founders of My Lead System Pro created a lead generating system that virtually, to use baseball terminally, “ripped the leather off the ball.” The founders of MLSP took what Mike Dillard taught and developed it into a ready-made system anyone can use to make money with. Their system generates more leads then you can use and at a fraction of the cost with a sales funnel that is ready built and set to fund up front costs until your mlm business kicks in.

This is definitely something to look at before you pull the plug completely or go on to a new MLM adventure. For more info on a super lead generating machine and a way to turn your pain into happiness as leads literally fall into your lap. get the free inside scoop on how Mike Dillard went from serving tables to a 7 figure income with his mlm business once he found the secret to attraction marketing. Watch Mike's free interview.


All businesses require the proper tools to make them run successfully. Today however, I would like to focus on how attitude and consistency are basic to the success of any MLM business and the mlm strategies required for it to succeed.

If you visited the job site of a friend of mine who used to frame houses you would notice that his crew would be using quite a number of very specialized tools to make the business run successfully. Even though air nailers, a skill saw or two, right angle squares, and measuring tapes are essential for the job, it takes skill to operate them, each worker has to be disciplined enough to show up for work each morning if the business is to run successfully.

The same applies to a home-based business, no matter how fancy the software, the equipment, or online training, nothing happens if you don’t get off your butt. This is a big part of the reason why less then 5% of network marketing businesses are successful.

So let me suggest some of the mlm strategies required for any network marketing business to be successful. Here are six action steps to take.

  1. Have a plan, and a routine for every day with a list, and be sure and work the list. Let me say it again this way, “Have a daily list and work the list daily.”
  1. By far the most important virtue is discipline. Do what you have to do and do it on time. “Be consistent,” let nothing stand in the way of doing what you have to do.
  1. Every day do the one thing that will grow your business, that being, invite people to join your business. Doing everything else but leaving that undone, is a big reason why many MLM businesses fail. The only thing that will actually grow your business is by talking to your leads and inviting them to join your business. Nothing else really matters. There are many things, which can increase your results, but they in themselves will not grow your business. If you wait until you are perfect in your presentation you will never start. The best way to learn is by the practice of just doing it.
  1. Find an up-line mentor and connect with him or her, as there is a good reason why they are successful. Ask around in your on-line community if your direct up-line happens to be just as new as you are in the business. There are plenty of amazing people in this business that are quite willing to share their knowledge with you.
  1. Every day listen to a webinar on business building or personal growth. Because this is a home business and you are on your own it is extremely important to be tuned in and motivated by your mlm community. This is a big reason why so many network marketers who are so on fire to begin with, quite the business when things get tough.
  1. Attend at least one major event each year. Even more powerful then a webinar is the yearly convention. To hear winners up front is extremely powerful motivation. Many owe their success to such events and the motivational challenges from such events.

Are you seriously looking for a vehicle, or mlm strategies if you will, to take your  business to the next level? If the shortage and cost of inferior leads is slowing your business growth you might want to take a look at My Lead System Pro to see how the serious 6 and 7 figure income earners actually do it. 



I don’t need to remind anyone that the economy, such as it is needs some kind of fixing. One thing is for certain and you don’t need a degree in economics to figure that out, the economy is so low it can’t go much lower it can only go up. But you might ask, when will that happen, the answer of course, is anybody’s guess. Historically the party in power always gets blamed for the downturn in the economy. I am sure this will cause some debate but from by perspective contrary to what most people believe economies go up and economies go down regardless of whom is in power. From a politician’s point of view, just hope that your's is not the party in power when the economy tanks. At this point in time the only thing left to do, other then blame Obama, is to start looking around for work or or if you are really serious an mlm business opportunity.

Option 1 in times like these is to turn to a home based mlm business opportunity.

Option 2 an option that many people in Arizona took not realizing that option 1 was available (if only somebody had told them) was to trash their house in their frustration, before leaving it for the bank to reposes. I can surely sympathize with the thousands that have been hurt by the economy tanking, so lets take another look at option 1 before we throw in the towel.

 Have I gotten your attention yet? I hope so but waxing eloquent on politics is not my thing and political rhetoric changes little in the real world except as a display of ones ignorance or lack of intelligence.

Lets proceed with option 1.

 I hope however what I now have to say might make some sense and provide a solution to the dilemma that we are facing with the economy in the condition it is in. It would make me extremely pleased if by following some of the simple suggestions that I am about to lay before you, that you might not have to experience what I have just been writing about, or it at least might be your path to a better future.

 I am writing this to the MLM believer but it will work for anyone with the discipline and willingness to succeed. If you are a true blue MLMer and believe in network marketing and have been doing it for years you know that network marketing works, but what has been dogging you from the beginning is the lack of leads. You have gone from one company to another; and at this point in time you might still be considering a new mlm business opportunity. But before you do consider what I have to say.

 Historically the successful 5% that we are told to follow in network marketing are the 5% of the population that are the extrovert. These guys could buddy up to a tiger without getting eaten. This of course forces the majority of us, (the remaining 95%) to fail miserably when we try to copy them.  It is hard enough for some of us to pitch our mlm business to our friends let alone a cold contact, which happens soon enough as you can breeze through your warm market in a couple of weeks and then all that is left is your cold market or to buy $5 leads.

So when I stumbled across a lead capture system that really worked I jumped for joy. I remembered how in desperation I knocked on over 1000 doors after giving up on leads and running out of my warm market. Which again brings me back to my original point, it’s the shortage of leads, not the company that makes the difference.

 If I gave you a way to test out this amazing system would you be willing to give it a try? Does the fact that it is a complete sales funnel with all of the software and links thrown in catch your interest, and that all you have to do is lay down less then $10 for a 2 weeks test run.

 My Lead System Pro is the premium leads capture system on the Internet today for driving leads to any primary business, not just an mlm business opportunity. You owe it to yourself to check it out. One thing that really impressed me is the training and support that this company provides. Why not take a look at My Lead System Pro to see how the serious 6 and 7 figure income earners actually do it after struggling for years by either begging all of their friends or wasting money on garbage leads. Here is to your success! I would love feedback.


Today we hear such phrases as old school marketing, new school marketing, product pitching, attraction marketing, magnetic marketing and the list goes on. In this post I would like to explain how they fit together if used at all, and how synergistically they can promote your mlm business goal plan and overall objective of making more money.

 Let me start by saying old school marketing is fast giving way to the new school model of marketing as introduced by marketing guru Mike Dillard. I touched on it a few posts back when I mentioned Mike’s novel approach. Mike describes the power of developing into an alpha leader and how that can be realized as you continue to learn and grow and gain confidence. He stressed the importance of first building a relationship with your leads, before pitching them your opportunity.

 This is where the Internet comes into the picture, as it is the perfect vehicle for developing relationships with literally thousands of people. It used to be warm market was the answer, but when put in perspective it was a daunting task when translated into the large numbers of warm bodies needed to sign up just one lead.

 This worked for outgoing and gregarious personalities but for many it became a painful experience as they quickly sifted through their friends and aquaintenances and had to face the reality of cold contacts or the horrific expense of buying overpriced leads from lists of people that had not even realized they had submitted their names to a lead capture site, most leads being sold and resold, sometimes up to dozens of times.

 With a mlm business sales funnel set up and working as taught in MLSP the two biggest problems of marketing are immediately taken care of as leads begin to flow in, sometimes in such quantities that you can make them available to your down line. Not to mention how the associated affiliate businesses that are part of the MLSP funnel address the issue of very little startup cash.

 There is immense wealth to be made on the Internet especially by using the social networking sites as a source of leads, but what most marketers new to online marketing fail to realize is that they are just that, social sites so use them as such. Never pitch your business on Facebook, but only on a one on one, when asked, after you have gotten to know the person.

 The abundance of leads created by using the social sites as part of the MLSP sales funnel, now creates a new problem. The old bulldog approach of grabbing a lead by the neck in desperation and not letting go, until he joins your company is no longer necessary, because of lead abundance, but old habits die-hard.

 I can’t stress more that the power these sites have through the relationships that you build, and the following that you generate. My research suggests that the biggest issues though, with using Twitter, Facebook, or any of the social sites is that the first thing that the newbie does is to put up sales links everywhere, telling about their great opportunity and how massive amounts of money can be made from their once in a lifetime business. This is a definite no, no, and the biggest reason to be unfollowed and lose presence and not to be taken seriously, on any of the social sites.

 Time is required to build relationships on line, so don’t despair, as it may take several months but you will know soon enough when to share your MLM business link and that is generally when asked. If however you think the relationship is secure enough you could ask, and with the right response share yours. For further training with a complete marketing sales funnel why not give My Lead System Pro a try. This could literally mean your success or failure. How serious are you in the success of your MLM business opportunity?

After watching my video below, Join my marketing team by clicking on the MLSP button below the video and let me know if it makes sense.


So you are a  sales rep for a Life Force International, and you love Body Balance their premier product with a passion. Your feel better then you have ever felt in years by using their product. In fact you love all of their incredible products.

The story of the founders Wayne and Gerri how amazing! Wayne driven by his wife’s great need when all of the doctors had written her off came up with a solution for his wife’s affliction. Gerri would literally drag herself around until about noon each day, while trying to raise a young family, and then she would literally crash.

Driven by his wife’s great need to get her life back and after doing much research on the benefits of seaweed in the Japanese diet, Wayne with a friend’s help came up with a elixir that he eventually named Body Balance, the company he would eventually call, Life Force International. He gave this to Gerri and her body loved it, in a matter of weeks she was up and about with all of her energy back and leading a normal life.

And lets not forget to mention that the company has been around for better them 25 years with a great MLM business opportunity, stellar products, and a track record that few if any can match in the industry.

Big Question: If my product is so great, “Why am I have so much trouble selling it and signing up reps?” “What is wrong with everyone, don’t they know a real opportunity when they see one?”

The Answer: People don’t care the slightest in the virtues of the product or the incredible story of the founders of the company, or how great the compensation plan is. What they want to know is how can I better myself, my standard of living and make more money?

Old school selling by grabbing all of your friends by the throat and not letting go until they say yes has been replaced, and I might add like a breath of fresh air, with “Attraction Marketing,” a truly amazing approach for any MLM business opportunity, Life Force International or otherwise.

We all have needs; we all have wants for both our families and ourselves. “Attraction marketing” uses the model believe it or not that is taught in the Good Book, and that is to develop a relationship with people, give them something of value, have their best interest in mind, and then show them what they must do themselves if they want to better their lives. You are their teacher, their mentor, thus you will not only enrich their lives but also bless your own.

What “attraction marketing” does, it not only allows you to connect with people, but it solves the number one problem of most network marketers and that is a shortage of leads. You quickly run our of warm market as you realistically need one hundred leads for every two you sign-up, click on the link below for a way out of your dilemma.

For further training with a complete marketing sales funnel why not give My Lead System Pro a try. This could literally mean your success or failure. How serious are you in the success of your MLM business opportunity? NFL or as they say “no friends left” will soon become a distant memory as your lead bucket fills up and your lost friends return. No more struggling to get someone interested in your network marketing business as you realize your biggest fear about network marketing has been suddenly taken care of and whether you are a Life Force International rep or market for any of a thousand network marketing companies, it really makes no difference.

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