UnknownThe other morning I was listening to the MLSP wake-up call and Dean Black was holding forth on MLM training on self discipline and I thought his slant on it was quite unique.

Without a doubt most of us think of self-discipline as the ability to stay with something come hell or high water until we make it happen. He suggested that every thing that we do in life takes discipline and the ability to stay the course even if it is quite destructive. He did not state it as such, but it could be drugs. It could be anything, either good or bad. With him it was drinking. And he suggested that it could be sitting down at the television every evening after dinner until bedtime, anything that wastes your time can be detrimental to your chances for success.

He gave an example of how for years he used to go to the pub every day after work and hang out with his buddies and how he did it so religiously that drinking became a real issue in his life.

Most things in life be they good or bad require discipline and perseverance, and their effects can be overwhelming either for good or for bad. Success or failure doesn’t just happen over night; it takes perseverance and discipline to make it happen.

This brings me to my point, we all discipline ourselves but we have to be on our guard that what we are so diligently focusing on will ultimately take us where we really want to go. Are the choices we making today taking us to the place we want to be tomorrow.

Success in business is no different then in your personal life and the reason so few make it in the network-marketing arena is that they lack mlm training. If you want to be one of the two percent that make it in the network marketing world make the changes now that will make that happen in your life. Do it now before you give up in despair. Most give up just before their train comes in.

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