Go to any fair come fall and you will immediately know what I mean when I mention the word “pitch.” Who hasn’t been fascinated enough to stop and listen to some smooth talking hocker as he pitches his widget at the local County Fair. You are not even home yet when you realize that the widget you just got sucked in to buying was a waste of your hard earned money. You have to agree there is a certain fascination in watching these guys pitch there wares at the County Fair, they sure have selling down to a science, but make no mistake, what works at the county fair will not necessarily work for your MLM business opportunity.

To day the consumer is altogether wary, as we have been sold to the point of exhaustion. Twenty years ago selling door to door was still a popular way to earn a living, and many companies used that model successfully. I had an Uncle who went door-to-door selling books in the 30’s and the last house of the day would feed and put him up for the night. Go figure that! Times have definitely changed.

Successful marketers today have learned that the traditional methods of yesterday do not serve any useful purpose except to turn off potential customers and make their own lives suck. We naturally shun pain and are drawn toward pleasure. Very few people have the personality to endure the pain of rejection. What this means is that even if you are the exception and have the personality to convince someone to join your mlm business business they probably won’t, at least not for long.

Have you ever been pitched? How did you feel? All of your friends if you still have any left felt the same way when you pitched them your mlm business  opportunity.

Here are some pointers that all successful attraction marketers use to explode their MLM business opportunity with, and you can expect the same results too, plus you will have pleasure while doing it. 

1. The number one reason attraction marketing really works is that it follows the principle of giving value before you receive anything yourself.

2. Never pitch your mlm business opportunity. That may have worked 20 years ago but not today, at least not in any mlm business opportunity of today. Marketing is engaging people into your sphere of influence in such a way that they come to you for what you can offer. Selling is trying to convince them, to buy something that they don’t realize they need. The main difference is that in one instance they are drawn to you, but in the other you are aggressively pursuing them. This applies to any of your contacts whether you are using the social networks, blogging or a one on one.

3. Qualify, qualify, qualify, and if not before, the sooner the better. Do not make it sound easier then it is or they won’t stay in without major effort and you want a team that is self-motivated.

4. Do not beg or appear desperate. This is where posture comes in. Alpha leaders never come across as desperate. No one will give a desperate person the time of day and will run from you if you try to pitch your mlm business opportunity.

5. Do not sweet talk. A good salesmen if given enough time could sweet talk just about anyone into his or her mlm business opportunity, but that person will probably quite soon enough because of the pain. A question was asked of the top money earners in the mlm industry as to what they did wrong and they said, “They spent too much time with the wrong people." 

6. I have included this last point in other posts but it is extremely important if you are using a system like My Lead System Pro to generate leads for your primary business. Do not scatter you shot. MLSP has so many options to generate leads that you can just sit and spin your wheels. Find one that works for you and stick with it before you try something new to quickstart you mlm business opportunity. Only then add new options but never at the expense of those that are already doing well in their mlm business opportunity.

For more training and information in marketing your mlm business opportunity take a look at a free Mike Dillard interview on attraction marketing and hear how he became a 7 figure marketer after learning about the power of magnetic sponsoring.

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