imagesNetwork marketing is just what it says, marketing by networking. The best way to network is by attracting leads. But it takes focus, commitment, perseverance, and  leadership.

In a recent MLSP wake-up call what the speaker said really made sense. I would like to explain what he said a leader should be and why you should strive to be that kind of leader if you want to be successful in your network marketing business.

  1. A network marketing leader never misses the weekly webinars even if he feels rotten. This is total commitment.
  2. A leader attends, at least one of the major network marketing yearly events. Everyone needs the inspiration and spark that these events inspire.
  3. A leader always leads by his own example. A leader knows he is only a true leader when he sees someone actually following him. Because without that taking place you don't have a network marketing business as it is obvious you are not leading anyone.
  4. A leader acts as one who believes network marketing is a real business and he is never late for his appointed duties, he treats it as a regular job.
  5. images-1A leader does whatever  ever is required to succeed, Ray Higdon stated, "No one ever fails at network marketing, they just quite."
  6. A leader emulates what others in leadership positions do, as we have all heard, "the height of stupidity is to do what you have always been doing and expect different results." To be successful in network marketing, find your niche and follow someone who is successful already doing it and follow what he is doing until it happens in your network marketing business.
  7. A leader has confidence in the system. If you do not have a passion for network marketing do not do it.
  8. A leader embraces whole heartedly MLSP and supports it. What it can to for your network marketing business is truly amazing.
  9. A leader brands him or herself. Brand yourself; branding is very necessary for your success in the age of the Internet.
  10. A leader puts up content every day, because without this happening he soon will quit because no one will be following him.
  11. A leader is compelled to teach what he believes to others. This is what all successful network marketers do and why they are successful. Without this happening you have a business.
  12. All leaders lead by their example. This makes for a successful down-line and thus a successful network marketing business. Don't forget your down-line is your network marketing business.

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A recent report just released from the National Employment Law Project stated that the middle wage range jobs lost when the US economy tanked are now being replaced with new low paying ones. This makes it essential to learn new strategies if we hope to survive the tanked economy of the present. 

The Problem: A trend that some refer to as a hollowing out of the work force as the midwage, midskill jobs seem to be disappearing. 

Author Annette Bernhardt states: “The over-arching message here is, we don’t just have a jobs deficit; we have a ‘good jobs’ deficit.”

If you lost your job when the economy tanked and the one that you now have fails to meet your needs, let me share with you a strategy that can more then make up for any lost income that you may have experienced.

Learn The New Strategy: Don’t let the “good jobs” deficit trend grind you down and take away you chance of a full life. Why let circumstances dictate the grind of a low paying job when there is an answer to your dilemma. Today with the emergence of the Internet, anyone who has a computer and is willing to work can become a successful home businessperson if you are willing to learn new strategy.

Think Outside The Box: When many people hear the word network marketing or multilevel marketing they freak-out and immediately think pyramid or scam. This model of marketing is legal and has been around for sixty plus years.

Here Is The Answer: Since Mike Dillard however things have not been the same. His attraction marketing model completely turned the multilevel marketing model on its ear. Today with attraction marketing as Mike Dillard explains it in his Traffic Formula 2, the lead or customer comes to you. No more beating the bushes and begging your friends.

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What Are You Waiting For: You may not be able to do anything about the job market but you sure can choose to better your life. Step up now and take the initiative to become your own boss. Why let a tanked economy destroy your chances for success when you can learn how to use the leverage of the Internet to generate income.

Its Your Move: If you ever were in network marketing or would like to give it a test drive for the first time, you will truly be amazed at how My Lead System Pro can help with lead generation, if you are willing to think outside the box and learn new strategy for your survival and that of your family.

Thank Mike Dillard and My Lead System Pro for what they have put in place and then go out and find yourself a network marketing company for them to power for your success.

You are reading this because you either love or hate the network marketing model. Historically multilevel marketing has been erroneously lumped in with the shady operations of the illegal pyramid scams, because of its pyramidal structure. It is not the structure of the illegal pyramid of yesteryear however that defines them as fraudulent, but the fact that they were a money-making scheme that was based on a non-sustainable business model and many times without a legitimate product or service being delivered. These schemes were non sustainable and still are, and most people lose their money.

 Today as people see the thousands of companies that still use the the pyramidal business model to market their products directly to the public, most people realize that, the argument is no longer valid. What has lessened the stigma even further are such reputable and well-known companies such as Avon, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Herbal Life etc. and the list goes on. Whether one realizes it or not, and I must repeat it again, these companies all have one thing in common, and that is, they still use the pyramidal business model and have been doing so from the getgo. If the MLM business model was proven to be illegal why does the “Largest List Directory of MLM – Network Marketing Companies,” currently list more then 1500 legitimate MLM companies in its US directory.

 Another erroneous belief about network marketing that is currently held, and I have been told personally, is that because of its pyramidal structure only those that get in first, have any chance at all of making any money, as it will collapse for lack of people to recruit.

 This is just another paper argument, and is without basis and you can use it against any business. How many new McDonald franchises can any city, country, or the world for that matter sustain? That does not seem to stop a new McDonald’s from popping up on just about every corner.

 Whether you love Amway or hate the company, bare with me while I use them to again illustrate my point. Amway was founded as a network marketing company in 1959 by Jay Van Andel and Richard DeVos. Based in Ada, Michigan, the company and its family companies reported a sales growth of 9.5%, reaching US $9.2 billion for the year ending December 31, 2010. Amway was ranked No.114 among the largest global retailers by Deloitte in 2006, and No.32 among the largest private companies in the U.S. by Forbes in 2010.

 After viewing what Amway has done in the last 53 years, you can see there is room for incredible growth. Now with the advent of the Internet, which opens up the world as an instant market place, there is no lack of potential leads for any online business. The latest world stats for global Internet users as of December 31, 2011, listed on the “Internet Word Stats” webpage was just under 2.3 billion people. It will be a few years before we run out of leads.

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