Marketing Tip Number 2, Believe In Yourself

ImageTo believe in yourself is not just a cliche, but if taken seriously can make the world of difference in your marketing, and not just your marketing, but your entire life. As human beings we are generally shackled with the mindset that looks at everything from a negative point of view.

We are taught that being humble is a virtue, but to act with confidence does not mean that we are not humble as long as we do not deride other people and think of them as being inferior.


All successful marketers know what they want and what they need to do to accomplish their goals. To be successful we should have short term goals for everyday, medium term goals for months and years and long term goals that may stretch into several years or longer.


With out a strong confidence in ourselves, however, non of this will make any difference, because what can take us down is trying a strategy or a plan of action that doesn't work out. But without a strong belief in ourselves, many of us just plain give up and quit when the going gets tough.

Remember nobody fail, in network marketing or anything for that matter, they just quit because of a lack of  belief, mostly in themselves.


So is there an answer, well yes there is and that is to join a community of successful people, read books on mindset and never make a major decision when you are down and ready to quit. Always wait till the next day. 


Speaking of hanging out with positive minded people, you can't go wrong if you add to that a system that works. Marketing without any plan or direction or a proven plan is reason enough to feel like quitting at times, what a person needs is something such as My Lead System Pro, a community of like minded entrepreneurs with a proven system that works.

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Online Marketing Tips That Create MLM Success

onlineMarketing You are here because you are new to online marketing, your business is struggling or you want to push you business to the next level for even greater mlm success. Ranking number one on Google is every online marketers dream but how to get there without the necessary online marketing tips is nearly impossible. 



Success starts in the mind and results in positive actions that then leads to mlm success. The opposite is true for failure. The challenge therefore is to learn online marketing tips and make sure what you think is consistent with what you want to happen in your life.

Here are online marketing tips

 that will give you mlm success.

1. Never let the two most destructive phrases, “If Only,” or “When I.” enter your mind, remove anything that even remotely cause a seed of doubt to enter your mind and prevent you from having mlm success.

2. Remove from your mind the thought that you know everything. If you did you would not be reading this now looking for online marketing tips. Remember, people that have zero result, “Know everything,” and this prevents them from having mlm success.

3. Create one to two pieces of content every day by creating blogs, articles, or videos etc. so you will soon have mlm success.

4. Invest in 30 to 60 minutes a day on learning online marketing tips and training through webinars, books, or videos. This will provide more then enough content for you to share with others for their mlm success.

5. Do not fall for and be sucked into outlandish hype focus instead on meaningful online marketing tips. Many marketers fall for hype because they want to blame someone else outside themselves for their failure.

6. Connect with 2 to 5 people per day; don’t forget network marketing is what the name says, networking with people to create mlm success.

7. Exercise every day. It is good for the body and it strengthens your will. Commitment is doing what you said you would for your body or anything for that matter, long after the mood to do it has passed. Why not include having mlm success as part of your commitment.

8. Develop a system and a routine of online marketing tips that anyone can do. The biggest producers in network marketing have a routine of online marketing tips that is easily duplicable for their down-line to follow and teach for their down-line’s mlm success.

9. Become bulletproof. You will have haters, people will be challenged by what you do because you challenge their belief system and they will hate you for it.

10. Create realistic goals and online marketing tips, which you can realistically reach, and then break them down into realistic chunks of time that are doable for you and your down-line’s mlm success.

11. Get good at telling stories. People love to hear stories, why not share your story and experiences to help convert your leads. 

images-1If you like these online marketing tips and you found them meaningful to your mlm success click here for a marketing system that has hundreds of hours of training and for $2 you can take a 3 day test drive. FREE BONUS. Yes for a limited time receive One Hour Free, “ONE ON ONE TRAINING.” This offer is for a limited time and can be removed without notice.


This training covers the basics for a beginner to get started. To access this training be sure and include your phone number when you opt in and I will personally phone you for 1 free training session. Yours for marketing success, Bob The Tool-man.

Watch the video below for the big picture on how to generate your own laser focused leads for pennies, no more junk leads.


imagesNetwork marketing is just what it says, marketing by networking. The best way to network is by attracting leads. But it takes focus, commitment, perseverance, and  leadership.

In a recent MLSP wake-up call what the speaker said really made sense. I would like to explain what he said a leader should be and why you should strive to be that kind of leader if you want to be successful in your network marketing business.

  1. A network marketing leader never misses the weekly webinars even if he feels rotten. This is total commitment.
  2. A leader attends, at least one of the major network marketing yearly events. Everyone needs the inspiration and spark that these events inspire.
  3. A leader always leads by his own example. A leader knows he is only a true leader when he sees someone actually following him. Because without that taking place you don't have a network marketing business as it is obvious you are not leading anyone.
  4. A leader acts as one who believes network marketing is a real business and he is never late for his appointed duties, he treats it as a regular job.
  5. images-1A leader does whatever  ever is required to succeed, Ray Higdon stated, "No one ever fails at network marketing, they just quite."
  6. A leader emulates what others in leadership positions do, as we have all heard, "the height of stupidity is to do what you have always been doing and expect different results." To be successful in network marketing, find your niche and follow someone who is successful already doing it and follow what he is doing until it happens in your network marketing business.
  7. A leader has confidence in the system. If you do not have a passion for network marketing do not do it.
  8. A leader embraces whole heartedly MLSP and supports it. What it can to for your network marketing business is truly amazing.
  9. A leader brands him or herself. Brand yourself; branding is very necessary for your success in the age of the Internet.
  10. A leader puts up content every day, because without this happening he soon will quit because no one will be following him.
  11. A leader is compelled to teach what he believes to others. This is what all successful network marketers do and why they are successful. Without this happening you have a business.
  12. All leaders lead by their example. This makes for a successful down-line and thus a successful network marketing business. Don't forget your down-line is your network marketing business.

images-3I hope what I have shared will be of value to your network marketing business. If you would like to know more on how to market using the mlm attraction marketing strategy, and have 20+ leads coming to you every day, do it now. Find out how for $2 you too can have access to a three-day trial run. Click here to gain access now!

images-2Hang in there for the next few minutes while I share some ideas I picked up the other morning on how fear can be one of the biggest factors in closing down your success in the network marketing business and how the new school strategies of mlm attraction marketing can remove all fear.

A few weeks ago I listened to April Tucker, an up and coming network marketer doing mlm attraction marketing, who is making waves in the industry. She had a point of view that I resonated with as I took notes on what she was saying, good stuff I might add. I would like to share it with you and I hope it will resonate with you as it did with me.

Fear is really the monster when it comes to failure in network marketing. Fear will destroy just about everything if you let it, not just your mlm business.

This got me to thinking and I realized it was fear that was controlling many of my actions or should I say non-actions, things I needed to do to get my business off the ground.

Many of us are afraid of failure so we just don’t do anything; many of us are afraid of success so we just don’t do anything. The results are still the same, complete failure.

Fear is what powers procrastination, and it is procrastination that stops one dead. It prevents the goals and aspirations of 98% of network marketers, from happening; people just like you and me who give up on their dreams and let success go up in smoke because they do nothing. What they need is a strategy such as mlm attraction marketing to remove the fear of having to pitch their opportunity, so they just sit and do nothing.

You learn by making it happen but if you wait until you are good enough, no matter what it is, it doesn’t matter, it could be an amazing video, a fantastic blog or article, if you don’t just sit down and actually create it, you will fail. This is where mlm attraction marketing comes in as the pain brought on by fear is removed and you can then take action.

A bell rang in my head when she said, “Expect to be very bad at first, expect to be bad before you are good, just do it.”

Here are four points that grabbed me.

                One: Discover what you fear so you can conquer it.

                    Two: Continue learning so you will have something to say.

                    Three: Most people don’t have a plan or can think for themselves.

                    Four: Do at least one thing every day to grow your business.




If you are truly serious about making a change in your life you need the positive experience of such an event as the “No Excuses 4 Summit” held in Vegas May 17 -18, 2013, to move your business to the next level. If you are serious about your business and want to take it to the next step and move to the front row where the winners hang-out, be sure to attend the next "NES Summit." Are you fed up with just spinning your wheels, find the means at all cost and get there any way you possible can. One serious attendee a few years back rode their bicycle to get there, so what is stopping you from taking your network marketing business to the next level.

Of any event this is a must see if you are really serious about moving your network marketing business past mediocrity. To see the big picture and abundant lifestyle of the really successful is truly an amazing experience and will really pump you up. Get  motivated into action and a clearer purpose. Your network marketing business will not only be empowered, but  the motivation you receive will create change in all aspects of your life.

The amazing inspiration received was not  out-done by the high level of training given. Brian Fanale would say for sure that there was no “fluff” and Frank Marino would call it a “meat and potatoes” event. The training of course was truly amazing and covered most network marketing business strategies. That created a big issue, as you had to really focus on your area of marketing and not get sidetracked into trying everything you learned at the “NES 4 Summit” once you got home. This could really derail your network marketing business.

Ferny Ceballos stated clearly that the marketing strategies outside our interest and focus should be put aside for now and not be used until our currant strategies are fully working and producing results.

Great information and incredible training, “NES 4 Summit” rocked! Need I say anything more; great inspiration, matched only by great training that was phenomenal, and from great marketers in the network marketing business.

If I have caused you to experience even a tiny piece of the energy given out there, and the excitement of the “NES 4 Summit” and you want more, plan now to attend the “Live the Dream,” in about 4 months, (the date has not been announced as of yet), and experience more inspiration and training to make your network marketing business really take off.

If that is really your dream, let me now share with you something that will allow you to experience a piece of the action. A place where you can get some phenomenal training for your network marketing business, while waiting for “Live the dream.” For less then $2 you can get some amazing training and test-drive a marketing system that many of the marketers at the “NES 4 Summit” use to propel their primary business, no matter what.

Yes, it works for any network marketing business or for any business for that matter. Click here to get access to this amazing resource and take your network marketing business to the next level.


How to Generate MLM Leads Family Not Withstanding


Stay with me for the next few moments while I give you some great info on how to generate mlm leads the pain free way and love your family while doing it.

 Most of us have them and without them we wouldn’t be who and what we are. We usually love them lots and even though we sometimes are at odds with them, would be less if we had none. Yes I am talking about family and the important role it plays in most of our lives and businesses.

 Today with the fracturing of the family in America and the rest of the world, we see increasing chaos in society, which makes most of us feel all the more blessed if we are fortunate enough to have one that works.

So be grateful that you have a loving or at least functional family and learn to appreciate it even more, but remember that family and close friends can be your biggest downfall and reason for failure in network marketing. Love your family and friends, and work on loving them even more, but don’t let them steel your dreams for success.

More then likely if you get the support of your spouse or even one family member or friend your network marketing business would be successful as you would have the support on how to generate mlm leads even with old school strategies. On the other hand negativity from family or a close friend can easily steel your dreams for success.

This flies in the face of old school marketing strategies where you were told to make a list of one hundred of your warm market names and share with them the virtues of your business.

They are warm to you from purely a personal relationship, nothing more, surely not from a business perspective and they usually feel that you have taken advantage of your relationship with them when pitched, and quite frankly resent it. And this resentment even if not audible can be a definite factor in you demise and is one of the big reasons for the two percent success rate in the network marketing business.

Well if warm market is not the answer as we have been taught, what does work, and what is a marketer to do to attract leads?

Barry Burns a very successful seven figure marketer says that people shy away from pain which means that you have to offer them a strategy that is as pain free as possible, a method that will work for most people and with the least pain. A method that will generate mlm leads, and as many as possible in as short a time as possible.

This brings me to the new school approach to marketing, magnetic sponsoring, or attraction marketing as it is sometimes called, where everyone is your warm market once you offer them free training and value. They come to you once they realize you have something of value that they need to make their business a success. They them become open to what you have to share with them. Their hand immediately comes off their wallet and they reach out to what you have to offer them.

For more info watch the You Tube video below and then click on the link below this video for the big picture on attraction marketing and how to generate mlm leads the pain-free way. Learn how to ramp-up your business to the next level.


Social media today is what is driving the Internet to new levels as many social sites have “gone viral.” Facebook alone has slightly less then one billion users and is growing rapidly with no end in sight, which is why you should look at Facebook for your mlm success with Facebook in lead generation. Many very successful online network marketers have done that very thing and have pushed their incomes to 6 and 7 figures.

What many online marketers do for their mlm success with Facebook is to join My Lead System Pro, one of the worlds premium lead generating systems. MLSP has made it so Facebook is linked to and part of its campaigns and sales funnels. This results in a massive increase in lead generation, 100+ leads/day for many would be quite a modest number.

For training in Facebook PPC, go to the Queen of Facebook marketing, Michelle Pescosolido for some excellent free training. She also markets some incredible training products at the same link that shows step by step, her exact methods (how she went from nothing to becoming a super successful marketer and attain mlm success with Facebook).

For non-PPC Facebook marketing, why not take a look at the MLSP’s special 2-week trial run for less then $10 with hundreds of hours of free training. (Inside you will find Jessica Higdon’s free Facebook training). Jessica herself went on to become a top producer in her primary company using MLSP and Facebook.

Here’s the deal!  A deal equaled nowhere on the Internet! Or anywhere else for that matter!

If you think MLSP is not the worlds best lead generation system and doesn’t meet your needs, cancel your subscription and get your money back. Where could you possibly get a better deal then that? Two full weeks of incredible training, worth literally thousands of dollars, for free if you cancel and for less then $10 if you decide to stay with the system. What an incredible deal either way!

I would really be surprised if you cancelled you subscription to MLSP once you tasted its value as a lead generator.

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Is there some kind of a trick to being a successful network marketer? Does the mlm blog really work? The mlm blog, as a means of getting noticed by Google really works, but you have to post consistently and learn how to seo it.  It also helps if you like to write, but even if you don’t, the mlm blog format is easy to learn so why not give it a try.  There is in fact no secret or trick to successful blogging. The mlm blog is just an Internet tool to expose content and market product and the trick if any is in posting consistent content . Be aware that how you post it is just as  important and how well you seo it.

The learning curve:  The learning curve to becoming a successful network marketer by using the mlm blog, ppc, facebook, twitter, article marketing, is more then most people can handle, writer or not, and it is the main reason why so few become people become successful online network marketers. The success rate is somewhere between 2 and 5 percent, but if you can master the skills required to make it happen the rewards are more then amazing. Compare your training in this arena as you would to being successful in any worthwhile business. The only difference is that in online network marketing using MyLead System Pro there are literally dozens making 6 and 7 figure incomes in just the last 4 years alone. Some in as little as 18 months or less. This however is no guarantee of your success as the majority fail for lack of duplication and consistency. For less then $10 for a two week test drive why not give it a try and see how well you can duplicate and consistently follow the success of those already on the leader boards.

No hype or rhetoric:  Most people are turned off by all of the hype and rhetoric used by both the online and offline marketers. Hype and rhetoric is especially offensive today and is one of the reasons why you see the words magnetic sponsoring, or attraction marketing used more and more as you search the web. This new school approach to selling is really catching on as people are drawn to a website that offers free tools and training to help them with their struggling business.

Not a magic pill:  Attraction marketing it is not a magic pill however, but if used correctly draws leads to your marketing funnel and solves the problem of not enough leads when your warm market runs dry after the first couple of weeks.

Learn how to generate 100+ leads/day:  No warm market left to pitch your product to?  Learn how to generate 100+ leads/day, guaranteed, with no pitching. Go to mlm blog, for free training from one of the best bloggers in the business.

The bottom line:   As I said in my previous post never give up but be consistent. Don't worry about getting it perfect but begin where you are and learn by doing it.

For 100+ leads/day:   My own journey has been valuable in teaching me the tools and expertise needed to succeed in online network marketing using the mlm blog. If you would like to move forward in your network marketing business and if an mlm blog is your cup of tea, then let me get you up and running. For the complete story join my My Lead System Pro team I will share with you free, what you need to do to get you struggling business up and running at 100+ lead/day.

Pick your area of interest and go with it:  The trick is to pick your particular area, be it, the MLM Blog, PPC, Facebook, Article Marketing, Twitter, it doesn’t matter, just pick your passion and go with it. Stay with it until you have mastered it. I have the tools and information you needed to get you started. Click on the link below for access to the complete MLSP system and your leads funnel. No more chasing leads.



With 80 mph winds and drenching rains Hurricane Isaac makes landfall in Louisiana and now the Gulf Coast according to CNN. “As of 7:45 p.m. ET Aug 28, Isaac moved over land in Plaquemines Parish in Louisiana, one day before the seventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, which left just under 1800 dead, and caused countless damage throughout the Gulf Coast.”


Even with incredible technological advances in science man is unable to control the weather even slightly.

 All we are able do is track advancing weather systems and guess at the direction they might take and their approximate arrival times. With tornadoes warning time is just a few minutes before they wreck havoc.

Hurricane Isaac's sustained winds of 80 mph are something reckon with as it has created tide surges of 3 feet in Pensacola, Florida and as high as 8.8 feet in Shell Beach Louisiana, with some forecasters suggesting surges up to 12 feet.

There is even greater concern because Hurricane Isaac has slowed to 8 mph and may even slow even more. This can cause greater damage as its effect are felt longer and with its predicted 10-20 inches of possible rain, and 80 mph winds batter the damage could be extensive.

 From this it is quite evident that weather causes great fear in our hearts as we helplessly stand by and let it wreck havoc. As Hurricane Isaac comes thundering in all we can do is to stand and helplessly watch as it snatches away our most cherished hopes and dreams, even as Katrina did some 7 years ago.

 With potential disasters such as Hurricane Isaac it is usually the most vulnerable of society that are impacted the most. This does not have to be as we can fire-proof ourselves against such loss.

Take Control of Your Own Destiny

The Internet with its many opportunities for home based businesses make it possible for just about anyone to move beyond a hand to mouth existence. You do not have to live from one paycheck to the next, when with the right information you can take control of your own destiny.

The marketplace has many tools that could be your answer to a better life and that of your family. Take control of your life now and become an independent home based marketer or kick-start your existing network marketing or home based business with a system such as My Lead System Pro that takes attraction marketing to the next level.


 Use My Lead System Pro to control your destiny and ride

out every Hurricane Isaac that comes roaring into your life.

You can’t control the weather but you can control the effects of the Hurricanes that enter your life and their effect by making the right choice now. Right choices bring freedom to live and work anywhere you desire, and the resources to deal with the effects of a Hurricane Isaac when it comes tearing through.

 You may not be able to control the weather but you can control your future by acting now, chose information that will enable you to make a difference, sometimes a big difference. Chose to let attraction-marketing kick-start your business; and take it to the next level by using My Lead System Pro’s proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system. For further training, take a look at a free Mike Dillard interview on attraction marketing and learn what he did to become a 7 figure marketer.

Headlines are for selling newspapers and make interesting reading but does it matter if the Apple vs Samsung war resolves itself. Apple’s success at making cool gadgets is not to be questioned. What strikes me as naïve is Samsung pushing Apple so far in product design.


Samsung probably figured it was worth taking the chance and worth the gamble as the value of getting away with it would offset any courts challenges in the long run.

The recommendation, it was not a verdict, of $1.05 billion US in damages as determined by Judge Lucy Koh was probably more of an embarrassment to them then anything else.

I imagine any award would be a mere drop in the bucket, and what the appeal decides is anybodies guess.

It can take years for cases like these to be decided, and when it is all over I am sure that they will emerge as before they entered  into the Apple vs Samsung spat, Samsung being Apples largest customer. Their last deal is believed to be worth at least $7.8 billion US.

Network marketing whether you use the Internet or not, is unaffected by Corporate America.

It makes little if any difference to your MLM Company if the economy is in a down turn. That is when MLM companies thrive.

It makes little if any difference when corporations have an Apple vs Samsung, spat.

Things Like This Makes A Really Big Difference

(Stick with one of the marketing strategies below until it works.)

  • Blog: Post every day come rain or shine.
  • Twitter: Consistent twittering pay off.
  • Face Book: Connect with 5-10 new people every daily.
  • Videos: Do more videos, more is better.

The following Things Also Make A Really Big Difference

  • Paid advertising like PPC, Click Bank etc., only after training. (A quick way to lose money if you don't.)
  • Create a do list and do the list every day without fail.
  • Connect with a successful marketer and dialogue regularly.
  • Read all of the self help books you can find.
  • Do not miss the weekly webinars of your marketing group.
  • Find a system such as My Lead System Pro use it.

Just a few of the things to put in your tool bag if you really want to kick-start any business and move it to a higher level.

The Apple vs Samsung verdict of $1billion may not affect your network marketing business in any way, but don’t let your lack of information keep you from doing the things that can make a difference, sometimes a big difference. To let attraction-marketing kick-start your business; and take it to a higher level try using My Lead System Pro’s proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system. For further training, take a look at Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after struggling for years, until he learned the secret of attraction marketing.

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