Few if any network marketers have left a bigger mark on the industry then Tim Sales. His journey into the network marketing is typical of the many success stories in that industry. After coming back from the first Persian Gulf War as an underwater bomb squad technician he figured as he said, “He had pulled all the leaves off the clover, meaning,” his luck was running out, besides the pay was lousy and he was ready for a change.

It was about this time that Tim Sales answered an ad on an unbelievable opportunity in Network Marketing. It was from a man who lived in suburban Maryland in such luxury that Tim could hardly believe his eyes. Tim who was from a working class town in Tennessee drove up in his battered old pick-up, and realized that the man must have been doing something right when he saw such opulence. He gave Tim a video tape entitled, “Your Turn To Win,” and Tim who was too embarrassed to tell him he didn’t have a VCR took it to the local Mongomery Ward and convinced the sales manager to let him watch it on the only VCR in the store, which also happed to be hooked up to all 27 televisions in the store. So he along with all his sales staff viewed the tape, long with Tim.

It was the video more then anything else that motivated Tim Sales to be successful in network marketing. In it was a story of circus fleas that would not jump out of a jar that had the lid off even though they could jump 13 inches. They had been conditioned before hand by hitting the lid until they had given up. This impacted Tim when he reanalyzed how we get so locked into our comfort zone and for fear of pain; remain immobilized to the point of failure.

Tim went on to say, “Our attitude, above all else, is the factor that will determine our success in Network Marketing … and in all other aspects of our life.”

Tim Sales eventually built a down line of over 56,000 people in 26 countries and in the process earned millions. This was by using old school methods and as Tim Sales says, “I was simply told to make a list of all my friends and relatives and them go sell them on the idea. Sadly, that ill-conceived and unworkable strategy is still used by nearly everyone today.”

Anyone who slugged it out in old school marketing has to believe there is a better way and with the arrival of the technologies of today, Tim Sales developed tools such as Brilliant Compensation and Professional Inviter that will aid anyone in building a successful business.

If you would like to carry your network marketing business to the next level and even beyond where Tim Sales has taken it, take advantage of the latest in internet technologies by using a proven sales funnel and an amazing lead generating system as developed by My Lead System Pro for an incredible ride to success. For further training go to Mike Dillard's free interview on attraction marketing and how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.


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