Today we hear such phrases as old school marketing, new school marketing, product pitching, attraction marketing, magnetic marketing and the list goes on. In this post I would like to explain how they fit together if used at all, and how synergistically they can promote your mlm business goal plan and overall objective of making more money.

 Let me start by saying old school marketing is fast giving way to the new school model of marketing as introduced by marketing guru Mike Dillard. I touched on it a few posts back when I mentioned Mike’s novel approach. Mike describes the power of developing into an alpha leader and how that can be realized as you continue to learn and grow and gain confidence. He stressed the importance of first building a relationship with your leads, before pitching them your opportunity.

 This is where the Internet comes into the picture, as it is the perfect vehicle for developing relationships with literally thousands of people. It used to be warm market was the answer, but when put in perspective it was a daunting task when translated into the large numbers of warm bodies needed to sign up just one lead.

 This worked for outgoing and gregarious personalities but for many it became a painful experience as they quickly sifted through their friends and aquaintenances and had to face the reality of cold contacts or the horrific expense of buying overpriced leads from lists of people that had not even realized they had submitted their names to a lead capture site, most leads being sold and resold, sometimes up to dozens of times.

 With a mlm business sales funnel set up and working as taught in MLSP the two biggest problems of marketing are immediately taken care of as leads begin to flow in, sometimes in such quantities that you can make them available to your down line. Not to mention how the associated affiliate businesses that are part of the MLSP funnel address the issue of very little startup cash.

 There is immense wealth to be made on the Internet especially by using the social networking sites as a source of leads, but what most marketers new to online marketing fail to realize is that they are just that, social sites so use them as such. Never pitch your business on Facebook, but only on a one on one, when asked, after you have gotten to know the person.

 The abundance of leads created by using the social sites as part of the MLSP sales funnel, now creates a new problem. The old bulldog approach of grabbing a lead by the neck in desperation and not letting go, until he joins your company is no longer necessary, because of lead abundance, but old habits die-hard.

 I can’t stress more that the power these sites have through the relationships that you build, and the following that you generate. My research suggests that the biggest issues though, with using Twitter, Facebook, or any of the social sites is that the first thing that the newbie does is to put up sales links everywhere, telling about their great opportunity and how massive amounts of money can be made from their once in a lifetime business. This is a definite no, no, and the biggest reason to be unfollowed and lose presence and not to be taken seriously, on any of the social sites.

 Time is required to build relationships on line, so don’t despair, as it may take several months but you will know soon enough when to share your MLM business link and that is generally when asked. If however you think the relationship is secure enough you could ask, and with the right response share yours. For further training with a complete marketing sales funnel why not give My Lead System Pro a try. This could literally mean your success or failure. How serious are you in the success of your MLM business opportunity?

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I just finished listening to a Webinar by network marketing leader, Ray Higdon who has gone on to take the MLM Industry by storm. What caught my attention during his presentation on “Twitter Automation” was a statement he made on the role that discipline plays in online marketing success.

He went on to state how the ability to stick to a goal with a definite and consistent plan of action will trump talent every time. What I thought was especially interesting is that he stated that he was someone who took 5 years to finish high school and was a college dropout. He opened his webinar by saying it was for people who were really trying hard to make it in the MLM industry and “just want a leg up,” without having to know complicated "techie lingo".

 Ray comes across as the most unpretentious regular type of guy you will ever listen to. He repeated over and over that he wants us to really understand this line, “discipline trumps talent every time”. It is the number one thing that we should understand, when it comes to the MLM industry, Internet marketing, Twitter marketing, Facebook marketing, when it comes to anything. To quote him, “I have seen many talented people who are lazy. If they took that power, if they took that talent and were disciplined they would make ever so much more money. Not at first but over the long haul.”

 Personally Ray says that his strength is in his discipline. He shared a daily plan of attack of how he gets up very early every morning and writes out his affirmations. He has a set of things he does. He says no matter how he feels, no matter if it’s raining; no matter if he is out of town, nothing stops him from doing them. His sole focus and thought is in building a residual income so at the end of 24-36 months by keeping his head down he will be paid very large residual checks for the rest of his life. To quote him he says, “It is not to get rich quick but to get filthy rich in 24-36 months”, and then he said, “I will be able to open it up and have a lot of fun.”

 In closing I would like to share what he calls his “plan of attack.” Couple that with discipline and he says it is impossible not to make money.

  1. Read, comment and retweet 10 MLM or marketing blogs per day.
  2. Search out and follow 20 MLM leaders on twitter per day.
  3. Get 2-5 no’s to your opportunity per day and be sure and pitch your affiliate opportunities to the no’s. (Why leave money on the table.)
  4. Create one piece of content per day, either blog, video etc.

 But above all, he says, is be hungry, a hungry man usually takes action and does something positive. Remember that mlm industry is probably the last bastion of truly free enterprise on the planet and the playing field is equal for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you just got out of prison, came from the wrong side of the tracks, are average, smart or brilliant the opportunity is the same and you can be successful if you are willing to learn by following a plan, but above all practice discipline, why not give My Lead System Pro a try. This could literally mean your success or failure. How serious are you in the success of your MLM business opportunity? My Lead System Pro has made an amazing number of 6 figure marketers in the last 4 years, why not you.



imagesHow many times have you heard the statistics that 97% of the people who get into network marketing fail. The question that everybody wants answered is how can I be part of the 3% of the people that actually do make a go of it in their mlm business opportunity. I would like to share with you today what it takes to be part of the successful 3% and it is not as difficult as you might imagine.

1. They are consistent in their marketing efforts. One of the most important aspects of marketing, period, is being consistent. It’s very hard to get people to take you seriously when they can’t predict when you’ll show up or not.

 Just like a child that expects a parent to be there to pick them up every day after school, so to does your audience expect you to be there daily with information, content and resources that will keep them coming back for more.

 In order to sell people on your services or products, you must prove to them that you are someone that they can rely on and trust.

 Major marketers have this skill down pat. You can probably assume that they have a calendar for their business, with a list of daily and weekly activities that they partake in to keep their marketing efforts alive.

 If you want to begin performing in your MLM business opportunity like the 3%’ers, then you’ll want to begin establishing a calendar of activities that you’ll commit to, and be sure to have it where you can see it.

 2. They understand and know their audience, and to whom they’re marketing to and what they want. A disturbing known fact about the 97% that don’t make it is that they have no clue who they’re actually marketing to. They may take time to write articles, shoot videos and write blog posts, but 9.9 times out of 10, if you were to ask them who their target market is, they’ll probably decline to answer the question because they simply don’t know!

 Knowing your audience, knowing what their challenges are and how to address them is critical if you truly plan on succeeding.

 It makes your writing efforts so much easier and allows you to immediately connect your offer with the needs your market has.

 Before doing more marketing, take into consideration the following questions:

Who is my target market? What are they struggling with? What is it that they want? How can I give it to them? 

3. They have a diverse marketing approach. Using only one method to market your business is like posting an ad in a newspaper, doing nothing else, while sitting back for months on end hoping that your phone will ring.

 You must get out there and begin using diverse marketing methods for your business, incorporating things like Article Marketing, Video Marketing, Writing Squidoo Lenses, Hubpages, Forum Marketing and of course Social Media Marketing, etc., etc.

 I will say that you don’t want to do them all at the beginning, but pick 2-3 to start with, while creating a consistent plan of action on how to implement more as you master them one by one as the weeks go by and your MLM business opportunity really starts to take momentum

 4. They outsource and delegate! With so much to maintain in the Internet Marketing world, one can grow weary and get burned out pretty quickly if you don’t get help with those areas that are extremely time consuming and often very challenging.

 The successful 3% have mastered the art of handing things over to people who are more skilled and trained than they are. The key is in discovering what it is that you do best, and what makes you money and focus solely on those things while handing over the rest.

 Outsourcing can be fairly inexpensive, sometimes even averaging around $2 per hour (depending on expertise and location of your contractor). Either way, it’s more affordable than most people realize and should be considered as part of your necessary monthly expenses.

 To start out delegating the more important tasks that you may fear letting go, you can start using Private Label Rights Writers who will create your content for you while you have the freedom to put your name on it and take the credit.

 As you can see, becoming apart of the 3% isn’t that far out of reach. It just takes making a few small changes and tweaks to what you’ve been doing, and you’ll discover that you’re well on your way to dominating your niche, while succeeding in your efforts and finally making a decent income while doing it.

 To learn more tips like these, try My Lead System Pro for an MLM business opportunity and enough insider secrets that will turn your business on end and put you in with the six figure earners. Remember to start with a consistent plan of action and a do list for each day of the week. Treat it like a business, your business.  Learn how to make money using MLSP, click the link below.



So you are a  sales rep for a Life Force International, and you love Body Balance their premier product with a passion. Your feel better then you have ever felt in years by using their product. In fact you love all of their incredible products.

The story of the founders Wayne and Gerri how amazing! Wayne driven by his wife’s great need when all of the doctors had written her off came up with a solution for his wife’s affliction. Gerri would literally drag herself around until about noon each day, while trying to raise a young family, and then she would literally crash.

Driven by his wife’s great need to get her life back and after doing much research on the benefits of seaweed in the Japanese diet, Wayne with a friend’s help came up with a elixir that he eventually named Body Balance, the company he would eventually call, Life Force International. He gave this to Gerri and her body loved it, in a matter of weeks she was up and about with all of her energy back and leading a normal life.

And lets not forget to mention that the company has been around for better them 25 years with a great MLM business opportunity, stellar products, and a track record that few if any can match in the industry.

Big Question: If my product is so great, “Why am I have so much trouble selling it and signing up reps?” “What is wrong with everyone, don’t they know a real opportunity when they see one?”

The Answer: People don’t care the slightest in the virtues of the product or the incredible story of the founders of the company, or how great the compensation plan is. What they want to know is how can I better myself, my standard of living and make more money?

Old school selling by grabbing all of your friends by the throat and not letting go until they say yes has been replaced, and I might add like a breath of fresh air, with “Attraction Marketing,” a truly amazing approach for any MLM business opportunity, Life Force International or otherwise.

We all have needs; we all have wants for both our families and ourselves. “Attraction marketing” uses the model believe it or not that is taught in the Good Book, and that is to develop a relationship with people, give them something of value, have their best interest in mind, and then show them what they must do themselves if they want to better their lives. You are their teacher, their mentor, thus you will not only enrich their lives but also bless your own.

What “attraction marketing” does, it not only allows you to connect with people, but it solves the number one problem of most network marketers and that is a shortage of leads. You quickly run our of warm market as you realistically need one hundred leads for every two you sign-up, click on the link below for a way out of your dilemma.

For further training with a complete marketing sales funnel why not give My Lead System Pro a try. This could literally mean your success or failure. How serious are you in the success of your MLM business opportunity? NFL or as they say “no friends left” will soon become a distant memory as your lead bucket fills up and your lost friends return. No more struggling to get someone interested in your network marketing business as you realize your biggest fear about network marketing has been suddenly taken care of and whether you are a Life Force International rep or market for any of a thousand network marketing companies, it really makes no difference.

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Driving sales to your business is the name of the game whether your company is an MLM business or any enterprise for that matter.  And today what better way then by using the internet, but to do that you need a webpage. Assuming that you have already decided on what to call your domain, registering it with a  service provider such as Go Daddy, is your next step before having it hosted. I personally use Host Gator as a hosting service. This whole process can be a bit daunting if this is your first time. What I like about Host Gator is their cPanel and the Fantastico interface, which makes the whole process much easier for the newbie.

If your domain is hosted by another service and you want your domain hosted by a different company such as Host Gator you have to go to that site such as Go Daddy or whatever site it is registered with and point your domain name to where your name servers are on the new site, in this case the Host Gator website. You can of course do this all with the same service provider.

To get your mlm business up and running let me walk you through this process if this is your first time.

  1. Log into your Go Daddy account.
  2. Go to title bar and click on the “My Account” tab.
  3. Below your listed domains under “My Products” bar, click on the “domains button.”
  4. At the right end of the domains bar click on the "Launch button."
  5. It will now list all of your registered domains. Check the boxes of those domains that you want to manage, in this case those domains that you want pointed to the Host Gator website. By doing so all of the icons in the above bar are now lit up and accessible.
  6. Choose the “names server” icon. It will give you two choices, choose the “set nameservers” option.
  7. In the box that comes up choose “I have specific nameservers for my domains”, and fill in only those that were emailed to you from Host Gator when you signed up to have your domains hosted with them. They will probably have given you two nameservers. Four blank boxes will show, leave the extra two boxes empty.
  8. Click “OK”.
  9. A window will come up stating that you may have to wait from two hours to several days for this to take effect, chances are it will happen in minutes, just so you know.

Pointing your domain to a different website is not the same as transferring them. Do not let the boxes on the right side of Host Gator header confuse you as that interface is for moving and registering your domains with Host Gator, it is not for just pointing your domains to them for hosting, while leaving them still registered with Go Daddy.

Now that your domain is pointed to the Host Gator website you are one step closer in getting your mlm business closer to an online presence, let me walk you through the steps now to getting your domain hosted by Host Gator.

  1. When you activated your account with Host Gator they emailed you with all of your account info. It should have had a link to your cPanel. (I find it useful to have all of my links bookmarked in my bookmark bar in my browser.) “Click on that link now and bring up your cPanel”.
  2. Scroll down the cPanel page to the “Domains” bar
  3. Click on the “Addon Domains” icon under that bar.
  4. In the “New Domain Name” field enter your full domain name as,
  5. The rests of the fields will fill in automatically.
  6. You must enter your password that came in the email when you activated your account with Host Gator.
  7. Then click on the “Add Domain” button on the bottom of the page and you are now finished with getting your domain hosted with Host Gator.

The final and last step to getting your mlm business online is getting WordPress installed. Remember is WordPress’ business blog service and it is for anyone serious in doing business on the Internet. It is for self hosted websites and it gives you many options needed for a meaningful website. You own and control all of the content and can host your own email accounts. WordPress has their non-business blog service at and it is more for the hobbyist, and non-serious businessperson.

  1. Two menu bars below the Domains bar in your cPanel you will find the “Software/Services” bar, click on the “QuickInstall” button.
  2. This takes you to the QuickInstall page, find “WordPress” under the Blog Software bar and click on it.
  3. You will see “continue” in the right hand column, click on it.
  4. Go to the box with the title, “Install WordPress” and choose the domain name that you want to use the WordPress software with.
  5. I believe that you can fill out “Admin email, Blog Title, and First and Last Name” at a later date if you choose, then click on the “Install now” button.
  6. Remember to bookmark your site and back office for ready access.
  7. Your back office in WordPress with the tools to create your web page should have an address something like this 
You are now ready to start work on your webpage using the amazing free service of WordPress. The possibilities are endless and with a little bit of creativity you can come up with an amazing webpage to market anything.

Now that your webpage is up and running learning how to make it found by the search engines particularly Google is of utmost importance if you are really serious about driving traffic to your website, because without traffic you have nothing.

 You could not find a better way to market your business and generate leads then with a WordPress blog. Now that WordPress is installed why not take the next logical step and check out our world class marketing system. My Lead System Pro uses  a relatively new marketing concept that you might want to take a look at. For further information on attraction marketing and how we use it in our marketing sales funnels with their ready made and customizable squeeze pages and marketing campaigns, take a look at  My Lead System Pro . For less then $10 give it a 2 week test run and see if it is not all we claim it is. Join the many 6 and 7 figure income earners it has created in the last 4 years. This could literally mean your success or failure. How serious are you in the success of your MLM business opportunity? Join my team and struggle no more for your leads.


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