Stop! Wait just a moment! I have something important to say that may make all the difference in your world. Remember Edison and the light bulb he didn’t give up and neither should you. So this is your 12th MLM attempt and you are again ready to throw in the towel? Remember the reasons that you joined your first mlm business, and how excited you were as you watched the guy in the front of the room drawing those circles on a white board. He made it look so simple and you knew if he could do it so could you. Everybody at the meeting appeared so upbeat and you knew you, would soon be rich, you could hardly wait to get started. You feverishly tore open the package and devoured its contents when your product kit finally arrived.

What started out as an exciting challenge over the next few months, eventually turned into resoluteness and hard work, but before long determination set in and finally grim despair as your supply of warm leads dried up and you had to pitch cold contacts and then it was expensive leads. Your up line was not too helpful either as he was an old school gregarious type who could strike up a conversation with a piranha and not suffer any harm. All he would say was to pitch your warm leads. And if you ran our of them, join a club, learn to golf, go to a gym, socialize, do anything that will connect with people.

Your story is reminiscent of the hundreds of thousands that have excitedly gotten into network marketing over the years, going way back to the days when Amway started it all in the early fifties. So where does that leave those that are not social butterflies, or social butterfly-guys if you’re a man? Jumping from company to company or just plain quitting are not the only options available.

We can thank Mike Dillard for a doorway into the world of attraction marketing or as he says magnetic sponsoring. A method many network marketers have used to turn their business into 6 and 7 figure incomes. So before you decide to pack it in, take a look at Mike Dillard’s solution, a lead generating system that literally fills your lead bucket to overflowing. Every network marketer owes it to himself to get a copy of Mike Dillard’s “Magnetic Sponsoring,” if he wants to be truly successful in his first mlm business.

Magnetic sponsoring was built on developing your own posture and providing value to others through online relationships. By using article marketing, blogs, videos, and social media, such as Face Book, Myspace, and Twitter you are able to connect with people online give them value and they in turn become your source for wealth. Instead of having to grab them by the throat and pitch your product they come to you when they see that you have something of value to offer them.

By taking Mike Dillard’s “magnetic sponsoring” to the next step, the founders of My Lead System Pro created a lead generating system that virtually, to use baseball terminally, “ripped the leather off the ball.” The founders of MLSP took what Mike Dillard taught and developed it into a ready-made system anyone can use to make money with. Their system generates more leads then you can use and at a fraction of the cost with a sales funnel that is ready built and set to fund up front costs until your mlm business kicks in.

This is definitely something to look at before you pull the plug completely or go on to a new MLM adventure. For more info on a super lead generating machine and a way to turn your pain into happiness as leads literally fall into your lap. get the free inside scoop on how Mike Dillard went from serving tables to a 7 figure income with his mlm business once he found the secret to attraction marketing. Watch Mike's free interview.


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