Today we hear such phrases as old school marketing, new school marketing, product pitching, attraction marketing, magnetic marketing and the list goes on. In this post I would like to explain how they fit together if used at all, and how synergistically they can promote your mlm business goal plan and overall objective of making more money.

 Let me start by saying old school marketing is fast giving way to the new school model of marketing as introduced by marketing guru Mike Dillard. I touched on it a few posts back when I mentioned Mike’s novel approach. Mike describes the power of developing into an alpha leader and how that can be realized as you continue to learn and grow and gain confidence. He stressed the importance of first building a relationship with your leads, before pitching them your opportunity.

 This is where the Internet comes into the picture, as it is the perfect vehicle for developing relationships with literally thousands of people. It used to be warm market was the answer, but when put in perspective it was a daunting task when translated into the large numbers of warm bodies needed to sign up just one lead.

 This worked for outgoing and gregarious personalities but for many it became a painful experience as they quickly sifted through their friends and aquaintenances and had to face the reality of cold contacts or the horrific expense of buying overpriced leads from lists of people that had not even realized they had submitted their names to a lead capture site, most leads being sold and resold, sometimes up to dozens of times.

 With a mlm business sales funnel set up and working as taught in MLSP the two biggest problems of marketing are immediately taken care of as leads begin to flow in, sometimes in such quantities that you can make them available to your down line. Not to mention how the associated affiliate businesses that are part of the MLSP funnel address the issue of very little startup cash.

 There is immense wealth to be made on the Internet especially by using the social networking sites as a source of leads, but what most marketers new to online marketing fail to realize is that they are just that, social sites so use them as such. Never pitch your business on Facebook, but only on a one on one, when asked, after you have gotten to know the person.

 The abundance of leads created by using the social sites as part of the MLSP sales funnel, now creates a new problem. The old bulldog approach of grabbing a lead by the neck in desperation and not letting go, until he joins your company is no longer necessary, because of lead abundance, but old habits die-hard.

 I can’t stress more that the power these sites have through the relationships that you build, and the following that you generate. My research suggests that the biggest issues though, with using Twitter, Facebook, or any of the social sites is that the first thing that the newbie does is to put up sales links everywhere, telling about their great opportunity and how massive amounts of money can be made from their once in a lifetime business. This is a definite no, no, and the biggest reason to be unfollowed and lose presence and not to be taken seriously, on any of the social sites.

 Time is required to build relationships on line, so don’t despair, as it may take several months but you will know soon enough when to share your MLM business link and that is generally when asked. If however you think the relationship is secure enough you could ask, and with the right response share yours. For further training with a complete marketing sales funnel why not give My Lead System Pro a try. This could literally mean your success or failure. How serious are you in the success of your MLM business opportunity?

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