MLM recruiting secrets can seem overwhelming at first, but if broken down into their individual parts seem so much easier. As Confucius says, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Network marketing as with anything in life can be approached with the same understanding. We are sometimes quite overwhelmed by all of the various options that are available so we just sit and spin our wheels, getting nowhere.

Jordan Adler’s book, “Beach Money,” has to be one of the greatest books on what is possible with affirmative action and a plan. What he shares in his book may seem common sense to many, but for me it was like a spring day.

“Beach Money” follows Jordan’s journey on how he developed a down-line that pays him consistently, even while he is still having fun at the beach.  To illustrate this Jordan tells a story of a friend who was very successful in network marketing and fell asleep while watching TV. His friend’s wife came into the room and told his friend to get up, to which his friend replied, “Leave me alone I’m making money.”

“Beach Money” sets out the formula and daily plan that Jordan did every day without fail, and shows how it paid off. Its all about Jordan catching the vision and setting out a daily plan of action and doing it consistently every day, come rain or come shine. If he missed an action he would always make it up the next day.

One point that Jordan makes very clear was until he caught the vision, nothing was happening in his world of marketing. It was only after he had the MLM recruiting secrets revealed by a very successful network marketer, that he caught the vision. Once he had a clear goal and a bull’s eye to aim for his business took off.

If you want to be totally inspired, go to Jordan Adler’s website and grab a copy of his book, that reveals all the MLM recruiting secrets that are necessary to inspire you to take action. If you have never thought that it will happen for you, remember that it is your thoughts that determine your level of success. We always move in the direction of our most dominant thought. Adam says, “You always get what you focus on and put energy into.”

Give me some feedback if you like this story, I know you will love Jordan Adler’s book. I get no money for recommending his book or for its sale. I just loved the book.

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Opportunities don’t come by every day but when one does, how easy is it to spot? If one fell in your lap would you know it? Say you were convinced that it was for real, how much would you be willing to invest? Some people are willing to whip out their wallet and place anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds or even thousands and sometimes millions for the right thing. The risk varies with every opportunity and the more the leverage the greater the risk. The person with the entrepreneurial mindset understands this and realizes the potential for gain increases with the risk. He also realizes that with the Internet network marketing opportunity there has to come commitment, a willingness to invest either yourself and or your money if you are to expect any return.

As an Internet network marketing entrepreneur you understand the business mindset, but the question remains how do you convey this understanding to others so your business will grow? Most people have a hard time seeing the potential in the Internet network marketing business model and find it hard to come up with the sign-up fee no matter how small. How do you get future team members to understand that without even a small investment they should not bother signing up?

Here are 10 things to consider when signing up leads that will literally save you countless hours and enable you to enroll the best people into your organization, people who will not hesitate to plunk down the sign-up fee. I selected these 10 guidelines from a webinar by Barry Burns on his 3-minute qualifier. I hope that they resonate with you as they did me.

  1. Spend more time talking to the right people and less time talking to the wrong people.
  2. Do not use a script, talk from the heart, do not use hype.
  3. Be upfront and do not hide the fact that your company is an MLM business. Avoid using euphemisms such as network marketing, friendship marketing, etc.
  4. Be proud of your primary business and state the name up front as the prospect might already be in your company.
  5. Ask them the qualifying question as quickly as possible. Here is the qualifying question, “If you found the business of your dreams would you have $500 to invest in it?” If they say no, you don’t want them in your business. Any answer but a Yes answer means No.
  6. Ask those that say yes, if you have their permission to give them a 3-minute overview of what you have to offer. If they say yes, then say to them, “If what I have to share is not what you are looking for, please tell me immediately so I don’t waste each others time.” What this essentially is doing is asking them to say no, which is completely opposite to most Internet network marketing sales pitches.
  7. Go on to briefly state some unique feature of your company. 
  8. Next make sure they know what your company’s products are, such as wellness products, cosmetics, etc. If they don’t have an interest in what your company sells you don’t want them in your business.
  9. After the 3-minute qualifier we start building the relationship and gathering hot buttons with the 10% who qualified by saying yes. Barry Burns use the 80/20 rule, which means that you spend 20% of the time asking questions while your lead spends the remaining 80% answering them. Reveal first and ask questions later.
  10. Your prospect will join if they can see themselves doing the Internet network marketing business successfully in their minds eye. Your job is to paint them a reality that they can believe in. For training information and strategies on on how to set up a sales funnel that will show you how to attract endless leads to your Internet network marketing business why not try My Lead System Pro I do.  For further training give Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring, a look see.

Whether you are interested in network marketing or not, you probably know of someone that is involved in one. Most people are acquainted with someone, or they know someone who knows someone who is involved in network marketing, but they could care less. If asked to comment they would immediately say, “You mean one of those pyramids?” Meaning of course something illegal. Other then that the only time there is a negative reaction is when a friend or acquaintance falls prey to the guy drawing the little circles on the white board. This of course is cause for the usual shaking of the head and the sad look of pity, as they perceive that another comrade has fallen victim to the dream catchers.

And there are websites that expose the evils of the network marketing industry and offer support for the poor devils that have been brain washed into dreaming of a better life. They forget to mention the fact that there are perils in starting up any business and that the success rate varies little with either kind, as those in the network marketing industry are well aware. This does not stop the naysayer’s however, from putting up websites such as the, “MLM Survivors Club,” linked to a “MLM Survivor Rules” page. I guess rules are needed for survivors too.

The truth is never found by reading a book written by a frustrated or disillusioned ex marketer or anyone that has given-up. These kinds of books however, make the authors large sums of money, because they quite often become best sellers. Never however, listen to a frustrated loser even if he writes a good story. You want the facts, as seen through the eyes of a winner.

With that being said where does all that leave those who are still passionate about the network marketing business?

It changes nothing as there will always be believers and those that refuse to take network marketing seriously. For those of us who go to the events and listen to the webinars of the winners, the negative rhetoric need not have any influence. Even though the network marketing industry is sometimes given a bad rap, the critics fall silent when the 6 and 7 figure income earners such as Ray Higdon, Michelle Pescosolido, Rob Fore, and David Wood, etc. go on stage and strut their stuff.

Even though only 2-3% make it in network marketing the odds are not a whole lot different for conventional marketing. Let’s put it in perspective. How many of your friends in the last ten years have started up a successful business with as little overhead and are still in business. And if they did go out of business as most of them will statistically within the first five years, they won’t be out just a few hundred to a few thousands of dollars, it will be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Hold on to your dreams and don’t lose your passion for a better life for yourself and your family. Network marketing is not for the faint at heart but as Ray Higdon says, “Discipline trumps talent,” keep focused and don’t lose sight of your dreams.

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Old school marketing was not all bad at least for those that had the guts to stick with it and come out on the other side. An old school phrase that has stuck in my mind over the years is, “Anybody can do it.” Well I suppose that is entirely true if we were all made the same, but we’re not, and it seems that we all have to learn the hard way, to even be remotely successful in our MLM attraction marketing business.

 Let me illustrate how human nature is our own worst enemy. We attend a rally and are totally inspired as the 6 and 7 figure leaders share their success stories about how they got to the top. They share step by step what they did to make it, and then we are upset when we get home and nothing changes in our business. If the truth were known, we tend to pick and chose and wonder why nothing happens. It is easy to fall into a mindset that says winners are some how born with a slight edge, which attributed to their success. Which is true, but only if we refuse to follow their example.

 So what is the, “The Numbers Game,” and how important are numbers to any MLM attraction marketing business. This industry has had many phenomenally successful leaders over the years, and most of them will tell you that their success was directly proportional to the number of contacts they made each and every day. They will tell you that it’s all in the numbers; it’s as simple as that.  What we are really talking about is leads. Without leads and lots of them you do not have a business, period.

 What prompted me to come up with this post was after listening to Ray Higdon’s webinar, taken from his recently released “Master Sponsoring Series” on growing your own business. On One of his slides he showed what he does every day to grow his business.

Here is the list and you be the judge as to which one is the most difficult to carry off, but possibly the most powerful.

  • Create 1 piece of content every single day as a Blog, Article, or Video. (I can do that; I’m doing it as I write now).
  • Average 30 minutes per day on marketing. (I can do that if I get my act together).
  • Average 15-30 minutes per day on mindset. (A good idea but do I think it is important enough to really matter).
  • Affirmations, what he calls the why questions. (I will have to figure out what he really means by that).
  • Make connections with 20 people per day. (This is the real kicker and the one that puts fear in some hearts).

Doing this list every day put Ray at the top of his game. The question is who is willing to do what Ray was willing to do? It worked for Ray Higdon. Logic tells me if it worked for Ray Higdon it should work for anyone willing to do what he did. Stay away from the biggest trap for failure by thinking that all winners have a leg up on the rest of us.

 If you just started your MLM attraction marketing business or have been at it for several years, and now want to learn how to make connections with 20 people each day take a look at My Lead System Pro to see on how the serious 6 and 7 figure income earners actually do it.

And if you are really serious why not use Facebook to grow your business as many of the top marketers do. Why not give your business a solid test drive and see what might happen in the next 6-months.

Because Facebook has been so much in the media the last few day I felt compelled to comment on its potential for generating income not just for those trading in stocks on Wall Street, but for those of us who are using it as an app to generate income in a home based mlm business opportunity.

With the creation of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg not only made himself a billionaire but created untold wealth for those able to ride the dream with him. The latest saga in the Facebook Chronicles will produce, and I’m quoting an article of May the 18th from the Times Colonist, originally printed in USA Today and written by Jon Swartz who said, “Facebook’s market debut, the biggest tech company IPO ever, should create 1,000 millionaires overnight.”

You can be thankful that you were not one of the individuals that were part of the trading frenzy that took place on Friday, when 576 million Google shares were traded. This was a record for a market debut, but due to a number of factors it did not perform as hoped. Wayne Kaufman, chief market strategist at John Thomas Financial, a retail broker on Wall Street stated,” They were hoping for Facebook to be considerably better. I bet there are a lot of disappointed people in the market.”

 I guess the question now has to be asked, “How does all the hoopla on Wall Street and the poor Friday 19th performance effect you and I as we slug it out in the trenches, and particularly if we are trying to generate income by using Facebook. I would suggest that what is good for Facebook can’t help but be good for the network marketing industry as a whole. Even if Facebook did not perform as well as it might have at its debut, especially since it has now dropped below its initial offering, I see it doing better in the future. Never the less the app itself is still top shelf and waiting for anyone willing to use it to generate wealth.

For those of us that have an mlm business opportunity what goes on in Wall Street is really of little concern. How well we do in network marketing is only determined by our focus and the goals we set. To a great extent that is true, but the type of tools that we use can be a determining factor in how easy it is to generate the 6 and 7 figure incomes that the top producers make.

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Go to any fair come fall and you will immediately know what I mean when I mention the word “pitch.” Who hasn’t been fascinated enough to stop and listen to some smooth talking hocker as he pitches his widget at the local County Fair. You are not even home yet when you realize that the widget you just got sucked in to buying was a waste of your hard earned money. You have to agree there is a certain fascination in watching these guys pitch there wares at the County Fair, they sure have selling down to a science, but make no mistake, what works at the county fair will not necessarily work for your MLM business opportunity.

To day the consumer is altogether wary, as we have been sold to the point of exhaustion. Twenty years ago selling door to door was still a popular way to earn a living, and many companies used that model successfully. I had an Uncle who went door-to-door selling books in the 30’s and the last house of the day would feed and put him up for the night. Go figure that! Times have definitely changed.

Successful marketers today have learned that the traditional methods of yesterday do not serve any useful purpose except to turn off potential customers and make their own lives suck. We naturally shun pain and are drawn toward pleasure. Very few people have the personality to endure the pain of rejection. What this means is that even if you are the exception and have the personality to convince someone to join your mlm business business they probably won’t, at least not for long.

Have you ever been pitched? How did you feel? All of your friends if you still have any left felt the same way when you pitched them your mlm business  opportunity.

Here are some pointers that all successful attraction marketers use to explode their MLM business opportunity with, and you can expect the same results too, plus you will have pleasure while doing it. 

1. The number one reason attraction marketing really works is that it follows the principle of giving value before you receive anything yourself.

2. Never pitch your mlm business opportunity. That may have worked 20 years ago but not today, at least not in any mlm business opportunity of today. Marketing is engaging people into your sphere of influence in such a way that they come to you for what you can offer. Selling is trying to convince them, to buy something that they don’t realize they need. The main difference is that in one instance they are drawn to you, but in the other you are aggressively pursuing them. This applies to any of your contacts whether you are using the social networks, blogging or a one on one.

3. Qualify, qualify, qualify, and if not before, the sooner the better. Do not make it sound easier then it is or they won’t stay in without major effort and you want a team that is self-motivated.

4. Do not beg or appear desperate. This is where posture comes in. Alpha leaders never come across as desperate. No one will give a desperate person the time of day and will run from you if you try to pitch your mlm business opportunity.

5. Do not sweet talk. A good salesmen if given enough time could sweet talk just about anyone into his or her mlm business opportunity, but that person will probably quite soon enough because of the pain. A question was asked of the top money earners in the mlm industry as to what they did wrong and they said, “They spent too much time with the wrong people." 

6. I have included this last point in other posts but it is extremely important if you are using a system like My Lead System Pro to generate leads for your primary business. Do not scatter you shot. MLSP has so many options to generate leads that you can just sit and spin your wheels. Find one that works for you and stick with it before you try something new to quickstart you mlm business opportunity. Only then add new options but never at the expense of those that are already doing well in their mlm business opportunity.

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Since the arrival of attraction marketing online marketing has taken on a whole new flavor, and even more so since the explosion of the social media on the scene. Marketing will never be the same now that the Internet has literally been enveloped in the social panic that started when Facebook made its dramatic debut. There are virtually hundreds of social sites clamoring for one’s attention. Not that this is bad, as a matter of fact because of it there are literally unprecedented mlm business opportunity to join social services, connect, form an endless group of followers and sell to your hearts content. What a painless way to flog your mlm business opportunity.

Whoa, wait just a minute! Why the big whoa you ask? I can hardly wait to get started!

Just as the name suggests these are social sites and they require social interaction. And you might again ask, isn’t selling, social interaction. The answer of course is yes, but old school sales techniques as taught by the network marketing companies and many of the marketing gurus of yesteryear flies in the face of what the post modern world considers comfortable, and you might just as well pack your bags and leave, if you think you are going to do business with that type of approach.

The realization of this recently struck me as I noticed many on the social sites do not understand this very important concept. In fact most of my followers are from people that are flogging their opportunity. This in fact is a no, no, and the last thing to do if you want to use Facebook or Twitter or any of the social sites to grow your business. The social sites as I said before are for social interact and sharing. The question of course is, when then do I share my mlm business opportunity?

Let me explain it this way. You have just met a new friend and you can tell the chemistry is right. But suddenly right out of nowhere your friend starts pitching you his or her mlm business opportunity. How do you feel? In my world end of discussion, see you later fella.

So when do you pitch your mlm business opportunity? Never, with attraction marketing you never pitch your mlm business opportunity, and you only share after having first developed a trusting relationship, and then only after first asking permission. A social network is just that, a place where you get to know people in a trusting relationship and only then do you share your links or information about your business.

Social networks are for developing relationships with the millions of struggling network marketers that are desperately looking for leads. Play the game right and the leads will come to you as you share and give value to them.

And I say it again, “How did you feel when they pitched you?” Keep that in mind when you are tempted to fall back into “pitch mode,” Bite your tongue before giving in to the urge to share any information about your mlm business opportunity. Do it right the first time, why waste a potential diamond.

Remember many  6 and 7 figure income earners market successfully on Facebook . You too can be just as successful. For free facebook training, click here.

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Synergism is a word that perfectly describes what actually takes place when My Lead System Pro and Multi-Level Marketing hold hands. The results are truly amazing and for those that have taken the time to position the two correctly the experience can be life changing.

When Mike Dillard came out with his book “Magnetic Sponsoring” the network marketing industry embraced it with open arms. This was only the beginning as Mike Dillard soon afterward released his “Traffic Formula” which was updated to Traffic Formula 2 to include the social networks, which are now a huge part of online marketing. This really pushed magnetic sponsoring to a completely new level.

What a brilliant concept, a marketers dream, a complete reversal of how marketing was done, instead of chasing after customers, Traffic Formula 2 had them seeking you. No more beating the bushes for leads, no more begging people to buy.

If this was not enough the concept was raised to an even higher level when Norbert Orlewicz, Brian Fanale and Tod Schlomer took Mike Dillard’s magnetic sponsoring to an even higher level, when they introduced MLSP. MLSP is a complete marketing and sales funnel with affiliate marketing for up front funding and a set of ready-made sales campaigns. And lets not forget the amazing support and training. This was a brilliant marketing tool that took Mike Dillard’s concept of attraction marketing and merged it into a complete sales tool ready to go, right out of the box.

The proof they say is in the pudding as demonstrated by the swarm of 6 and 7 income earners that suddenly appeared within the next 3 years. Nothing gives validity to a concept more then when it is actually demonstrated, but the suddenness of success and the number that achieved recognition through MLSP in so short a time was truly fantastic. What continues to cause amazement is that the number of success stories continues at an amazing rate, never seeming to slow down regardless the state of the economy.

MLSP allows the average person with no exceptional skills or talents, but a willingness to learn and a determination to succeed, a chance to make not just good money, but a chance to get rich, filthy rich.

Your goal however may be to just put enough aside for that dream vacation, put the kids through college, buy a new car, pay off the mortgage, and the list goes on. Whatever the reason from making a few extra dollars or a path to total financial freedom, particularly if you just lost your job, MLSP may be the means of getting you back to total financial security.

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Attraction marketing is much more than a website that comes up on the front page of a Google search. It takes a lot of effort to get your pages to rank well in the search engines but that and of its self is only part of the equation. There are many MLM marketing secrets, things that have to be in place for your post or squeeze page to do the job. If you want an effective page that will get results once the lead has clicked on your url take some time in its content and construction.

 Below is a list of points that should be seriously considered in the construction of your web page and in the layout or creation of your posts.

  1. Attraction marketing means that your posts should have good useful value for the marketer, who is desperately searching for MLM marketing secrets to grow their business. (They are more likely to bookmark your pages if you do.)That does not mean that you give away all of the answers but the answers to the “What questions,” are useful information for anyone searching for information. The “How questions,” should be answered by something that you have created or by an affiliate product, or something from your primary business.
  2. Your posts should be short rather then long, 400 to 750 words being the absolute maximum.
  3. Your posts should be written with relatively short sentences, not long and rambling.
  4. Keep the words simple and non-technical if possible.
  5. Use plenty of illustrations so that the pages are attractive and catch the eye.
  6. If you are able, create your content with video as that is a very powerful way to attract an audience.
  7. Do not come across as a guru particularly if you are new to the game. People respect authenticity and will be turned off by a pretentious blogger.
  8. Use lots of spacing with short paragraphs if at all possible.
  9. Do not be afraid to admit that you do not have all of the answers but share value and you will be sought after. The fact that you have read this post means that you are up on many marketers and can share information.
  10. However do not copy content but internalize it and make it your own and unique to you and your personality.

Remember your goal is to keep that person who is desperately searching for MLM marketing secrets, coming back to your posts for more. Hopefully they will bookmark your post because of your rich and easy to read content and at some point opt in to your offer.

Article marketing is a great way to do online marketing and many of the top earners in the industry have gone on to make 6 and 7 figure incomes. For information on how to maximize your article marketing efforts as a blogger click here. For further training take a look at My Lead System Pro to see how the serious 6 and 7 figure income earners actually do it.



Article marketing is one of the many ways to promote your online business and I would like to suggest that not every article that is titled, MLM Marketing Secret: The Big Secret Revealed, is actually revealing any secrets. Because of all the articles that have been written with that title I suppose most of the secrets have been revealed long ago. As long as that title continues to rank high in the search engines, particularly Google, I suppose articles will continue to be written with that moniker, never the less I sincerely hope that something is still left to be said.

What can I say that would benefit you at this point in time? Let me review six old school misconceptions of network marketing that are slowly being laid to rest but I hope will bring into sharper focus what I want to share with you further on in my post.

  1.  They told you “Anyone can do it.” The truth is about 3% are successful.
  2. They told you to immediately create a list of one hundred of your friends and aquaintenances. At the time you were not aware that at the most 3 out of a hundred might show some interest.
  3. Did they neglected to tell you that you would sift through your warm market in 2 to 3 weeks and then the cold reality of approaching strangers about your “amazing business opportunity” would be your lot? At this point even you are not so sure how amazing it really is.
  4. Did they mention what “NFL,” really means, and its not football, but “No friends left.” Grabbing anyone by the throat while you pitch them your “business opportunity,” it will do it every time.
  5. Did you believe them when they told you that you would have to fight new recruits off with a stick, as they would be crawling all over you to be first in line? It quickly became obvious to you that neither your companies incredible comp plan, amazing product line nor the gifted leadership team made any difference to signing up leads.

So if there is a MLM marketing secret that gives the 6 and 7 figure marketers the leg up what is it? It sure is not any of the old school marketing strategies that I just mentioned above.

When Ray Higdon said. “Discipline Trumps Talent,” he summoned up the one secret that all successful network marketers have and the one thing that has given him success.

Even with a system such as My Leads System Pro, (that has been proven to bring in buckets of lead,) will fail if this principle is not followed. Why is that? Let me use the analogy of creating a loaf of bread. If you leave out one ingredient such as the yeast, instead of a soft loaf of delicious bread all you have is an inedible lump of doe baked hard as a rock.

For the latest tools to grow your business you need to replace old school methodology with attraction marketing, but to take your network marketing business to the next level it is crucial that you add consistent discipline. As Ray Higdon says, the one important thing that put him where he is today was discipline.

If your success were determined by some fancy software package or method, only those that could afford it would succeed. Even with a supper system like My Lead System Pro, with all of its amazing features, there would still be thousands more success stories where there is now just one.

The magic happens however when you take an amazing product like My Lead System Pro and combine it with consistent discipline. I hope that by revealing the MLM marketing secret that put Ray Higdon where he is today, that you too can soon join him and the other 6 and 7 figure marketers that are already there. If you are a poor struggling marketer and would like to take a peak at how to take your business to the next level, by using a sales funnel, take a look at My Lead System Pro to see how the serious 6 and 7 figure income earners actually do it.


 Go to my article marketing link for a look-see at how writing articles the right way can power your efforts by following the mlm secrets you find there. Let me know if this is of any help to you.


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