For those of you that may have been following my blog I apologize for the lack of any content as my site went down and I have  spent the last few day reinventing the domain. All content was lost and I have been rebuilding my entire website. All was not lost completely as it has been a real learning experience and a lesson on why one should always back everything up. I hope the lesson was not in vane, only I know that answer.

Stay tuned as I will begin blogging this coming  week. I still have much work to do to get my website up and running properly, but I have more to share now on what to do and what not to do, and how to do it. It's a struggle but the content is coming soon.

November 26, 2012 Update: 

For those of you that may have from time to time been following my blog, I thank you and hope that the content has been of some use to you. The experience has been a challenge but I have learned a lot and have enjoyed the trip even if it has been frustrating at times. I hope to continue now that I have gotten things finally in place and would like to give meaningful content that you can use.

My efforts are not altruistic as I am in this to make money but I believe that what I have found with MLSP will work for anyone willing to use it in their marketing efforts regardless their primary company. My Lead System Pro is not a network marketing company but a training and education platform for promoting any primary business. No one should think to use it to make money as it is for training and education. lt is set up with sales campaigns and sales funnels and squeeze pages to drive your network marketing business no matter the network marketing company.

MLSP will reward you for recommending and selling memberships but they will tell you in their information that you do not join MLSP to make money, only as a vehicle to drive your primary business.

I would like feedback and any comments as I would like to make this blog a meaningful and useful means of exchanging ideas and information. I have acquired considerable information in the past year and now have the expertise to be able to help anyone wanting to set up their own marketing blog.

 For further information on our complete marketing sales funnels with ready made and customizable  squeeze pages and marketing campaigns already in place, why not give My Lead System Pro a try. For less then $10 give it a 2 week test run and see if it is not all we claim it is. Join the many 6 and 7 figure income earners it has created in the last 4 years. This could literally mean your success or failure. How serious are you in the success of your MLM business opportunity? Join my team and struggle no more for your leads.



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