images-1It makes no difference if you have been in network marketing for years or are just struggling to get started; you want to grow your network marketing business to new levels. Stay with me for the next few minutes while I share something that is critical to making that happen. Every network marketing business has its day to day clutter that is necessary for it to succeed, but this one most important activity if not done will literally close down your business.

This is what I struggle with daily in my networking marketing and I suppose that is why I am writing about it now. Why this happens at least for me is that it is far easier to take care of busy work then to connect with people. And what I mean by that is we find ourselves doing every thing but connecting. There are many indirect activities that make a business grow and they need to be done but don’t let them get in the way of the number one thing that should be done every day.

Setting up web pages, creating lists of things to do, organizing your workload, etc. are all things that are necessary, but they won’t grow your business at least directly. There are thousands of network marketing businesses that have everything perfect and in order, and with all of the strategies needed for success, but they are no more.

Network marketing is a people business and if we don’t connect with people by putting up some kind of content on one of the social networking sites such as You Tube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. or by blogging nothing is going to happen.

Remember the bottom line in a network marketing business is spelled out in the very name itself, “network” marketing, that means connecting or networking with people. Every business if it is to be successful needs leads. The more leads the better. Each day do some kind of activity that will make that happen. Every person is a potential lead and every lead is a potential customer. No leads, no business, it’s as simple as that.

So let me summarize by saying, network marketing is to connect with people every day, preferably by one on one, and or on one of the social sites, and put up content using your favorite medium.

And remember in network marketing, once you get a lead, be sure and connect either preferably by phone, if they have left their number, or by email. After all of the effort to get a lead why let it go.

Till next time stay focused in your network marketing business and don’t let the nay Sayers steal your dream.

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