My Lead System Pro exploded into the marketplace in Sept of 2008 and took the industry by storm. The genius behind this amazing marketing concept was three very successful marketers, Norbert Orlewicz and Brian Fanale who had paid their dues as most network marketers do by slugging it out in the trenches and Todd Schlomer the third member of the team who had honed his teeth on Internet Marketing since 2000 and was the technical genius for an online business.

The passion that drove the company from the start was, and let me quote Norbert Orlewicz, “We created this system to address the frustrations we had, which are shared by the majority of network marketers. Lack of leads, lack of cash flow, and lack of any marketing training in the industry combined with the frustration of conventional prospecting techniques that do not work for 95% of network marketers.”

What the MLSP team did was to make My Lead System Pro the engine that drives the concept of  Magnetic Sponsoring as developed by the father of Attraction Marketing, Mike Dillard. This in turn creates an amazing marketing tool that  has leads literally coming to you. A sales funnel and marketing strategy that just about anyone can develop into a 6 or 7 figure income.

Does My Lead System Pro live up to its claims:

Below are the benefits of My Lead System Pro taken from their corporate webpage.

  1. Websites that brand you.
  2. Professionally written auto responders that make you money.
  3. State-of-the-art tracking, split-testing & customization options.
  4. Over 100+ hrs of recorded video & audio training by 7-figure earners.
  5. Step-by-step video tutorials that take you by the hand.
  6. Live weekly webinars covering all the skill-sets you must develop.
  7. Complete training center.
  8. Daily inspirational wake-up calls.
  9. Leadership levels & reward programs.
  10. My Lead System Pro Live Events.
  11. 24×7 worldwide live chat room support.1-on-1 support, email support & phone support.
  12. A community of dedicated, ambitious marketers to connect network & partner with.

Lets look at their claims one by one and see if My lead System Pro performs.

  1. Yes they teach you how to brand yourself even without your own webpage or blog.
  2. They have their built in auto responder, but are also set up to incorporate AWeber or Get Response into your sales funnel if you want to customize your messages.
  3. You can set up your own campaigns and easily do split testing on the various campaigns that you run.
  4. Yes there are over a hundred hours of very excellent video and audio training from the top money earners. You have to be wise however as some of the training is outdated because of the rapidly changing Internet.
  5. The tutorials are excellent and very easy to understand.
  6. The weekly webinars are great.
  7. The training center has it all, and with  the new update in January 2013 new training and Mastery compensation plan anybody can fly with it right out of the box. What they did was to take an already amazing system and literally make it phenomenal.
  8. Daily inspirational wake-up calls.
  9. They do a great job at recognizing leadership and success.
  10. Their live events are what brings leadership together for some great sharing week-ends
  11.  What can I say about their support? I have only used their email support and it works, but not terribly fast, but usually by the next day.
  12. A community of dedicated, ambitious marketers to connect network & partner with. And I would have to agree that it keeps a person inspired and fired up.

 Would I recommend My Lead System Pro? Yes, the training is unprecedented with sales funnels already in place and with ready made campaigns, which you can customize with your own copy as you become more experienced.

For further training with a complete marketing sales funnel why not give My Lead System Pro a try. This could literally mean your success or failure. How serious are you in the success of your MLM business opportunity?



Social media today is what is driving the Internet to new levels as many social sites have “gone viral.” Facebook alone has slightly less then one billion users and is growing rapidly with no end in sight, which is why you should look at Facebook for your mlm success with Facebook in lead generation. Many very successful online network marketers have done that very thing and have pushed their incomes to 6 and 7 figures.

What many online marketers do for their mlm success with Facebook is to join My Lead System Pro, one of the worlds premium lead generating systems. MLSP has made it so Facebook is linked to and part of its campaigns and sales funnels. This results in a massive increase in lead generation, 100+ leads/day for many would be quite a modest number.

For training in Facebook PPC, go to the Queen of Facebook marketing, Michelle Pescosolido for some excellent free training. She also markets some incredible training products at the same link that shows step by step, her exact methods (how she went from nothing to becoming a super successful marketer and attain mlm success with Facebook).

For non-PPC Facebook marketing, why not take a look at the MLSP’s special 2-week trial run for less then $10 with hundreds of hours of free training. (Inside you will find Jessica Higdon’s free Facebook training). Jessica herself went on to become a top producer in her primary company using MLSP and Facebook.

Here’s the deal!  A deal equaled nowhere on the Internet! Or anywhere else for that matter!

If you think MLSP is not the worlds best lead generation system and doesn’t meet your needs, cancel your subscription and get your money back. Where could you possibly get a better deal then that? Two full weeks of incredible training, worth literally thousands of dollars, for free if you cancel and for less then $10 if you decide to stay with the system. What an incredible deal either way!

I would really be surprised if you cancelled you subscription to MLSP once you tasted its value as a lead generator.

For your MLSP test run click Here 

For Michelle's Free facebook training

click on the link below!


After several months of blogging intermittently I have definitely proved the point I am trying to make, consistency is essential to any endeavor online or otherwise, especially article marketing. It was a hard lesson and one that I definitely do not want to repeat. The leads were just starting to trickle in when do to the distractions of the summer I quit blogging and saw those few leads grind to a halt. On top of that I had not set up my auto responder correctly and spent considerable time getting it to work like it should, more time wasted.

Let me now share with you something on a more positive note, a cool webinar interview with Jaime Soriento. He is one of the bright lights in MLSP and has hit the leader board in a big way, and with plenty to say about consistency.

Jaime was a seasoned player in network marketing, but after doing very well at it for 9 years decided to take a break from hanging out in malls doing old school pitching, where you grab your prospective lead by the throat until he or she says yes, or promises you just about anything to get away.

Two or maybe I should say three things will result from old school marketing techniques, and they are in the following order. One: You quit in two weeks a nervous wreck, vowing never to do it again. Two: You stay with it because of pure grit, determination because you know consistency will eventually pay off. Three: You love doing it because you are wired that way.

In the webinar Jaime never said which one of the three marketers he was, but after his break from network marketing he decided to try it again and that is when he came across David Woods and how he became a 7 figure marketer using MLSP for his sales funnels.

I would like to use Jaime to illustrate how consistency paid off for him, and how in less then a year he started to see phenomenal success using article marketing as his chosen method of growing his primary business. Below are some of the guidelines that Jaime used to keep him on track.

  1. Be consistent and stay with it. He likened it to a roller coaster. Don’t let your emotions derail you. Emotions are up! Emotions are down! One day you are going to make it the next you are ready to quit. Pull the pad down on your roller coaster seat and hang on for the duration of the trip. Don’t let the rough ride toss you out of your car.
  2. Pick one marketing strategy that resonates with you and stay with it until you have mastered it, don’t scatter your shot until you have success. You will not stay with it if you don’ like what you do. And you sure won’t be consistent.
  3. Post one piece of content each day for seven months. You may ask the question, really? Well, starting today, lesson learned, I take off at least one day a week for spiritual renewal, but the question still remains, be consistent. Jaime stated that he sometimes posted to his blog twice a day.

Here is Jaime’s walk to wealth by following a path of consistency. The first 30 days, maybe some traffic, but it was not until the second month that leads actually started to opt in. It wasn’t until the end of six months that the lead count had gone up to anywhere from 10 to 20 per day. Now after 7 months his lead count varies from 20 to 30 per day, going as high as 40 and once even as high as 70.

 The message Jaime has for any serious marketer is consistency. Don’t let the down days pull you off track. Why not view some free article marketing training with Rob Fore. For the complete marketing sales method that Jaime used, watch the video below. Either one could literally mean your success or failure in your network marketing business. Are you really serious about growing your MLM business?



I’m Back! My apologies for being away so long, especially for anyone that may have been following my posts. If you are a struggling network marketer like I am, never let inconsistency be the reason for your failure, as it is a reason, if not the major reason for the 98% failure rate in the network marketing business and a big part in why I set up the “MLSP Newbie Support” group.

Success in network marketing even with MLSP as part of the equation can still be a struggle however. What MLSP does though is to give you a community of fellow entrepreneurs and a resource of training material that is not equaled anywhere else in the industry.

This of course is complimented by their amazing sales funnels and their ready-made sales campaigns that anyone can fire up from day one.  

I am learning as I go and am not afraid to hide the fact that even with the incredible amount of knowledge and expertise that I have acquired over the last 8 to 10 months with MLSP, I am still struggling to get my business kick-started. A person can’t have too much support.

I am however quite excited as I quite recently discovered the advantages of setting up a “Group” on Facebook in my MLSP back office and the benefits it offers as marketers connect and share their stories. Stories of how a support group such as “MLSP Newbie Support” can take your network marketing business to the next level.

That is one of the advantages of belonging to the MLSP community. The only thing that bothers me is that I should have listened to that Webinar sooner and who knows I might already be on a leader board

 The purpose of this post is to share the link to “MLSP Newbie Support” with anyone who is new to the online marketing community but is still struggling in figuring things out. I also am inviting anyone that would like to share their expertise with our community of like-minded MLSP entrepreneurs.

 “MLSP Newbie Support” is open to anyone in My Lead System Pro regardless of his or her primary business. There will be no selling or self-promotion regardless your primary opportunity however.

For access to the new MLSP Newbie Support Group click on the following link: MLSP Newbie Support. “A community for the struggling newbie.”

Lets kick it up to the next level as we share what works for us in the new "MLSP Newbie Support" group.


This is the last of my posts on selling secrets. And let this come as a moment of relief, you should be asking the questions and letting the other person do all of the talking. These are the best of the one-on-one encounters that you will ever have.  If there is anything that should make you feel easy that should.

If you have not been following my posts, check out “Selling Secrets: One-On-One Marketing And How To Have Your Prospect Literally Eating Out Of Your Hand. Part 2” for the first 5 “feel good” questions and there you will also see a link to the last 5 “feel good” questions where you can find a lot more excellent selling secrets from author Bob Burg’s book, “Endless Referrals.”

I would like to share now the best of Bob Burg’s selling secrets and that is the big question that completely surprises most individuals in this dog-eat-dog society, where it's all about one-up-man-ship.

This question literally has your prospect eating out of your hand. After  several “feel good” questions and some initial rapport, ask your lead the big question:

“How can I know if someone I am speaking to is a good prospect for you?”

 What you have just done is volunteered to help him grow his or her business and with no strings attached. Most people will be blown away by this, and you have now gotten yourself a friend.

The Golden Rule In Living Colour 

This is attraction marketing at its best. This is the golden rule in living colour, and it works with all relationships. Call it whatever you want, but giving something away first of real value scores big.


Continue to share value with him or her but sharing your business should come way down the pipe. Be especially slow to jump in and share your opportunity, share it only long after you think it would be the opportune time.


To get onside and give a kick-start to your mlm or affiliate business and take advantage of the latest in internet technologies, try using our proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system on selling secrets as developed by MLSP, for even better blogging.

Further training here is Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.


A sweet problem and one most network marketers that are new to the business can only dream about, is to have a fresh supply of leads every day and not know what to say to them. That’s why you need some serious prospecting tricks on what to say and what not to say when you phone them up.

I couldn’t believe the concern someone had on a recent forum I visited, it seems they were concerned because of their low sign-up rate. If you are using My Lead System Pro, you know what a cool system it is as a lead generating funnel, but it doesn’t actually sign anyone up to your primary business, you have to talk to him or her in person. As a marketer you had better know some serious selling secrets, because at some point you have to connect with them, one-on-one and establish a relationship. The better you are at relationship building, the faster your business will grow as you continue to grow your list to market too. 

In my last post I shared the first 5, “feel good” questions of Bob Burg’s 10 “feel good” questions. By way of review these 10 questions are not just any questions but are unique selling secrets that have been especially selected to engage your future prospect in doing what you or I or anyone for that matter loves to do and that is talk about themselves, and their interests. This automatically puts you in the drivers seat and without he or she knowing it causes them to literally fall in love with you and who you are. Even when you realized that has actually happened and they seem to want what you might have you do not, and I mean, do not make your sales pitch. You leave that for another day.

Here are the last of the 5 “feel good” questions.

  • What significant changes have you seen take place in your profession through the years?
  • What do you see as the coming trends in the widget business?
  • Describe the strangest or funniest incident you’ve experienced in your business?
  • What ways have you found to be the most effective for promoting your business?
  • What one sentence would you like people to use in describing the way you do business?

Your may only get to ask two or three of these questions on your initial conversation but remember these are questions that people enjoy answering and they feel good answering them as you establish an initial rapport and your relationship continues to grow.

We will conclude with selling secrets on my next post where I will share with you the question that is the end all of questions and that is a question that will do more to grow your business then any I have shared so far. I hope this has been useful to you.

If you would like to kick-start your mlm or affiliate business and take advantage of the latest in internet technologies, try using our proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system on selling secrets as developed by MLSP, for even better blogging. Also for further training and links here is Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.


A couple of posts back I mentioned that there are two ways to do business, you can either “work hard or work smart.” My last post mentioned that if the results seem to vary it is because all of the variables have not been accounted for. So if you are wondering why your business has not really taken off, stop and take a good look at what you are doing. Maybe you need to make some changes, read a book on self-improvement or a new strategy on how to do business. Remember what I just said a minute ago “You can either work hard or work smart.” I hope that the selling secrets that I am about to share will really impact your business.

 As a young fellow there was one thing that I learned while falling trees to earn money for college, it was far smarter to take 15 minutes to sharpen my power saw, then to spend the rest of the day struggling with a dull chain. I call that “working smart,” and it paid off for me in the woods many times. The same principle works with anything that you do in life, even in marketing where working smart means to take advantage of all the selling secrets that are available.

 Recently I have been reading a great book entitled “Endless Leads,” by Bob Burg, and I would like to share with you just a few nuggets from this gem of a book. Below are the first 5 of his list of 10 feel good questions that will make you the number one recruiter in network marketing. I would recommend this book if you would like to really know what to do with your leads once your funnel begins to fill. Selling secrets or no, Bob Burg lays out the best strategy I have ever encountered. Here are his first 5 questions to ask your lead.

  1. How did you get started in the widget business?
  2. What do you enjoy most about your profession?
  3. What separates you and your company from the competition?
  4. What advice would you give someone just starting in the widget business
  5. What one thing would you do with your business if you knew you could not fail?

 My next post will cover the last 5 of Bob Burg’s feel good questions. For now just remember that if you pick-up nothing else from this post except that you are to be the one asking the questions, that is “Fabulous,” as Billy Crystal would say. The one who asks the questions is the one in control and the one in control is the one that will ultimately make the sale. Your lead will also love you for letting him or her do all of the talking. These are not just any questions, so remember them, write them down and put them to memory and use them when needed and or as you can adapt them to whoever your lead might be. Select the selling secrets that fit the person and occasion.

 If you have a blog, and would like to kick-start your network marketing or affiliate business and take advantage of the latest in internet technologies, try using our proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system on selling secrets as developed by MLSP, for even better blogging. Also for further training and links here is Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.


It is a known fact that the success rate of network marketers continues to hover around the 3 to 5 percent depending on whom you ask. Considering that this is a non-arguable fact one might feel compelled to ask why that is so. Everyone it seems has an answer whether it is by joining their company or by buying their super hot training DVDs or a training manual that will reveal all the secrets needed for success. Not only that but if you buy it now during this webinar you will get it for a ridiculously one time low offer, never to be repeated I swear in your lifetime.  Buy it now to get the real secrets on how to made article marketing happen and join the lifestyle of the rich and famous. “See you on the other side.”

One sometimes wanders if the authors of such sales hype have actually done what they claim and is the secret to their success only because of their ability to market their “secret to success.” Have they in fact done what they claim and is there really a plan or formula that can at least up the odds of anyone breaking into the 3 to 5 percent club. Can the average gal or guy actually make money on the Internet by using PPC, Face Book, Twitter, or article marketing etc., or is it all just smoking mirrors.

The only secret to a successful network marketing business is that there never has been a secret to a successful network marketing business. But to be fair there are a few things that you have to know to make a success of article marketing or any marketing for that matter, you can either work hard or work smart.

This in fact leads me to the main point of my post and that is one of the biggest steps to take if you are serious about working smart. Working consistently is definitely working smart and one of the biggest non-secrets to success, one that is so easily overlooked. Of the three C’s of article marketing it is by far the biggest. You can write the most caring articles, they can have the most incredible content but if they come out sporadically or you miss for a week here or for a week there, you will never get the results that you desire and you will give up in despair.

Consistency if not applied to all of your daily do lists, will sabotage any network marketing efforts either online or offline. It is the foundation for any successful endeavors in your business, especially if you have a blog and are using article marketing as your main plan of attack. Nothing can mess up your chances for a successful article marketing effort more then by being haphazard in your article submissions.

If you really want to see things happen in your article marketing efforts stay with a plan and upload articles on a consistent basis, five articles every week-day without fail and see how that will impact your marketing efforts. The Internet is full of examples of those that have kept to their plan in a consistent manner and it has paid off. Remember it paid off for Shannon down in Florida and it can for you too.

If you are now thinking that article marketing might be for you, and you would like to kick-start your network marketing or affiliate business and take advantage of the latest in internet technologies try using our proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system as developed by MLSP, for an incredible ride to success. For further training and links here is also Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.


My last post was on the possibility of marketing your widget or someone else’s on the Internet and some of the options to think about for actually making that happen. If that has inspired you to give it a try, you might want to use article marketing. My next three posts will cover the three most important things in doing it right, caring, content, and consistency.

In this post modern world of today’s marketer, not just article marketing, but marketing in general has taken on a whole new dimension and we see that manifested on the Internet in sites such as Facebook, where we rate our connection with those online by likes and dislikes. If we don’t like the relationship we just as quickly unfriend the person. We live in the mindset that the experience is everything. It’s a world of connectivity and what can I receive from this relationship. If there is nothing in it for me I’m out of here.

That is neither good nor bad, but the point is that’s the way it is and marketing has to reflect that and get onside or you and your business are just a footnote when it comes to building a successful business online, using article marketing or otherwise.

This leads me to the main point of my discussion on how to use article marketing as a marketing strategy. I watched a video the other day that really grabbed my attention. It was on point number one of the three C’s of article marketing, caring. The need for caring is imprinted in the postmodern mindset and plays a big part in connecting, and therefore there is a strong need to come across in a sincere and caring way with something of value. The point being that any article has to come across and demonstrate a caring concern for the person who is reading the article.

A good point to remember is that article marketing as with any form of connecting works much better, like any relationship, if you show a sincere desire and concern for the person you are communicating with. Good marketing is simply communicating in such a way that the other person does not in any way realize that they are being sold. The real catch is that it is really hard to fake the experience, which means you have to get involved in such a way that you truly want the best experience for your customer.

If you are now thinking that article marketing might be for you, and you would like to kick-start your network marketing or affiliate business and take advantage of the latest in internet technologies try using our proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system as developed by MLSP, for an incredible ride to success. For further training and links here is also Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.


With the arrival of the Internet and the many options that it brings to the marketplace, countless thousands have jointed the online Internet marketing community to get rich quick by making money online. The frenzy for quick wealth has reached a fever pitch, especially with stories in the media of the sudden wealth and fame of so many online entrepreneurs. We all of course know about Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates, who each became instant billionaires, but what about me, I’m just average, could I really sell my widget online, or anybody else’s for that matter?

Affiliate Marketing With Or Without A Website

The answer to the above question is a resounding yes. There are countless websites on the Internet that offer online Internet marketing training and support that can get you up and running in no time. The options are endless. Even if you do not have a product or a web page you can make money through affiliate selling by using such sites as Google, Bing and Facebook to name just a few.

Network Marketing With Or Without A Website

Even if network marketing is your game and you have been struggling for years, don’t despair there are online Internet marketing systems that will lead you by the hand and show you a completely new way to market anything online regardless of the network marketing company you are with. There is training on the Internet that will teach you how to attract more leads then you could possible ever use. Mike Dillard put together a system called attraction marketing. It is a system, whereby leads come to you. Old school sales pitches where you grab your future lead by the throat until he signs up are forever gone.

Marketing Your Own Widget With A Website

Are you afraid of how to set up your own web page for online Internet marketing your own widget? If this is the route you want to take there are countless systems out there that will show you how to do it, and you do not need to know any html code. There are thousands of business websites on the Internet that were created by using WordPress and its services, which by the way are free. For a slick system for creating your own unique webpage with it’s own landing page and opt-in box you can’t go wrong with WordPress, which is free at Another great system with a very neat interface is SBI’s 3.0, which I have never used, but it makes some cool web pages just by dragging and dropping. I am not an affiliate, but it looks so good I thought I should mention it.


To qualify for your own online business all you need is an entrepreneurial spirit and some discipline. There is always a cost to starting up any business, but a lot of what you need is free and it can all be found online. If you play it right your cost will be in the hundreds not thousands of dollars to get your business up and rolling. What will be your biggest challenge however is: (1) stay the course, (2) be consistent, (3) keep your focus, (4) and know where you are aiming. Without a target you will get lost in the many options available, but with a target to aim for, there is no limit to your success.


Having a mentor will also help you to know where to turn, but if you do not know someone who can advise you along the way, having a system like My Lead System Pro can be a big help. Remember success begins in the mind and is followed through by actions.

If you are just thinking about getting started in the online Internet marketing world and would like to kick-start your network marketing or affiliate business and take advantage of the latest in internet technologies try using my proven sales funnel and amazing lead generating system as developed by MLSP, for an incredible ride to success. For further training and links here is Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.


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