For WordPress blog users exposure is the name of the game and an easy way to help make that happen is with a neat little plugin called the ultimate plugins smart update pinger. This little plugin will “ping” chosen sites every time you update your site with new material but it prevents unnecessary pinging when you are editing your site or doing routine maintenance.

 Here is the link to the pinger plugin. . Click on the “Download Now” button and it will take you to a another web page with the by line, Click here to download the ultimate plugins smart update pinger.

Click on the by-line and it will download the file to your desktop or where ever you have designated your browser to download it too. My Mac is set up to unzip the files automatically after download which means I have to re-zip them so they can be uploaded via WordPress.

In the downloaded folder there are five files, three text files and a folder containing the two plugin files. To make this plug in work at least on my Mac I rezip and upload only the folder containing the two plugin files using the WordPress plugin upload feature. The ultimate plugins smart update pinger files cannot be seen if they are left in the folder containing the text files. And do not change their directory or file name or the log function will not work.

If the WordPress dashboard is new to you I will walk you through the upload protocol. As this plugin is not found on the website the protocol is different .

  1. Click on the plugin tab and select “Add New”.
  2. This brings up the “Install Plugins” page.
  3. Not far from the top of the page on the left click on “Upload”
  4. This takes you to a new page with a “Choose File” button, click on it.
  5. This brings up your directory where you can locate the plugin folder. “Click on the plugin folder to upload it”.
  6. It will appear in the window beside the “Choose File” button.
  7. Hit the “Install Now”, button.

Once the folder with the two-plugin files is uploaded to the server use your ftp program to reset the right to the two-plugin files. I use Fetch. You will find the uploaded plugin files on your server under “public_html/yourdomainname/wp-content/plugins/ultimate-plugins-smart-update-pinger”.

Open their folder and select each one separately and reset their rights. The following walk through will guide you through that procedure using again the Mac and the ftp program Fetch.

  1. Open their folder and first select the ultimate-plugins-smart-update-pinger.log file and do a right click and choose “Get Info”.
  2. This opens a window where you will choose the Ownership and Permissions window.
  3. In the box at the bottom of that window is the “UNIX equivalent” box, replace the number you see with 777 and click on the “Apply” button.
  4. Then close the Get Info window.
  5. Now do the same with the ultimate-plugins-smart-update-pinger.php file, only this time instead of inserting the number 777 insert 755.
  6. Now close the Get Info window.

Now that you have the plugin installed there are still a few things that need to be taken care of before you can rest. We now need to add a list of sites that we need to ping. The following website is an excellent resource where you can find lists to ad to the Pinger plugin. Here is a link to a list of websites. You can also do a "ping list" search on and it will come up with dozens of websites. Once on the site read it over thoroughly and decide which list is best for you. There is more then one option to consider depending on your preference.

You can use, which is a ping service and it technically would be all that you would need to paste into the Pinger plugin table. This is one of the things I was referring two when I said you have to decide which list is for you. Each list has it’s pose and cons which is discussed at length on the website.

One last thing, leave the box below the domain window entitled “Detailed Logging”, unchecked and don’t forget to click on the “Update Options” before you leave the page.

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